Whining and Wine-ing: Love & Logic Cocktail Parties

Last week at Mandola’s I met a friend for a glass of vino and accidentally on purpose helped a mom with her opiniated toddler by offering a Love and Logic technique, which he responded very positively to. After she finished her dinner she stopped by my table and said jokingly, “We all wanted to buy you a bottle of wine and pick your brain about Love and Logic?” I replied, “Well, that’s my favorite way to offer my workshops! I love a little whining and wine-ing!”


I’ve been to staff trainings, conferences, and “comedy” defensive driving and I know I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a fork that sit through a lecture or seminar. That’s why I like to offer “Parenting the Love and Logic Way” classes is a much more appealing way.

Yes, I often offer the workshop in the conference room of a church, a school, or a day care, but my favorite way to offer the class is in someone’s home with wine, cheese, and desserts.

The “home court advantage”:

  • You get to dictate the schedule. You can decide what works best for you and your friends. You can choose a weekend morning, afternoon, or evening. You can choose 1hr a week across several weeks or 2 hrs a week once a month, etc. You get to decide!
  • You get to dictate the crowd. There’s no worry about an obnoxious classmate who steals the floor with his/her own asinine stories or who asks longwinded questions because these are your friends. You can invite your co-workers, your family, your neighbors, or the whole damn PTA!
  • You get to dictate the environment. If you’re like me, I always have trouble dressing for things like workshops. I really want to wear my sweatpants in case it’s hot, but what if people are dressed up? What if it’s hot, should I wear sleeveless? But, there’s no worries if it’s in your house. We can all wear yoga pants or PJs if that’s what you, the host, decides.
  • It’s FREE! Yep, you’ve just dictated the price, too. As the host, you don’t pay to receive this training. You’re opening up your home, inviting your friends, and propbably securing a sitter to watch the rugrats uppstairs, so it’s free to you! Just get 5 or more friends to join!

How do I get this started?

Tell your friends you’re interested in hosting a class and find out when they’re all available and what days/times work best. Then call me 512-507-0227 or email me chelseavail@wholeheartaustin.com and let me know you’d like to host a Whining and Wine-ing Love and Logic Party in your home. I’ll take care of the rest!


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