The Best Baby Gift Ideas

Whether you are a new mom, attending a friends baby shower, or a proud auntie wanting to spoil your new niece or nephew, you’ll want to get them something special, but also practical and useful. Here is what I have found to be the best gifts for a new baby, and for making transition for mom and dad easy too!

1. OBALL RATTLE. This is a great first toy for baby as they learn to grasp objects. It’s soft and easy to hold with it’s unique design. Some even have a rattle in them which is fun for baby to shake!

2. ONESIES. Whether you are in warm or cold seasons, onesies are great for going under sleepers and you can’t get enough of them. It’s basically all they live in for a couple months. We love the organic onesies by Under the Nile, available at

3. SLEEPERS. Okay, I think it’s a little ridiculous to get newborns 3 piece outfits- you have to change them every feeding, the clothes are awkward and hard to get on when they are so little and honestly it does not seem very comfortable for baby. Let them be cozy in their favorite sleepers. Zipper ones are the best for easy middle of the night diaper changes! If you insist on getting that adorable outfit, get in a size that at least 3 months or larger. Also, sleeper gowns or rompers are great for middle of the night diaper changes.

4. BURP CLOTHS. Babies spit up, drool and poop. Whatever the scenario, mom can never have enough of these. You can even get crafty and make them as a gift by adding cute ribbon to them! We love the shape of the Aden & Anais burp cloths that go over the shoulder.

5. BATH SET. Make a cute gift basket with towels, washcloths and baby shampoo/body wash. I recommend the Mustella Brand, Honest Company, Bathtime Baby, or Original Sprout as they are very sensitive to the skin and have natural/organic ingredients. Here’s a trio gift set by Bathtime Kids.

6. TRAVEL DIAPER STATION. This is a lifesaver when you are on the go and need to change baby in the car, in a dressing room or at a restaurant. As a new mom, I never leave home without one of these! Skip-Hop is fabulous and if you can spring for a PateMM Pad, DO IT!
Skip Hop Diaper Changing Station

7. DIAPERS, DIAPERS AND MORE DIAPERS. Diapers are expensive and any moms out there know that you go through a box pretty quick. It was so nice to have a stock pile before baby came. The last thing any mom wants to do is realize you are on your last diaper and have to run to the store in the middle of the night to get more! If your friend is using cloth diapers, find out which brand and get her some accessories (wet bags, diaper pails, detergent) OR, go in with friends and purchase a full set! I also recommend getting sensitive wipes or using washcloths, and finding a good diaper cream. A&D ointment, Honest Co. Diaper Cream, Beaudreaux Butt Paste, or Napinol Nursery Therapies all work pretty well!

8. BABY SWADDLES. Swaddling your baby is recommended by most doctors for the first few months. It helps babies feel secure, recreates the feeling of the womb, and helps them sleep better. We love the Woombie swaddle sack because it is the ONLY swaddle sack with a vented front, peanut shape, and double zipper.


9. BABY STROLLER BLANKET. Nordstrom and Pottery Barn kids have GREAT blankets to give as gifts. The Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket is a baby favorite, and is sold at several stores. Here are a few by Swaddledesigns, too.

10. SOUND MACHINE. White noise helps babies sleep since the sound is similar to being in the womb. It also helps keep out other outside noises that may prevent baby from falling asleep easy. The Baby Shusher is the ONLY white noise machine on the market with a human voice doing the shushing.


11. BREASTFEEDING PILLOW. Whether moms breastfeed or not, having a sturdy pillow to nurse or prop baby on is essential. Unlike regular pillows, these are made for nursing and for babies to lounge on. A Boppy or a MyBrestfriend is a must have for mom!

12. BABY PLAY GYM. This is great for tummy time, motor play, and visual development.
Baby Play Gym

13. DIAPER BAG. What a gift it is to get the diaper bag of your dreams! This is pretty much mom’s new purse for the next year or so. We love Skip-Hop, Lily Jade and Mudpie.

14. BABY SWING. These are helpful for when mom or dad needs a shower, to cook up a quick meal or for when baby naps during the day. Baby’s generally LOVE the swing and sometimes it helps them sleep a little longer in those first few weeks. The 4Moms Mamaroo is fabulous!

15. A MEAL. When baby arrives this could be one of the greatest gifts for mom and dad!

What are your favorite baby gifts to give or receive?

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  1. Chrysty says:

    Oh my gosh! Having a meal calendar set up for the first month after Bruce was born was a God send! It was one less thing Frank and I had to think about!

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