Surviving Reflux

So, you’ve got your sweet bundle of joy in your arms and you’re over the moon excited that they’re happy and whole! But, they’ve started showing signs of reflux. You feel guilty for complaining because in the grand scheme of things, reflux is not a serious medical issue; however, it IS a HUGE pain in the ass and can add HIGH levels of stress to both mom, baby, and the entire family. 

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Infant reflux (sometimes called infant acid reflux) is the condition where the contents of the stomach are spit out, usually shortly after feeding. Spitting up (infant reflux) becomes less common as a baby gets older, and it’s unusual if it’s still occurring after 18 months of age (

Spitting up? That’s it? That’s not that bad, right?

Ha, if you think it’s not that bad, you haven’t experienced it for yourself. The acid from the stomach can burn the sensitive lining of the infant throat during spit up. Ouch! This makes baby mad (hours of nonstop crying mad), can make them not want to eat, which makes them not want to sleep, which makes mom want to play in traffic. That’s a bitch of a domino effect!

So, what can you do to survive reflux if you get the dreaded diagnosis?

  1. See an infant chiropractor

The spine is our lifeline and everything important runs through the spine. If the vertebrae are not adjusted appropriately, there can be a slight blockage to important lines of communication between body parts. An infant chiropractor clears these lines up and can greatly improve reflux symptoms. Dr. Hoffman comes highly recommended for Austin mommies.

2. Meds

I’m not usually one to recommend medicine for newborns (EVER), but reflux is one of those areas where medication is necessary and can be a real life saver. The trick is finding what works for your baby. There’s a heap of options out there and what worked for your friend might not work for you. Try each one, write down reactions, and practice patience. You’ll find the right dosage and “cure”.

3. Lay baby upright for 30 minutes

After you’ve fed your reflux monkey, hold baby upright for at least 30 minutes, or lay at an incline in a bouncy or rock-n-play. It’s more difficult for the acid contents to fight gravity this way and the spit up is more likely to stay down.


4. Cut out Dairy

I know how much you might love your morning coffee with cream or perhaps you’re a cheese lover, but cutting out dairy of you’re nursing can sometimes help with reflux.

5. Phone a Friend

Unless they’ve experienced it, no one can truly understand what you’re going through, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still provide an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Don’t go through this by yourself. Talk to your spouse, your mom, and close friends. Go for long walks, do yoga, get a massage, and practice great self-care because reflux babies are a challenge! The good news? Babies typically grow out of this by 7-9 months. Sometimes it can go past a year, but very very rarely!

You’re doing just fine, mom! You got this! Hold that baby tight, give lots of love, and nurture each other through the tough months.

Stay gold, Ponyboy, 

That Girl


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