Why I Heart My Stroller

So I don’t do very well when it comes to choices, not even when there are only two options. I will second guess myself every time, “Awww maybe I should have gone with that other one instead!” Anyone else with me?


So when it came to picking out my daughters stroller, I was a hot mess. I had so many questions, “Do I want 3 wheels or 4? Should I get a jogging style or is it really that practical? It was very overwhelming with how many options were available. I am sure there are other amazing ones out there, even better ones that fit your needs, but I feel like I picked a winner.

So what did I get? I got the Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger Stroller.
Graco Relay Performance Jogging Stroller
Why I love it…


I had decided to go with a stroller with 3 wheels verse 4. I like the looks of 3 wheels better, and it seems to maneuver much easier around places. Plus, since I also run occasionally, it was the best choice in going with a jogging stroller. The front wheel has a locking system for when you are out running or on rough terrain. When it’s unlocked, you can literally maneuver around anything! I seemed to find myself often doing this one move when I open doors, where I swing the stroller around backward, open the door with my other hand and then pull the stroller in backwards…know what I’m talking about? Yep this stroller makes it super easy to go in and out of places. The air filled tires also give you a smooth ride, and don’t wear as fast as plastic ones.


It literally takes one second to pull on one strap lever to fold and unfold the stroller. You don’t have to mess with multiple straps or click a bunch of things to fold it into your car. If the tires are too bulky for your car, you can easily unlock them with one click of a button and set aside. I don’t ever need to take them off unless we are flying and want to pack the stroller flat in a bag. For how heavy duty this stroller is, it is fairly light to pick up and throw in the back of a car. However, it can be a little awkward maneuvering through clothing racks at the mall, but it is still doable and like I said before, its super easy to maneuver around!

Sydney riding in her stroller!


This stroller is compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant carseats, which was great for me because I could take the infant carseat out of the car and simply set in the stroller. One click and we are ready to go! Once Sydney was big enough to go without it, it was very easy to strap her in the main seat of the stroller. The seat has several incline options depending on your stroller adventure. Babies can lay nearly flat for a quiet evening stroll, or sit upright if they want to do more sight-seeing. The straps are super easy to adjust and put on your little one….no need to fight against their squirmy bodies to get their arms through.
Easy to use straps!


This stroller has a large basket underneath that can hold a lot! Whether it’s the grocery store or the mall, you can fit a few good size shopping bags under there. The back of the stroller and near the handle also have accessible storage. There is plenty of room for your coffee, keys, phone, baby toys, and more!


This stroller came out in 2014 and was the response to the trendy and popular BOB Jogging Stroller. While the BOB can range up to over $400, the Graco Relay Performance is almost $100 or more less. You are getting a very similar stroller with better quality and functionality (in my opinion).

The price ranges from $246.45-$329.99…probably because of variety of color and the store it’s from.

Other awesome features; UV Sun protection material, large canopy, thick and comfortable cushion for baby, awesome gripping on the handle and it’s very durable.

Sydney and I love to go on walks around the park, runs on trails and shopping at the mall in our Graco Relay Performance Stroller. If you are looking for a quality, outdoor/indoor, walking or jogging stroller that can last past the newborn phase this is a great one for you!
Sydney in her stroller!

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What do you love about your stroller?

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