The Big Reveal: Twin Boys!

With a singleton pregnancy, doctors can do a blood test as early as ten weeks to tell you if you’re having a boy or a girl. Or, they can usually tell with an ultrasound by 16 weeks; however, with twins, it can be much more difficult to tell depending on their positions. Well, I wanted the gender reveal to be memorable for us, and our family and friends, so I scheduled a gender reveal party at 20 weeks just in case.

Beaus, Bows OR BOTH

Then, at my 16 week appointment, they knew! I’d grown two tiny penises in my uterus (how sci-fi is that?) and the doctor confirmed the genders. The kicker? He didn’t tell me. Instead, he wrote “I’m a Boy” on both their photos and sealed the photos in an envelope for my best friend Ashley, who accompanied me at the appointment. Now I would have to wait another 4 weeks before I could find out at the party.

I wanted to keep the party “gender neutral”, but be able to easily tell what each guest was either hoping for, or thought we had. So, given that I love all things French, we went with a Parisian black and white striped theme. Each guest was asked to wear black and white with a “pop” of color to indicate their guess. We munched on vanilla and chocolate macaroons, eclairs, tea cookies, meatballs, flatbreads with greyure and prosciutto, and charcuterie board yummies. The vodka, pomegranate punch and wine were flowing heavily for all non preggo guests!


The excitement and tension was so high from the very beginning that I barely made it an hour into the party before I just had to know! I changed into a long white t-shirt for the reveal and had both pink and blue paint set aside for Ashley. My husband stood behind me while we both faced the guests. Ashley painted his right hand for Baby A and his left hand for Baby B.

After a nerveracking countdown from 10, my husband, Cloudy, placed both hands on my belly to reveal our babies’ genders! I looked down and saw smears of blue on my belly and was flooded with a tsunami of emotions! One of my guests described my reaction by commenting, “I’ve never seen someone’s face contort so fast into tears and laughter at the same time!”


I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a boy mama. It may be hard to believe because I’m such a girly girl, but it’s true. I’ve always wanted a boy and now I have two! I grew up with two sisters, and 5 aunts. Our house was always filled with girls and although girls can be fun, I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and boys LOVE their mama!

I’m excited about ALL aspects of boys and I welcome the challenges of raising them to be masculine, adventurous, and wild, but also kind, sensitive, and chivalrous. I’ll be the best boy mama and I can hardly wait to meet my two sweet princes.


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