Jelly the Pug

I’m a sucker for a good grass roots story so when I asked a children’s clothing company how they came up with the name, “Jelly the Pug”, I fell in love! They may be one of the top sellers in the industry now, but they started by selling their unique designs at farmer’s markets. The designer would bring along her pug, “Jelly”, and the child customers aways wanted to visit, “Jelly the Pug”. 

How cute is that?!

What’s even cuter is the designs! Mismatched prints and colors are all the rage these days for little girls and Jelly the Pug’s designs are on point! Or is “on fleek” the latest catch phrase to mean they kick ass? Either way, Jelly the Pug has mastered the Anthropologie-esque look for the wee ones in our lives.

What I love most about Jelly the Pug is that the clothing can be adjusted for various sizes as well as seasons. For example, a 4T dress can be worn by a 3year old as a midlength or maxi dress the first year, then worn on it’s own (with bloomers underneath) and worn as a tunic with leggings the following year. The dresses can be worn on their own when the weather is warm, but add leggings as it cools off, then add boots and a cardigan during colder, winter months. The colors themselves are so bright and versatile, they can be worn year round.

The price of Jelly the Pug clothing is unbeatable! Similar boutique clothing can run you $40-50 per dress, which I think is WAY too much for child’s clothing, but Jelly the Pug is 1/4-1/2 those prices. They’ve got stuff for boys, girls, toddlers, kids, sleepwear, holiday gear, even matching clothing for dolls. Visit the Jelly the Pug website to find a retailer near you OR peruse Zulilly, but be prepared to act fast as their clothing goes FAST during flash sales.

Are you diggin’ this brand, too?