Kangacare Lil Joey’s

A friend of mine had a baby a few weeks ago. I’d put both of us in the “green mom” category so when I started thinking what to bring to her when I visited her and sweet Ellory, I thought through what was in my “my boys are too little for” closet. No need to go spend money and waste resources, right? I spotted the bag of Lil Joey cloth diapers by Kangacare and my heart dropped a little bit. The teeny tiny diapers my brand new, sweet smelling babies wore the first few months of life would now only cover a thingh most likely. Sigh!


If you read my birth story you know I didn’t have much control over what went down the first 11 days of life for my babies. When mom nearly dies on the operating table, the staff doesn’t call her to discuss her stance on cloth versus disposables. I’m aware how silly it makes me sound, but one of the hardest things for me as a new mom was meeting my babies for the first time in the NICU and smelling the powdery chemicals from the disposable diapers they were forced to wear. I could feel the plastic in my hand under their bums and it broke my heart that my precious newborns were sitting in sodium polyacralate, dioxins, propylene, tributyltin…blach! My baby born with a pneumo-thorax (hole in his lung) was being exposed to chemicals that cause respiratory distress?! My sweet twins, born to me after years of battling endometriosis and infertility issues were sitting in the very dioxins my fertility doctor told me were responsible for my struggles?!

My heart sank.

The nurse even gave me a toxic diaper as a koozie for the water she gave me in a BPA laden plastic container

The nurse even gave me a toxic diaper as a koozie for the water she gave me in a BPA laden plastic container

When the boys were released to me I put them in organic diapers right away. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of the Lil Joeys to cloth them full time. But, when they started getting diaper rash and red, flaky, chapped booties from the ORGANIC disposable diapers, I knew cloth was the only way to go. I started putting coconut oil on the butts to fix the damage and putting them only in cloth and things cleared right up! I’ve never looked back.

Cloth is SO much better for your babies, but way better on your pocket book and mother earth. The Lil Joey’s come in 2pks for less than $30 so a good starter kit of these will run you about $200-300 depending on how often you want to do laundry, but they’ll wear these diapers everyday for about 12 weeks so you’ll save hundreds of dollars in the meantime.

Lil Joeys clyde Whole Heart

I loved the prints the Lil Joeys come in! My favorites were the Clyde and the TokiDoki. I wasn’t sure what TokiDoki even was until I visited the Kangacare booth at the ABC Expo and the moms there were acting like John Lennon had stopped by the booth. They were going nuts over this print! In fact, apparently I’d been living under a rock because these designs were in high demand in diaper bags, shopping cart covers, blankets. Everyone wanted some TokiDoki.

vail twins in toki doki

When friends and fans ask me what I consider a must have after having twins, cloth diapers, especially Lil Joeys, are in my top five! I’m so glad I was able to start cloth diapering them right away and limiting the pollutants entering their sweet new bodies. I am confident my babies are strong and healthy and will continue to be this way as long as I’m able to continue limiting their exposure to environmental toxins.

Stay green, 

That Girl

Rumparooz Rock My World

If I had a penny for everytime someone smirked, rolled their eyes, or laughed at me followed by, “Yeah, sure, just wait”, when they found out I planned to cloth diaper my twins, I’d be a rich woman. But, six weeks in and I’m convinced it has been my best decision thus far! I use Rumparooz and Lil Joeys by Kangacare and they rock!


These are not your grandma’s cloth diapers. They’re not the ones your mom wore either. These are legit, modern day, we’ve thought of everything cloth diapers. What sets them apart from other brands is:

  • They fit ALL sizes from 8lbs up to potty training
  • They INCLUDE 2 super soaker liners
  • They have a patented double gusset lining
  • Their prints are super whimsical
  • They can be machine washed and tumble dried
  • The inner lining is major absorbent
  • No diaper rashes!

The OS fits all thing was definitely a winning feature. This meant I just needed to buy one set of diapers and I’d be set for the entire time my boys used them. No running out in the middle of the night, no trying to figure out what size each kid was in every time they grew, no wasted diapers when they no longer fit. About a month in I had a night where the boys peed up their backs all night long (I still don’t know how the hose reaches the back, but that’s a whole other issue) Instead of freaking out and having to go buy new diapers I just sized my diapers up. They covered more space on the back and absorbed the sprays!

My boys were born pretty big for twins (8lbs each), but in preparation for them to be tiny I bought a bunch of LilJoeys, the newborn diapers. They fit NB-12lbs so they’re great to use the first few months. I loved the snap in the middle to keep the diaper off the healing umbilical cord site. In fact, I attribute the health of their belly buttons to keeping them clean and dry in cloth diapers while they healed. The Lil Joeys are also THE best to keep in the diaper bag because they don’t take up much space.


The Kangacare diapers also have a patented double gusset lining which I think is one of their best features. It traps wetness and poops inside the diaper like a steel door. Just yesterday I went to change Cannon’s diaper and knew it was gonna be a doozy by the look on his face as he filled it up and everything was caught behind the gusset lining! Winning!

My baby, Cash, was in the NICU for a week after birth. They used Pampers on him (blech!) so when we got home he has a horrendous diaper rash. It was bleeding, scabby, etc. Cannon had been in ‘sposies at the hospital too and their little butts were heartbreaking and they got yeast infections along the waist line from diapers. We kept putting coconut oil, vaseline, butt pastes, etc on these areas, but they wren’t healing. I was using disposable diapers for the week I stayed with my mom and finally I gave up and said, “No more creams. We’re going back to cloth diapers only.” Then, BAM! magic healing and no more rashes or yeast since then.


Washing is super easy too. I have the Kangacare pail liner in my Ubbi Diaper Pail. The liner whisks away wetness and traps odors. I toss all diapers and the liner into the wash on a cold rinse (no detergent). Then, I add detergent and do a hot/cold cycle. Then they tumble dry on a medium setting and they’re good to go. The liners agitate themselves out in the wash. If the boys are napping I may take 5 minutes to stuff the liners in the diapers before I put them up, but usually I just toss everything in to a basket on my changing table and stuff as I’m changing. It takes 2 seconds.

Oh no, one of my babies has to be in another brand…

Oh no, one of my babies has to be in another brand…

I have enough diapers that I only need to do laundry every other day. Sometimes while the laundry is going I have to use a few of the other brands I have on hand. It’s just not the same! If my husband helps with bath time/bedtime and puts another brand of diaper on the boys I secretly take it off and swap for a Rumparooz. In my opinion, there’s nothing as good as these on the market!

Make cloth mainstream!

That Girl

Twin Nursery

The French believe in welcoming a newborn to their home by walking through the house and introducing them to each room. They believe that it helps them get better acquainted with their new world, which, in turn, makes for secure, happy babies. Personally I think this is a fabulous custom! I was worried that if my nursery wasn’t ready, and appropriate baby stations organized, that I’d be doing my babies a disservice by bringing them home to chaos, hence creating chaotic babies.


How their nursery was designed was also of crucial importance, not because I’m spoiled and wanted to be on trend, but because it’s their first room. I wanted it to represent my hopes for them and my vision for their lives. So, I opted for a modern, rustic theme with a hint of glam. We live in Dripping Springs, a small town 20 minutes west of Austin and I want these boys to grow up with a mix of urban and country living. Perhaps they’ll ride 4 wheelers on the ranch all day, but have sushi with me downtown at night. The glam aspects of the nursery represent the charm, sparkle, and charisma that so few boys have today.

I lined the modern cribs parallel to the back wall (Babyletto Scoot 3-in-1) in an effort to save space. The white cribs are trimmed with walnut; a perfect blend of modern and rustic. Between the cribs I placed a side table I found at Target with a geometric cut wooden top and metallic gold base. This is where I’ll place their white noise machine and the essential oil diffuser from Stadler Form that pumps lavendar into the air overnight for healthy sleep. Above the cribs is wall art created by my husband using reclaimed barn wood and galvanized metal letters. The boys have the same intials as their dad, which meant alot to him and is a monogramming dream for me!


My father always quotes Thomas Jefferson saying, “A room without books is like a body without a soul” and I definitely grew up in a family of readers. I hope to raise these boys to not only be readers, but to live lives seeking adventure! Currently the wood pallet bookshelves (made by my brother-in-law) are filled with board books and sensory books, but will one day soon be filled with books about treasure islands, camping, pirates, mysteries, imagination, cowboys, indians, and knights. I can hardly wait to pull them onto my lap and read stories together.


I’ll likely read to them in this gorgeous Eddie Bauer chair-and-a-half, but I also purchased this wide, deep seated chair for nursing purposes. I can fit one baby on either side, nurse individually, or nurse together. My twin nursing pillows both fit perfectly in this chair! The “2” pillow from Land of Nod has become one of my favorite accent pieces because I’m overjoyed to be a twin mom and I think it represents a life of doubles! Double the fun, double the fear, double the trouble and double the love.


With twins, organization is key to survival so I fell in love with the Hemnes dresser from Ikea. I loved the 4 half drawers across the top because they fit my diapers and changing supplies perfectly. If there’s one thing I cant stand, it’s clutter! I didn’t want a dresser covered with rash creams, nail clippers, rags, wipes, etc. like I find in so many homes of new parents. My changing pad on top is a nonslip pad from Restoration Hardware covered with an organic cover by Burt’s Bees. Each drawer houses swaddle blankets, slobber bibs, sleepers, socks, leggings, and onesies organized in drawer dividers also found at Ikea. Beside the dresser I’ve discretely placed my steel trap diaper pail by Ubbi, that’s lined with a cloth diaper liner by Kangacare.


At 36 weeks pregnant with these two boys I’m beyond ready to meet them. I can hardly wait to introduce them to their room, read them stories there, sing together, and hold them close in the middle of the night.

Stay gold, 

That Girl

Cloth Diapers Rock!

Cloth diapers are NOT what they used to be…now, they ROCK and are actually EASIER yes, easier, than “sposies” (aka disposables)!

Let me start by saying that I hate (no, DESPISE) when people use this phrase with me, “Just wait until you have kids”,

Here’s why this phrase sucks:

1. I’ve cared for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of newborns & infants over the last 10 years…I know what I like and I know what’s best for babies better than a “real mom”

2. My career is knowing the best baby products & gear on the market. I don’t follow trends, nor do I make a decision based on what the media recommends. I’m educated about baby products, gear, and services

3. This is implying that at 31, with two child-development degrees (including a MASTERS) I can’t make an informed decision on something like a diaper? C’mon!


Now that I’m done venting let’s talk about ‘sposies…

What are the pros of ‘sposies?

  • Less laundry
  • Uh, uh, hmmm….

What are the cons of ‘sposies?

  • Costs $3,000-4,000 per baby from birth-3y
  • Strain on the environment (no diaper has EVER decomposed)
  • Toxins in disposables have been linked to infertility, respiratory issues, endocrine disorders, skin irritations & infections, cancer, neurotoxic shock (and they stink)
  • More explosions, leaks, and accidents reported by ‘sposie moms
  • Must buy a new size every few months (cha-ching)

What are the cons of cloth diapers?rumparooz-os-Quinn

  • Upfront expenses range from $500-800
  • Laundry

What are the pros of cloth diapers?

  • No strain on the environment (they can be resold & reused) and some are even biodegradable!
  • Save $2000-3,000 per baby (I want 2 or 3 kids so that’s $6000 savings! That’s their first car, lol)
  • Less to NO leaks and explosions because they’re sized to fit
  • Toxin free so they’re 100% safer for baby!
  • OS fits NB-4years old

Types of Cloth Diapers:

There are a LOT of different types, but it’s easy to choose based on your lifestyle

  1. Flats and Prefolds
  • Inexpensive
  • Require pins or snappis
  • Require a cover
  1. Fitted
  • Require a cover
  • Designed to fit baby’s body


    Kangacare Rumparooz OS Pocket Diaper

  • Inexpensive
  • Absorbent, but not waterproof

3. Pocket Diapers

  • No cover required
  • Stuff the diaper w an absorbent liner
  • Launder both the liner and the diaper
  1. All-in-One (AIO) or All-in-Twos (AI2)
  • Fits exactly like a disposable, launder the whole thing
  • Great resell value
  • AI2 are just like the AIO, but they have an absorbent liner that snaps inside
  • With an AI2 if there’s been no spillage, unsnap the liner and add in a new one
  • Easy to adjust, fit size NB-4yrs old easily with no gaps

My personal favorite? Rumparooz OS Pocket Diapers!

Cloth Diaper Rookie Needs:

  • 18-24 cloth diapers
  • 2-4 wet bags (Itzy Ritzy, Planetwise, Rumparooz)
  • An Uber, diaper pail, OR trash can with liner
  • Organic detergent like Honest Co. Fuzzibunz, Rockin Green

ShopWholeHeart.com offers a starter kit:

  • Includes 24 OS pocket diapers by Rumparooz
  • 2 pail liners ($40 value)
  • Wysi Wipes (bonus gift)
  • $549.95 ($170 savings)


What’s your favorite color or print?