Whole Hearted Love

I’ve been in Siloam Springs, Arkansas this past week waiting on the arrival of my nephew, Zade. My sister has an eighteen month old and a full-time job so this has been a great opportunity for me to spend some quality time with my niece, Evelyn. At eighteen months old this little girl demonstrates love with a “whole heart”. 

Love with a whole heart

It’s inspiring the way that she loves!

I love watching her playing on her own, perfectly content, and then suddenly getting this overwhelming urge to kiss somebody. She’ll jump up and run across the room and give a huge, open-mouthed kiss to whoever is willing, lol. When she was a baby she would “eat” our faces, covering us with wet, slobbery love!


We took her to the local library on Saturday morning to sing songs and see Santa. She started the visit by sitting in her mom’s lap during the first songs, but then sat in my mother’s lap, whom she calls “Captain”. Then, she moved over into my lap for a song or two and then on to her other grandmother’s lap. It was as if she knew we each wanted a piece of her love and she had no problems sharing it.


I love when she’s sitting next to you or being held and she suddenly screams and grabs your face with both hands to pull you in for a hug. Or, when she runs full force across the living room to wrap her hands around you.

Yesterday at Target she saw a mentally disabled woman and she smiled and waved at her and chased after her momentarily just to say, “Hi”. When she sees my dog she pats her head gently or strokes her paws and smiles at her. She has a babydoll in a cradle that she kisses or pats whenever she walks by. She LOVES!


She loves with her whole heart!

The question is: Did she learn this from those around her being so loving to one another? OR is this just her personality?

Or even better…

“Are ALL children born filled with love?”

If so, when is it lost? When do children lose that overwhelming urge to hug, kiss, touch, and smile at those around them? When do they become scared to show affection? When do we become so hurt and jaded that we can’t grab a friend and kiss them when we feel love towards them? When do we begin to fear looking vulnerable by showing love?



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