The Second Try-Mester

Everyone says a twin pregnancy will leave you with your head in the toilet for 9 months. I got off easy with a few short weeks of nausea and only 2 days of yacking up everything, but my toenails during my first trimester. Then you’re told it becomes damn near impossible to cover the ever expanding belly, but I had maxi dresses and tunics that worked for awhile. Then…comes the second try-mester!

The reason I’m calling it the try-mester is because it was three months of trying for normalcy. It’s no secret that we tried FOR.EV.VER to get pregnant with our bambinos, so trust that we feel incredibly grateful and blessed. This is written with love and humor, I am not complaining, nor will I ever complain about my blessings!


And I though this was big?!

First, I TRIED to pretend that my non-maternity clothes would actually work through the second tri of a twin pregnancy. HA! Nothing short of a circus tent would cover this lump after week 14. My maxi dresses became midi dresses, my tunics became midriff tees and even my cardigans started to resemble the David Spade jacket worn by Chris Farley in Tommy Boy (“fat guy in a little coat”). I haven’t gained weight anywhere but my belly, but it’s THAT big! LOL

Second, I TRIED to maintain my usual go-go-go schedule. I had a couple of trips planned that I decided to follow through with that left me with achy feet, broken back, and sleeping for a solid week upon return. I was still working out 4-5 times a week watching twin babies on the weekends, a toddler twice a week, still running Whole Heart and ALL that entails, and counseling clients 7-10 hours a week. The difference in this and life pre-pregnancy? To keep up with this required floradix daily, two iron supplements, and a 3 hr weekly iron infusion. Without that iron I felt like cinder blocks were attached to my feet and I was sleeping 12-15 hrs a day!!!

20 weeks

20 weeks

Third, I TRIED my friend’s advice (who had a singleton by the way) of, “Don’t eat like you’re pregnant” to keep weight gain under control. Ha! Yeah, that works for ladies with one baby, but with twins, the nutrition requirements are outrageous and eating “normally” leaves you feeling like a teenage anorexic. I require some sort of food every 1-2 hrs and although I normally choose healthy items, there were several nights I found myself up at 3am inhaling a bowl of cereal and guzzling 1/2 gallon of organic orange juice. Sometimes eating felt like I was just poking the bear and a cup of yogurt made me want an apple, which left me wanting a scoop of almond butter, causing a need for a babybel cheese which led to a handful of grapes.

Fourth, I TRIED to work out normally and just watch my heart rate, but it’s easy to forget you’re carrying an extra 20lbs. So, doing lunges with 10lbs in each hand like I used to do was a favorite pasttime. With 20lbs in my belly, lunges in general were enough and adding weight required channeling my inner ironman. Running was considered safe after my first tri, but my doctor warned me it wouldn’t feel good. She was right! Imagine placing two round 10lb dumbbells in a phanny pack and then running. Uphill, downhill, it doesn’t matter. Running was no longer an option and in fact I still get weird looks even when I’m walking. Passersby are worried if they make eye contact I’ll squat and drop a baby on the sidewalk and they’ll be responsible for helping me, lol. The only thing I can still do and feel halfway normal doing it is zumba.


Lastly, I’ve TRIED sleeping normally. Doctors say to avoid sleeping on your back after 20 weeks, but I found out that it’s no unsafe for baby, only unsafe for mom and even then your body will tell you if you need to flip over. So, being a lifelong back sleeper I tried to keep it up. After about 2 minutes on my back I can actually hear the blood trying to get to my head and it feels like an elephant is stepping through my stomach and onto my spine. So, I flip to the left side, which makes the back spasms on my right side flare up. So, I flip to the right side, but soon enough, my lower back hurts. So, I move to the middle of the bed and start all over again.

What’s really scary is that twin moms say the second trimester should be a breeze, and it’s the third that’s really tough. Really? If the second was a breeze, I’m terrified moving into the third. I’m 26 weeks now, with a belly measuring 34 weeks. My boots don’t fit, my clothes don’t fit…you’re likely to find me in a bathrobe and slippers from now until Feb 2, which can’t come fast enough. But, believe it or not, I still love being pregnant! I love feeling my boys living inside me. I love eating and drinking and instantly feeling them thrive from it. I love watching my belly grow and feeling blessed that I CAN actually create, and sustain life, with my body.

cloudy-chelsea-handson-belly 23 weeks

Are we there yet? Oh, no it’s almost over! I’m ready to be done. But, wait, I’m not ready yet. LOL. The curse of being a gemini!

Stay gold, 

That Girl

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