Not Just a Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday! My 31st birthday! What?! How did that happen?!

Growing up an only child my birthday was always a HUGE deal with a lot of fuss and a big celebration! Since my birthday is always around Memorial Day, the three day weekend just begged for more than one day to celebrate for this birthday girl! As I got older, that birthday weekend turned into a birthday week!

My birthday was always something I counted down the days until and let everyone know, “My birthday is in ## days!” Until this year…

Chrysty with her mom

Being a new mom, my days are spent focusing on different things than I did a year ago. This year, I hate to say, my birthday kind of just snuck up on me. All of a sudden it was here.

I woke up this morning in a state of reflection. You see, today I have a new appreciation for my birthday and what it means exactly. After having gone through a natural childbirth myself, I have a new appreciation for the earthly person who made my birthday happen!

Here it is my birthday and people are celebrating me, but why? I didn’t do anything. My mom was the one who had her cervix stitched closed in order not to deliver me at 3 months. My mom was the one who was on bed rest for 5 months to make sure I was healthy and baked until my due date. My mom was the one who labored for 16 hours before giving birth to me with the epidural only working on one side of her body. Why is this day all about me? This day should really be about the brave and selfless woman who brought me into this world, on this day, 31 years ago!

Thank you doesn’t cover it, Mom! I love you and today I celebrate YOU!

How do you celebrate your birthday each year?



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