Finn & Emma: Totally Worth It

I’ve not been shy voicing my opinion on baby clothes (especially baby boy clothes). The dinosaurs, trains, planes, cars, and sports patches? Give me a break! What’s worse is the verbage like, “mommy’s little sailor” or “daddy’s MVP”. Baby clothes do not have to be so cheesy! Well, after 400 failed trips to EVERY single baby clothing store in the mall I finally gave up and decided I will only shop online boutiques and retailers. I was familiar with Finn & Emma from the baby expos I frequent so I reached out to them to see what the fuss was about…

Totally worth it!

As soon as my order came in the mail I could tell a huge difference right away in the quality. There was no funky “new” factory smell, no toxic film-y feeling on the fabric, and they felt sturdy- like they’d actually withstand the multiple machine washes needed when you have littles. Gasp!


Don’t panic, it’s organic.

I’m all about EVERYthing organic for babies. Yes, even clothing should be organic when possible. Clothing (especially children’s clothing) has been found laden with hormone disrupting pthalates, formaldehyde dyes, and perfluorochemicals linked to tumor growths and reproductive problems. Cotton clothing that’s not organic will still have residues from pesticides and fertilizers used in the growth of cotton. That “new” smell is actually hazardous chemicals you are breathing in and your skin is your largest organ, meaning your baby is absorbing these chemicals and residues into their skin. Always go for hand me downs, wash clothing several times in an organic detergent, or shop organic such as Finn&Emma.

They’re GOTS certified (99% organic), no PVCs, nickle free metals, and use nontoxic inks, dyes, and processing chemicals. Finn&Emma is also a fair trade company (a company with heart!)

Style for Days

Finn&Emma clothing is stylish without being uber trendy. They opt for classic modern designs  with nature inspired prints, bright colors, and chic details. No decals, cartoons, or sports patches will be found on Finn&Emma clothing. They know there’s no need to compromise class when dressing babies and toddlers.


Quality over Quantity

My sisters both had boys before me and passed on piles of baby boy clothes to me so I have plenty of options; however, I’d much rather dress my boys in a few high quality outfits from Finn&Emma over and over again than hundreds of outfits from those “other stores” that are fading, losing fit, and pulling. I’ve washed my Finn&Emma outfit several times already and it looks brand new every time. The patterns stay sharp, the buttons don’t wear out, and the shape holds. With babies growing out of things so quickly, why not splurge on a few timeless, high quality items they can wear over and over again until they’re outgrown and then pass them on to friends knowing they’ll still be in prime condition?


I’m totally spoiled now! After viewing the collection on, I’ve decided my boys are too good for anything else. I’m literally repulsed by the toxic smell of Gymboree and Children’s Place and apalled by the “styles” offered. I’m a modern day mama with classic taste and I refuse to dress my little gentlemen in an ill fitted romper with a choo-choo train on the butt!

Stay classy,

That Girl

Lullabelay: Belay On, Baby!


I’m proud to introduce you to the most AMAZEBALLS baby product to hit shelves since the sippy cup! Meet the Lullabelay!

lullabelay amazeballs award

Why yes, that is an infant hanging from a shopping cart. This mother said she usually has to wear the baby in a sling/wrap and sit the older sibling in the cart, which makes it difficult for her to shop comfortable because, let’s face it, grocery shopping is tedious enough without a 12lb baby attached to your body. She says she loves wearing her baby, but it makes shopping difficult because she has trouble bending over, reaching up, lifting things, and doing other tasks without worrying about the safety of her baby.

Other issues moms run into? Napping infant! How many times have you loaded a wide awake, playful infant into their carseat only to find them dead to the world once you arrived at the store? Suck! You think to yourself, “There’s no way in hell I’m going to get tis baby into the slin or cart hammock without waking it up and he hasn’t napped this hard in a while”. Enter the Lullabelay!


It’s SUPER easy to use and comes with a carrying case for your car, diaper bag, or purse.

Simply unclick the carseat from it’s base and cover it with the mesh canopy provided.

lullabelay canopy

Hold sibling’s hand with one hand, the carseat with the other, and grab a shopping cart.

lullabelay clasps shopping cart

Clasp the silver belays onto the sides of the cart to distribute the weight evenly.


Clasp the red belay under the canopy or the carseat handle.


Use the adjusters to lift and tighten the straps so baby rests comfortably at a height you like.


Go shop!

I hear you saying…

“I’d bump my legs on the carseat the whole time I was shopping!”

Nope, this wasn’t even an issue. Mom shopped at a regular pace and didn’t bump her legs. When you push the cart ahead at half-to-arms length, there’s no way you’d bump your legs!

“The baby is just hanging there?!”

Yes, the baby is hanging there suspended by metal clasps that were originally engineered to suspend hanggliders and mountain climbers from ropes 40 feet in the air; the same clasps that 150lb man relies on when he’s ziplining through the amazon.

“What is the carseat falls or the cart tips?”

You’re right, the thought that the cart might tip never occurred to the safety experts in the big government office, whose sole job is to test products for safety in all possible instances. C’mon, gimme a break! This product was tested and approved! The way it’s designed and the way the weight is evenly distributed on the shopping cart prevents tipping over.

And, keep in mind that the carseat the child is in was designed to protect the baby in the event  of an automobile crash at 75 mph! Even IF the carseat did fall (a mere 3 inches), baby probably wouldn’t even wake up.


This product is perfect for moms with a baby and a toddler or older child (or several), but it’s also perfect for twin moms! Lay one baby in a cart hammock, or wear one baby, and have the other in the carseat.

This is even great for moms who only have one baby, but want to utilize the entire cart for space OR perhaps they just want some where to set their purse or diaper bag.


Get the Lullabelay HERE NOW!

lullabelay shopping cat carseat carrier

Why I Heart My Stroller

So I don’t do very well when it comes to choices, not even when there are only two options. I will second guess myself every time, “Awww maybe I should have gone with that other one instead!” Anyone else with me?

So when it came to picking out my daughters stroller, I was a hot mess. I had so many questions, “Do I want 3 wheels or 4? Should I get a jogging style or is it really that practical? It was very overwhelming with how many options were available. I am sure there are other amazing ones out there, even better ones that fit your needs, but I feel like I picked a winner.

So what did I get? I got the Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger Stroller.
Graco Relay Performance Jogging Stroller
Why I love it…


I had decided to go with a stroller with 3 wheels verse 4. I like the looks of 3 wheels better, and it seems to maneuver much easier around places. Plus, since I also run occasionally, it was the best choice in going with a jogging stroller. The front wheel has a locking system for when you are out running or on rough terrain. When it’s unlocked, you can literally maneuver around anything! I seemed to find myself often doing this one move when I open doors, where I swing the stroller around backward, open the door with my other hand and then pull the stroller in backwards…know what I’m talking about? Yep this stroller makes it super easy to go in and out of places. The air filled tires also give you a smooth ride, and don’t wear as fast as plastic ones.


It literally takes one second to pull on one strap lever to fold and unfold the stroller. You don’t have to mess with multiple straps or click a bunch of things to fold it into your car. If the tires are too bulky for your car, you can easily unlock them with one click of a button and set aside. I don’t ever need to take them off unless we are flying and want to pack the stroller flat in a bag. For how heavy duty this stroller is, it is fairly light to pick up and throw in the back of a car. However, it can be a little awkward maneuvering through clothing racks at the mall, but it is still doable and like I said before, its super easy to maneuver around!

Sydney riding in her stroller!


This stroller is compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant carseats, which was great for me because I could take the infant carseat out of the car and simply set in the stroller. One click and we are ready to go! Once Sydney was big enough to go without it, it was very easy to strap her in the main seat of the stroller. The seat has several incline options depending on your stroller adventure. Babies can lay nearly flat for a quiet evening stroll, or sit upright if they want to do more sight-seeing. The straps are super easy to adjust and put on your little one….no need to fight against their squirmy bodies to get their arms through.
Easy to use straps!


This stroller has a large basket underneath that can hold a lot! Whether it’s the grocery store or the mall, you can fit a few good size shopping bags under there. The back of the stroller and near the handle also have accessible storage. There is plenty of room for your coffee, keys, phone, baby toys, and more!


This stroller came out in 2014 and was the response to the trendy and popular BOB Jogging Stroller. While the BOB can range up to over $400, the Graco Relay Performance is almost $100 or more less. You are getting a very similar stroller with better quality and functionality (in my opinion).

The price ranges from $246.45-$329.99…probably because of variety of color and the store it’s from.

Other awesome features; UV Sun protection material, large canopy, thick and comfortable cushion for baby, awesome gripping on the handle and it’s very durable.

Sydney and I love to go on walks around the park, runs on trails and shopping at the mall in our Graco Relay Performance Stroller. If you are looking for a quality, outdoor/indoor, walking or jogging stroller that can last past the newborn phase this is a great one for you!
Sydney in her stroller!

Whole Heart loves the stroller selection at Stroller Depot and Magic Beans. Check out the features on the Orbit baby G3 System, Bugaboo, the 4Moms, or the Uppababy Cruz .

What do you love about your stroller?

Bump Your Baby to Sleep!

It’s 4 a.m., you’ve been up since 2 with a screaming, fussy, inconsolable infant! This baby that you thought was adorable at 8 p.m. is now starting to resemble one of the scary flying monkeys from the Wizard of OZ circa 1939. 

Bumpyourbaby-ShopWholeHeartWhat do you do? You’ve tried the “5 S’s” for calming, right?

1) Swaddling

2) Sideline or stomach position

3) Shhhing (white noise)

4) Sucking (pacifier, finer, bottle, breast)

5) Shaking (always gentle, never vigorous)

Still not working? Try to bump your baby to sleep with the “BumpYourBaby” ball!

Babies like steady, continuous, gentle jiggling because it reminds them of the womb. Hence, the 5 S’s. Each one of those was created to recreate feelings baby felt inutero. The last one can be especially hard if you’ve already been up for hours or, if you’re someone who doesn’t like standing because it’s hard on your back and joints.


In comes the “Baby Bump“! Gently bounce a newborn on a Baby Bump™ to soothe it when nothing else will do the trick.

Baby Bump is “The New Rocking Chair.” Typical rocking chairs make it hard to maintain the jiggle that baby wants (and needs) to maintain calm and trigger their calming reflex to put them to sleep. When you’re holding a baby in a chair and rocking back and forth, the baby is actually rocking side to side at an awkward pace. This rocking is not conducive to calming a fussy baby. The Baby Bump is the best tool for bumping baby calm and taking pressure off your back and joints.

Bump-you-baby-pregnancy-iconMultiple uses!

  • Use the Baby Bump™ for prenatal comfort (enhances pregnant mother’s posture)
  • Use the Baby Bump™ to soothe any, and all, fussy babies
  • Use the Baby Bump™ as during labor support as a birth ball
  • Use the Baby Bump™ to entertain baby, sing, dance
  • Use the Baby Bump™ fo gross motor play to develop trunk & head control
  • Use the Baby Bump™ as a reading chair for antsy toddlers that HAVE to be in motion
  • Use the Baby Bump™ to stay in shape and keep up with energetic toddlers

What sets it apart from an exercise ball?Bump-your-baby-pink

Well, the Baby Bump™ has a leg up on the traditional yoga and fitness balls – 6 legs to be precise. Baby Bump’s unique peg-legged design keeps the ball stable and stationary and will be a helpful tool/toy for every stage of your infants growth from pregnancy to parenthood.

How is it made?

Baby Bump™ manufactures the balls in the furniture capital of world- Italy! They are Bump-your-baby-Italymade from the highest quality material: soft, gripping/non-slip, pearly vinyl that is recyclable, environmentally friendly, latex free, phthalate free and even gluten free. Baby Bump™ focuses on safety for parents and their babies; the balls are “burst proof”, meaning that if they are punctured they will deflate slowly and safely.

Baby Bump™ is now an essential tool/toy for all new parents, a new staple of every nursery and of course, it makes the perfect baby shower gift!

The Baby Bump™ is “The New Rocking Chair.” 


I am Soy in Love with Babysoy

Are your child’s clothes TOXIC?

That sound like a silly question, right? But actually, it’s a question we should all be asking ourselves. The US farming and government standards are way below par compared to ther first world countries. In fact, out of 200 chemicals banned across Europe, the US only banned 9 from that same set. Pesticides, antifungals, fertilizers, flame retardants, heavy metals, dies, pthalates, etc….

Effects of these toxins?mugutsy-toxic-chemicals-in-clothing

  • hives/rashes, acne
  • headaches/migraines
  • fever & flu-like symptoms
  • respiratory issues, sinus infections
  • endocrine disruptions, kidney issues
  • heart problems
  • birth defects, infertility
  • gastro issues, IBS, stomach ulcers
  • increased risk of cancer
  • learning disorders, neurological issues

Luckily for us, there are companies like Babysoy that are stepping up to the plate and refusing to use harmful chemicals in the making of their clothing!

Babysoy clothing is made with:

  • Azlon from Soybean aka “Soybean protein fiber” (sustainable & botanical textile baby-soy-cares-shopwholeheartfiber)
  • Non-GMO Beans: cannot be treated or exposed to chemical pesticides during storage.
  • Organic Cotton/Sea-Island cotton which helps to build a longer lasting fabric structure.
  • Nickle-free snaps + zippers by world renowned YKK
  • These products are NOT treated with flame retardants
  • Inspired by nature color pallette
  • Water based ink
  • Fair trade practices (co-founders personally conduct unannounced factory inspection at least 4 times a year)

Babysoy’s mission is to bring affordable, green clothing to families. Their baby and tots line are sustainable and eco-friendly. Because azlon from soybean is a textile that is made from recycled material, it does not add any extra burden to mother nature. And, they’re pretty darn cute, too!

Kimono top lifestyle

They also give back!

Their “Janey Baby” collection features whimsical drawings of endangered species from Jane Goodall’s book, Hope for Animals and Their World. This style uses high yarn count organic cotton + bamboo fiber to provide superior softness and silky surface. Artworks are printed with water-based ink. Proceeds from each sale benefit the Jane Goodall Institute and its programs.

Jane-Goodall-Baby-Collection-bodysuits has a HUGE selection of clothing for babies, toddlers, and kids from Babysoy, including the adorable Janey Baby collection. The prices are affordable, the clothing is 100% toxin free, and they are SUPER cute! Hop on over to and check out the Babysoy collection. Let’s start supporting companies that do what’s right for our world and our kids!

Gosh Golly, I Love Three Lollies!

There’s a reason this has become a popular way to announce your pregnancy…

Photo credit: Pinterest

…because this is likely to be the way friends and family see you (or picture you) for the next 3 months!

However, you’d prefer to picture yourself like this…

But, the truth is, about 75% of women experience nausea, vomiting, lost appetite, queasiness, or morning sickness to some degree during the first trimester. Unfortunately for many moms its not so much “morning sickness” as “ALL EFFING DAY LONG SICKNESS!”

Don’t worry, 3 Lollies has you covered! They’ve created delicious, all natural, drug-free, doctor recommended lollipops and candy drops to ease queasiness and fight morning sickness!

Most internet sites and web searches will tell you to keep non-perishable food items by the bed and eat a light snack before your feet hit the floor, but for some preggo mamas just the thought of food makes them want to yack! I know when I’m queasy I want something in my mouth, but I don’t want to chew, I don’t want to smell food, and I don’t want to have to decide on anything. All I want is for the nausea to go away. That’s why the Preggie Pops and Queasy Drops are miracle workers!

Instead of keeping peanut butter crackers by your bed (yack), keep these drops or lollipops by the bed and pop one of those little babies in your mouth the moment you wake up. They’re made with essential oils for an aromatic effect on your upset stomach and the sucking is also essential to providing calm and relieving queasiness.

Preggie Pops and Queasy Drops by 3 Lollies can be used to end nausea from:

  • Pregnancy & morning sickness3 Lollies
  • Labor & delivery
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Illness
  • Motion sickness (air, boat, car)
  • Poor diet
  • Hangovers (9 months from now, of course)

They offer their life saving formula in the form of:

Preggie Pops

Preggie Pop Drops

Preggie Naturals

Queasy Pops

Queasy Naturals

Queasy Pop Drops

They offer several yummy, gluten free flavors or you can buy the variety pack of:

  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Lavender
  • Ginger
  • Sour Lemon
  • Sour Tangerine
  • Sour Raspberry

Smoke Free Naturals, by Three Lollies:

Hopefully since we’re in the year 2014, you are aware how dangerous smoking can be to yourself, your unborn baby, and those around you. Perhaps it’s not you that smokes, but it’s your spouse? Your parents? Your friends? You’re in luck…

3 Lollies has also designed a line of products to help consumers QUIT smoking!

  • Smoke Free Naturals Pops
  • Smoke Free Naturals Drops

How do Smoke Free Naturals products help?

Oral Fixation:
Smoke Free Naturals, can help curb the oral fixation associated with smoking by substituting a cigarette with a healthy, drug-free lollipop.

Nicotine Addiction:
Unlike other products that claim to help you quit smoking, Smoke Free Naturals do NOT contain nicotine. This prevents you from transferring the nicotine addiction from one substance to another. Instead, Smoke Free Naturals help you break the addiction completely.

But, “smoking relaxes me”?
Smoke Free Naturals understands the need to stay calm and relaxed while you’re attempting to quit, but they also know that artificial and harmful chemicals are unnecessary to provide calm. They’ve added all natural sugars to Smoke Free Naturals to replace the harmful sugars once received from cigarettes.

So, whether you’re a mom-to-be or not, Three Lollies has something for you! The Queasy Drops and Queasy Pops are something that should be kept in everyone’s:

  • Medicine cabinet3-Lollies-Queasy Drops
  • Hospital bag
  • Purse or diaper bag
  • Glove box or console
  • Travel bag
  • Nightstand
  • Desk drawer

You never know when you may need a natural way to ease an upset stomach!

How do you deal with queasiness?