Struggling to Do it All Some of you might remember my blog titled I Never Wanted to Be a Mom where I talked about my internal struggle with deciding to stay home with Bruce and resign my teaching contract. After having him and being blessed with 5.5 months with him, I knew I could NOT go back into the classroom full time and devote the time and energy my 3rd graders needed and still have the time and energy for my 3 kids at home.

Our 3 loves... Malcolm, Addison, and Bruce

here Our 3 loves… Malcolm, Addison, and Bruce Anyway, what I didn’t mention previously was that before I resigned my contract I had applied for a couple other positions that would take me out of the general education classroom, but have me continue working with small groups of students in a more supporting role.  I thought that that would leave me a little less stressed while still giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do! I anxiously awaited a phone call to interview for a new position, but it never came before the July 10th deadline to resign. I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed, but I felt God was telling us that even though I was scared to not teach anymore and to stay home full time, it was something He wanted and needed me to do. So on July 7th, I resigned my teaching contract and mentally and emotionally prepared myself to be a full time stay at home mommy.

Goodbye Knowles Elementary... My "home" for 9 years, the place I started my career, and made MANY lifelong friends!

rencontre femme de tamatave madagascar Goodbye Knowles Elementary… My “home” for 9 years, the place I started my career, and made MANY lifelong friends!

go On July 17th, while we were on vacation in Pennsylvania, I got a phone call from a principal in our district to interview for a Gts iqoption watch 1 minute binary option system Soldi facili con opzioni binarie Trading bonus gratuito Opzioni bunarie Trading on line part time intervention specialist job at the new school that was opening up in the fall. What?! Seriously?! This was THE job I so desperately wanted! I prayed and prayed and God said, “Just interview. I will show you what to do from there.” We flew back home on July 19th, my interview was scheduled for July 20th, I was offered the position the very next day, and I had to move all of my belongings out of my old classroom by July 26th! Whew! Talk about a crazy whirlwind of a week! So, here I am, watching Addison, our 9 year old, play with Bruce knowing that today is the last day I have him all to myself. The last day I will be a stay at home mommy. The last day I will be able to nurse him all day and play and snuggle all day. I know I am beyond blessed to have had the last 24 weeks at home with Bruce; most people only get a third of that, but witnessing Bruce grow from a premature newborn to a little man who is sitting up on his own and rolling over from front to back has been the most rewarding 24 weeks of my life.

Trading CFDs and/orè-il-miglior-intervallo-di-tempo-per-negoziare- involves significant risk of capital loss. I know he is going to LOVE going to “school” and I know I am going to LOVE my new part time job, but I can’t help but feel some sadness as I finish packing his “school” bag for someone else to take care of him instead of me. God bless you working moms! Today, and everyday, I salute you as we struggle to do it all!

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Hello Camacho Elementary! I am so excited about this new journey! Hello Camacho Elementary… The place where I will begin my  new journey!

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