The First Trimester

So, I’m almost 15 weeks into my pregnancy and I figured there’s probably alot of people wondering how things are going. In fact, I KNOW there’s alot of people wondering because I get a text, phone call, email, or facebook message asking about the twins every few minutes, lol! Don’t worry…I LOVE it!

For 3+ years when people reached out it was with a sad smiley and a pitiful, “How are you coping?” because it was always our let downs, disappointments, and fertility struggles people wanted updates on. But now, because of a LOT of prayer and faith, it’s my twins!


Now, given that we traveled to Hell in our underwear just trying to have these kids, I swore I’d never complain about pregnancy, my babies, or anything regarding that area of my life. In fact, I’ve laughed after vomiting, smiled as I fell asleep for my 3hr afternoon nap, and calmly told people “No, I can’t do that because I need to rest my body”, which is very unlike me.

Do I miss wine? Hell yes!

Do I miss coffee? Hell yes!

Was I sad I couldn’t cliff jump while visiting in Arkansas? Of course!

But, I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for these babies and for any of you mamas out there still trying to conceive, do NOT give up!

We conceived on my birthday, June 7 at 12:00pm.

I found out I was pregnant on June 21, Father’s Day and text my husband a picture of the + sign with a message that said, “Happy Father’s Day!”

We found out they were twins a few weeks later during a tearful ultrasound where I had begged God to at least let me hear a heartbeat. He let me hear two! I nearly came off the table crying tears of joy.

My mom and I celebrating my release from Texas Fertility Center!

My mom and I celebrating my release from Texas Fertility Center!

I felt SUPER for the next week or so, but then I traveled to Los Angeles for work and nausea took over. Suddenly nothing but bean & cheese tacos, yogurt, or bread & butter were appealing to me. I ate when I could, but for a few days I kept NOTHING down! All food found its way out, one way or another.

I discovered that taking my advanced prenatals (6 pills a day) at night seemed to help IMMENSELY and eating every 1.5-2 hrs worked like a charm too. Once I discovered that, I was able to eat yogurt, cottage cheese, avocado with olive oil, berries, watermelon (lots of watermelon), oatmeal, and protein shakes. Wheatgrass shots also helped me get nutrients in quickly.


Before I got pregnant I imagined myself eating high protein and superfoods, but protein is really what made my stomach flip! Eggs, chicken, sausage, ham, ground beef, and definitely turkey made me so sick I wanted to punch the person who mentioned it. The rule around me was “Do NOT talk about food. Order it. Eat it. Move on.”

After about two weeks of that I felt fine again, although I was incredibly lethargic. I’d sleep from 8/9:00 at night until about 7:30/8:00 in the morning. I had ZERO energy at work, no energy for working out or doing anything after work and I’d come home to take a nap for 2-3 hrs just to get through the evening. My friends told me this was a normal sign of pregnancy, but I’d never heard of anyone being THAT tired. Turns out, these sweet chunks o’ love were sucking me dry of iron. I didn’t even realize that low iron meant lethargy, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

After getting my iron supplement I started feeling like a rockstar again! I’m eating eggs, steak, fruits and veggies, yogurt, orange juice, cheeses, and drinking a gallon of water a day! I’m doing zumba 2 days a week (with less intensity of course), doing prenatal yoga, and walking or riding the recumbant bike. I’m only sleeping 9-10 hours a night now and I don’t need an afternoon nap.


I’ve gained 8 proud pounds and I’ve got enough of a belly that I made an “I’m Too Fat for That” box of clothes in my closet and traded skinny jeans for maternity jeans. The pregnancy glow is actually the jar of sweet almond oil I wear daily after dry brushing my body to avoid stretch marks, and my teeth are whiter from My Magic Mud, my pregnancy safe teeth whitener.

I worked hard to get here and I plan to rock this pregnancy, rock the birth, and rock motherhood!

Stay gold Ponyboy, 

That Girl


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