Awesome New Products for 2016

One of the services I provide as a Maternity Concierge through Whole Heart is Baby Registry Completion. It’s my job to know when new products hit the market, when established brands debut something new, and to know whether or not each product is worth having. Each year I come across some that are grounbreaking, some that are a bit gimmicky (but still novel), and some that are just lifesavers!

Here are a few products to keep your eye on in 2016

The patent-pending Buggy Baggy turns a stroller into a shopping cart in no time. No more one-handed stroller pushing, baby carriers on top of grocery carts, or juggling baby and grocery at the same time! Buggy Baggy allows you to keeps both hands on the stroller. It’s a carrier for your purchases, a reusable shopping bag and it even free stands in your car for easy transport. When it’s time to shop-just clip it on your stroller handle and Go! The Buggy Baggy is a solution that takes the stress out of shopping with baby and offers “safe shopping.”

Tranquilo Mat is the only portable, soothing, vibrating mat designed for use anytime, anywhere. Unlike vibrating chairs that require breaking contact with your baby, the mat allows the option to continue comforting your baby in your arms. Lightweight and compact, it can easily be folded up and placed in a diaper bag. Tranquilo Mat is versatile and can be used independently or in conjunction with other soothing methods, including baby carriers. The varying vibrations and sounds can be customized to suit baby’s preferences.
The Tranquilo Mat is CPSIA safe and has been tested by a third party laboratory in the USA that is ACLASS accredited. The mat is designed to exceed all CPSIA testing and standards and it meets all international standards for infant safety


Baby Vida Monitor: Using a new form of pulse oximetry, the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor constantly monitors your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. Place sensor directly on your baby’s heel. Use the Support Strap to secure the Oxygen Monitor in place. The Support Sock easily slips over your baby’s foot and helps to keep the monitor in place. The Monitor and Support Sock can be worn alone or in combination with infant socks or footed pajamas.  Your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate readings are delivered wirelessly to you on your own smart phone or tablet. An alarm will sound if either of these readings are outside of the predetermined range. The Baby Vida App is free to download from the App Store.

The Swizz Style by Stadler Form is the newest addition to my nursery! The Jasmine Aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic technology and runs up to 21 hours and has a sleek, ultra-modern design. A noticeably subtle fragrance but still a discreet appearance – that’s Jasmine the aroma diffuser. Like a simple bowl she gently releases your favourite fragrance. Using ultrasonic technology, she transforms the water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist. The aroma diffuser Jasmine creates rooms to feel good in.

The Cup Catcher is a multi-use connector to safely tether a sippy cup, bottle, or
even your favorite toy to a car seat, highchair, stroller, wheelchair or shopping cart, all while providing a sanitary and stylish design. With the adjustable tail you can attach to many different straps, safety belts, and bars, catching the cup keeping it clean.

• Patent Approved & FDA Grade
• Sanitizable & Dishwasher safe
• BPA free, Latex free & Recyclable
• Phthalate free elastomer

Buckaroo Organics is a new line of FABULOUS 100% organic skincare products. Our skin is our largest organ and can absorb so many things we put on it, everyday. Delicate, new baby skin is even more susceptible. Helping our body’s natural response to heal is the goal. Utilizing organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging is the process. Sharing Organic, Simple, and Safe products moms and dads can feel confident about, is our mission. Cleaner living, better health, and a happy environment! Check out Buckaroo Organics here.

Little Mr. Ties, stylish bowties for babies and toddlers that button directly onto their shirt using the top button. The loop hole is easy enough for moms and dads to put the tie on, but hard enough that little fingers can’t take the tie off.

The Soft Skin Stretchmark Prevention System is not necessarily new to the market, but it was new to me. I’m 32 weeks pregnant with twins and watched my belly grow very big very fast; however, I still don’t have one single stretch mark. Every night I spread the all natural ingredient oil on my belly, breasts, and buttocks. Then, I sleep on the tank and boy short that come with the oil. These items are specially designed to hold oil on your skin (not your clothes). Wake up feeling slick, smooth, and never itchy. Find here.


Greentom Strollers (100% green). Form follows function. The Dutch are known for their simple and pure design. It is the Dutch practical no-nonsense mentality that lies at the base of this rich design tradition, and of all Greentom products. Designer Bart Bost designed Greentom Upp driven by his wish to give birth to the first truly honest stroller. It needed to be particularly practical and sustainable. It starts at the drawing table by optimizing all product parts. It ends with the most comfortable, sustainable and affordable stroller on planet Greentom products are 100% green. All frames are sustainable. The fabrics are entirely made out of recycled drinking bottles. We assemble all over the world. That limits the impact of shipping. It also means your stroller is made from natural and recycled sources nearby. And it stimulates local economies!

Covered Goods: NO MORE FEAR of being exposed! Covered Goods™ nursing covers give you all the benefits that the traditional covers do… and more! Covered Goods™ multi-use nursing covers provide true ALL OVER COVERAGE, front and back, and are made of super comfy, breathable fabric that stretches. Covered Goods™ nursing covers allow you and your baby to nurse comfortably. There aren’t any straps, rings, or cords to mess with, they take seconds to put on and take off, and they alleviate any worry that your baby will kick or pull your cover off. Covered Goods™ are multi-use nursing covers can also be used as a scarf, car seat cover and shopping cart cover!

I’m always telling mom, “Do not limit yourself to the mainstream baby stores and big names!” There’s just so much more out there for babies and tots these days. No need to do things the way everyone else has done them or have the things everyone else already has. Be yourself!

Stay gold, 

That Girl

Baby Stuff I Despise

I’m a pretty chill person for the most part- mellow, go with the flow, pick my battles. I eat clean as often as I can, but I have never said “no” to pizza or Taco Bell. I prefer organic products on my skin, but if I’m traveling I’ll use whatever lotion or body soap is available. And, I try to keep environmental toxins to a minimum, but I’ve been known to use diffusers in my home that are everything BUT organic.

This being said, there are things made for babies that I REFUSE to budge on and will NEVER, under any circumstances, use with my own children.

Non-organic ‘Sposies

Disposable diapers are bad for our wallets and Mother Earth, but they are downright POISONOUS to babies. Sodium polyacrylate, dioxins (found in agent orange), chlorine, dyes, phthalates, bisphenyl A (BPA), toluene, dipentene, styrene, etc etc etc. These toxins have been scientifically proven to cause endocrine disruptions, hormonal imbalances, exacerabate asthma and allergies, cause respiratory infections, and suggested as culprits for the rise in childhood cancers and infertility. I cannot, in good faith, pull a plastic, chemical laden diaper, out of a plastic bag, and place it against my baby’s skin (his largest organ). Knowing these things are leaking into his bloddstream for the first few years of life gives me the heeby jeebies. I’m packing newborn cloth diapers for the hospital and organic ‘sposies just in case my boys have to spend some time in the NICU. This is a non-negotiable.

Plastic Bottles

I cringe when I’m doing a family consult, or caring for a newborn, and have to insert a plastic bottle into their mouth. I don’t judge the family, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel guilty the ENTIRE time I was feeding the baby. The bottle will have been heated in either a warmer, or a mug of hot water, which releases the bisphenyl A into the formula or milk. Blech! BPAs can have negative effects on the bran and human behavior, increase the risk of cancer in later life, cause heart problems, and many experts are looking into the correlation between BPAs and obesity, ADHD, diabetes, and early onset puberty. Even BPA free plastics are being made with BPAs cousin, a chemical that has not yet been proven safe using longitudinal studies. Eek! For me, it’s glass all the way!

“Mainstream” Toys

This is one of my no-nos that my mother has a hard time with. Whenever we’re in a store like Target or Buy Buy Baby and she’s ooing and ahhing over some of the toys, I just shake my head and tell her, “You know my babies won’t be playing with those, right?” I can hear my readers (especially my friends) now going, “Chelsea, c’mon! Toys are too toxic?!” Yes and no. I imagine I’ll budge when it comes to toys from time to time and let a few non-organics into the home. Toys that have been used, washed, played with before tend to be aired out and the toxins from the plastics, dyes, paints, and fabrics are less; however, I’m really not into toys with batteries or requiring electricity. You won’t see an activity gym that lights up, spins, or sings songs in my nursery. You won’t see that “left foot, right foot” bear in my toy box, and I guarantee my playroom won’t smell like a Sears or toy store because that “new toy smell” is toxic. Not only do I want nontoxic toys, but I want classic toys that are open ended and encourage creativity, imagination, and free play. I don’t want my child’s play to be limited and their imagination to only be able to go as far as the manufacturer of the toy allows.

Whatever happened to lincoln logs, cardboard bricks, wooden toys, dolls, dress up boxes full of vintage clothes, pretend food (that isn’t scented), puzzles, art, clay, and musical instruments?!

Here’s a sneak peak at the registry I’ve put together for my boys. Hopefully, by viewing this you’ll see that there’s alot of really cool, modern, and CLEAN options out there for babies!

Vail Twins Registry

I could also add to this list how much I hate boy’s clothing with duckies, trains, polar bears in party hats, or dinosaurs. Oooh, or how ’bout cliche phrases like “mommy loves me” or “daddy’s MVP”?! Finger in my throat gag! Am I being a bitch or can I play the pregnancy hormone card?

Let me know your thoughts. I LOVE to hear from you!

That Girl

My Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

It seems like a lot of people shy away from going cloth because they’re scared of the laundry aspect of it. I understand…it definitely sounds disgusting throwing “poopy” diapers into a machine that also washes all of your clothes. This was the reason my own hubby was a cloth skeptic. When I explained how it all worked, he started to see the light and now we are both SO glad we are a cloth family!

(Disclaimer: we do use disposables when we’re traveling or when it may be inconvenient to use cloth & we also use disposables at night because they just seem to hold more without using all the bulky insert layers.)


Here’s my washing routine in a nutshell:

*Cloth friendly detergent – Here’s a chart that rates different detergents to be used with your cloth diapers.

*Diaper Liners – We use these…just lay them in the diaper and it allows pee to soak through to the diaper while holding the poo so your clean-up isn’t too bad. They have worked great for us and they are 100% natural!

*Diaper Sprayer – to hose down the poopy diapers if your forgot a liner (been there, done that)…spray the yuck into the toilet then just toss the diaper into your pail to wash later. We use this bumGenius sprayer and it’s a powerful little sucker!

FACT: Before baby starts solids and you are nursing only, breastmilk is water soluble!! You DO NOT have to rinse your poopy diapers first…just throw ‘em right in the washer (so easy, right?!). I know that sounds disgusting, but it’s true! If you are formula feeding or have started solids, you will want to spray with a diaper sprayer first before it makes its way to the pail.

We use Ecos Free & Clear Detergent, which is a 4-star detergent for cloth diapers and is easy to buy at Target or Wal-Mart. We also have pretty hard water so I put in a tablespoon of Calgon Water Softener with it as well. You should NOT use fabric softeners with cloth diapers (it can cause a build up that will repel liquid and cause leaks).

Here’s my wash cycle (front load washer):
1. Rinse & Spin on cold/cold. Low spin (no detergent yet)
2. Put in Ecos detergent (filled to the lowest line) and about 1 Tbs. Calgon
3. Run the “normal” cycle on hot/cold, low spin, heavy soil, water-plus, with an extra rinse
4. Line dry in the sun (magically, stains lift right out) – just use the dryer on medium if it’s raining on wash day
5. Once a month add 1/4 cup bleach to the normal cycle.


Now, you’re done!! I hope this takes some of the anxiety out of going cloth and helps encourage you to give it a whirl!  I think you’ll be glad you did (not to mention the $$ you’ll save)! 🙂 sells top brands such as TotsBots, BottomBumpers, Blueberry, and Kangacare diapers! Check them out HERE

HOT NEW ITEM: The Swaddle Swing

I discovered this gem last year at the ABC Kids expo in Vegas and have been waiting on pins and needles for it to hit shelves! I’m thrilled to finally introduce you to…



Most new parents share the same common fears:

Will we ever be able to leave the house again?

What if they’ve been crying for hours and we have no idea how to calm them?

What do we pack with us when we’re going out?

Ugh, will our house be taken over by baby equipment?

I’m worried about their safety?

Well, the Swaddle Swing, invented by a new dad, addresses all these fears! Dr. Harvey Karp, famed pediatrician and “baby expert” teaches new parents The 5 S’s for Calming Fussy Babies. By implementing the 5 S’s, parents (and anyone, really) can calm a fussy baby in a matter of minutes! Swaddling, Side lying/Stomac lying, sucking, shhhing, and swinging. With the Swaddle Swing, parents can effectively do 4/5 S’s wherever, whenever, to effectively (and safely) calm their fussy baby.

  1. Place baby in the swing
  2. Strap him/her in securely
  3. Give pacifier for sucking (optional)
  4. Start swinging!


Watch in awe as baby is gently lulled into relaxation and hopefully dreamland!

Necessity is the mother of invention?

“Soon after bringing his new daughter, Cora, home from the hospital, new father, Scott Krass, realized that babies tend to cry…a lot. Desperate for a way to soothe his fussy baby, he tried everything. One day while Cora was lying on a small blanket, Scott picked up the four corners of the blanket, which created a type of baby hammock. Cora was instantly calmed by being gently swaddled in the blanket and once Scott started to swing her in it, she absolutely loved it! A few prototypes later, and the Swaddle Swing was born – the world’s first truly portable and packable baby swing that helps any baby sleep anytime anywhere”.

“That Girl” loves the Swaddle Swing because…

  • It coincides with the 5 S’s for calming
  • It’s portable for moms/dads on-the-go
  • It’s safe AND effective
  • It’s guaranteed for 30 days or your money back!
  • It’s even proven to work with colicky babies?!
  • Requires no electricity, batteries, assembly, or installation (hallelujah!)
  • It fits neatly in a diaper bag, purse, backpack, or stroller caddy

Can I get a “hell yeah!”


Why does the Swaddle Swing rock your world?

Rob W. – Riverside, CA

“My baby will be screaming her head off! Doesn’t want daddy to hold her, doesn’t want a bottle…but a few minutes in the Swaddle Swing and bam! We have a quiet, happy baby! Thank you!!!”

Lauren L. – Hemet, CA

“It is like an OFF switch for my crying baby!”

Greg W. – Dana Point, CA

“My wife and I like to eat out and the Swaddle Swing has saved us so many times at so many restaurants. Seriously, we never leave home without it!”

Uri I. – New York, NY

“Our baby was very colicky the first few months of his life. Nothing seemed to calm him down except the Swaddle Swing. Our fancy electric baby swing just sat in the corner collecting dust while we used our Swaddle Swing. Highly recommend this for anyone with a colicky baby.”

Scott Krass, founder and inventor of the Swaddle Swing is offering 10% off to Whole Heart fans with code WholeHeart10


Get yours NOW


Can be purchased via the above links,,, or Amazon

Baby On-the-Go

I’m currently assisting a family with their nine month old baby boy and will be traveling (worldwide) with them from now until next Spring. This has had me thinking, “What gear do you need (and not need) when traveling with a baby?”


I’ve always known not all strollers were created equal, but some are just flat out a pain in the ass! Any stroller that requires you to set up, or break down, is NOT travel friendly. I prefer a 4Moms, BabyJogger, Stokke Xplory, or Orbit baby that allow for easy, one-hand folds. Plus, these all have PLENTY of space for your stuff so you don’t have to carry a purse, diaper bag, coats, blankets, and shopping bags. Boo to being a packhorse.


The law states that a baby or toddler does NOT have to be in a carseat or carrier in pulic trasportation so…forgo the 30lb carrier and just leave it in your car. Get yourself a bomb-diggity baby carrier like the Baby K’tan or Happy Baby Wrap and just call it a day. When you’re wearing the baby on-the-go, there’s a 0% chance you’ll accidentally leave it on the subway or bus, lol. Keep it strapped to you.


The mama I work for carries an Hermes Birkin and/or her Prada diaper bag on the daily; however, I’m sure she would opt for a backpack  or crossbody when we’re traveling because there’s no shame in her game and we both agree “comfort trumps style” when it comes to traveling with a baby. Diaper Dude has great backpack, Lily Jade has diaper bags/backpacks that double as purses, and SkipHop offers some crossbody options. The goal is to downsize, consolidate, and have all that you need.

Lily Jade ROCKS! (you heard it here first)


You may think you have a portable diaper changing pad, but if you don’t have the PateMM, you ain’t got a clue how awesome life could be. The PateMM is circular, wipeable vinyl, packs up flat and quare, and is just sticky enough to hold your wee little gymnast in place during changing. You can whip this out of your pack for a quick diaper change on the airplane, the bus, the amusement park changing table…whatev.


I think this is a must have! This lil feat of engineering is a nursing cover that doubles as a carseat cover, shopping cart cover, OR scarf! It provides 360 degree coverage, which is great to protect baby from sun, rain, stares, glare, germs, etc. while on the move!


When you’re away from home with your baby, you can’t bring your toddler meal set or placemat with you. The restaurant will likely bring you a glass dish, sharp silverware, and baby may not be able to reach their food. That is unless you pack an EZPZ Happy Mat or bowl! This is easy to drop into the diaper bag or backpack and super easy to clean up since it’s nonstick. Pull it out at the restaurant, chop up baby’s food and let them just go at it. It won’t slip off the table, they can’t move the placemat/dish, and when you’re done, you just have to rinse it off or wipe it out. DONE and DONE!
EzPz Fun Mat, Shop Whole Heart

What would you add to this list?

The Best Baby Gift Ideas

Whether you are a new mom, attending a friends baby shower, or a proud auntie wanting to spoil your new niece or nephew, you’ll want to get them something special, but also practical and useful. Here is what I have found to be the best gifts for a new baby, and for making transition for mom and dad easy too!

1. OBALL RATTLE. This is a great first toy for baby as they learn to grasp objects. It’s soft and easy to hold with it’s unique design. Some even have a rattle in them which is fun for baby to shake!

2. ONESIES. Whether you are in warm or cold seasons, onesies are great for going under sleepers and you can’t get enough of them. It’s basically all they live in for a couple months. We love the organic onesies by Under the Nile, available at

3. SLEEPERS. Okay, I think it’s a little ridiculous to get newborns 3 piece outfits- you have to change them every feeding, the clothes are awkward and hard to get on when they are so little and honestly it does not seem very comfortable for baby. Let them be cozy in their favorite sleepers. Zipper ones are the best for easy middle of the night diaper changes! If you insist on getting that adorable outfit, get in a size that at least 3 months or larger. Also, sleeper gowns or rompers are great for middle of the night diaper changes.

4. BURP CLOTHS. Babies spit up, drool and poop. Whatever the scenario, mom can never have enough of these. You can even get crafty and make them as a gift by adding cute ribbon to them! We love the shape of the Aden & Anais burp cloths that go over the shoulder.

5. BATH SET. Make a cute gift basket with towels, washcloths and baby shampoo/body wash. I recommend the Mustella Brand, Honest Company, Bathtime Baby, or Original Sprout as they are very sensitive to the skin and have natural/organic ingredients. Here’s a trio gift set by Bathtime Kids.

6. TRAVEL DIAPER STATION. This is a lifesaver when you are on the go and need to change baby in the car, in a dressing room or at a restaurant. As a new mom, I never leave home without one of these! Skip-Hop is fabulous and if you can spring for a PateMM Pad, DO IT!
Skip Hop Diaper Changing Station

7. DIAPERS, DIAPERS AND MORE DIAPERS. Diapers are expensive and any moms out there know that you go through a box pretty quick. It was so nice to have a stock pile before baby came. The last thing any mom wants to do is realize you are on your last diaper and have to run to the store in the middle of the night to get more! If your friend is using cloth diapers, find out which brand and get her some accessories (wet bags, diaper pails, detergent) OR, go in with friends and purchase a full set! I also recommend getting sensitive wipes or using washcloths, and finding a good diaper cream. A&D ointment, Honest Co. Diaper Cream, Beaudreaux Butt Paste, or Napinol Nursery Therapies all work pretty well!

8. BABY SWADDLES. Swaddling your baby is recommended by most doctors for the first few months. It helps babies feel secure, recreates the feeling of the womb, and helps them sleep better. We love the Woombie swaddle sack because it is the ONLY swaddle sack with a vented front, peanut shape, and double zipper.


9. BABY STROLLER BLANKET. Nordstrom and Pottery Barn kids have GREAT blankets to give as gifts. The Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket is a baby favorite, and is sold at several stores. Here are a few by Swaddledesigns, too.

10. SOUND MACHINE. White noise helps babies sleep since the sound is similar to being in the womb. It also helps keep out other outside noises that may prevent baby from falling asleep easy. The Baby Shusher is the ONLY white noise machine on the market with a human voice doing the shushing.


11. BREASTFEEDING PILLOW. Whether moms breastfeed or not, having a sturdy pillow to nurse or prop baby on is essential. Unlike regular pillows, these are made for nursing and for babies to lounge on. A Boppy or a MyBrestfriend is a must have for mom!

12. BABY PLAY GYM. This is great for tummy time, motor play, and visual development.
Baby Play Gym

13. DIAPER BAG. What a gift it is to get the diaper bag of your dreams! This is pretty much mom’s new purse for the next year or so. We love Skip-Hop, Lily Jade and Mudpie.

14. BABY SWING. These are helpful for when mom or dad needs a shower, to cook up a quick meal or for when baby naps during the day. Baby’s generally LOVE the swing and sometimes it helps them sleep a little longer in those first few weeks. The 4Moms Mamaroo is fabulous!

15. A MEAL. When baby arrives this could be one of the greatest gifts for mom and dad!

What are your favorite baby gifts to give or receive?