The Orbit Baby 360 is My Jam

Yes, it’s pricey. Yes, it’s a “luxury item”. Yes, it’s the ONLY stroller on the market that has even the potential of making a twin mom’s life a wee bit easier. No, I will NOT settle for anything less. 

It may sound totally bratty, but I have no intentions of using any stroller other than the Orbit Baby 360 G3 Travel System for my twins. This stroller is my jam and any mom with twins, or expecting twins, will feel the same way once they discover the amazeballs features.


Most double strollers are WIDE and built horizontal, not vertical. The Orbit Baby design is streamlined so it takes up the same amount of space on the sidewalk, going through doorways, and while shopping, as a single stroller. Have you ever watched a mom using a BOB or a double City Mini try to get through the door at the mall? She’s got a better chance of sprouting wings and flying through the door than she does of getting through without assistance.


The seats on the Orbit Baby 360 rotate 360 degrees (hence the “360”). Why is this amazing for a twin mom? Because, as infants, both babies can be rear facing and maintain eye contact with mom to avoid external stimulation (which can be very overwhelming to newborns). Or, babies can be facing one another once they’re old enough to desire interaction with their twin. Third, they could be both facing outward when they’re ready to observe the world and passersby. Or, lastly, they can be turned to face the table when you stop at a cafe, or restaurant, and you prefer not to wrestle them both into a shaky (and likely dirty) high chair or wake them up from the first decent nap they’ve had in days. Winning!

No need to buy extra seats!

The seats for the Orbit Baby 360 stroller are the carseats! Simply load babies into the carseat, snap into the base of the car, and drive to your destination. When you get there, take the carseat from the base and snap into the stroller. Ta-da, you’re ready to go! Not only is this a money saver, but it’s also a space saver. The only thing in your trunk now is the frame; not a big, bulky, gargantuan double stroller.

One Handed Fold

I’ve been a nanny for enough families, and been out and about with enough mom friends, to know that opening and closing most strollers can be a huge pain in the ass! “Hold this button with your left hand, push this part in and pull up with your right hand. Use your knee to push in while standing on your head and rocking side to side reciting the alphabet”. Sound familiar? That’s how I feel sometimes when a friend is telling me how to use her stroller. The Orbit Baby 360 has a simple one handed fold. Again…easiest for twin moms!

  • Great turning radius!
  • Quadshock suspension!
  • Papazzi shield!
  • Cupholders!
  • Great under carriage storage!
  • Chic design!
  • Quality fabric!

I love the Orbit Baby 360 G3 Travel System and can’t wait to shop around the city I heart with my two boys in tow! Get yours now!

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