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The moment a couple find out they’re pregnant, what do they do? They call family, schedule all of their prenatal appointments, host a few parties, and maybe they’ll sign up for a birthing class or lamaze class. Then, six months down the road or so they begin their baby registry and start getting ALL of those things they “need” to welcome their new baby home.

What’s missing?

Newborn Care class Austin

Surprisingly, most couples neglect to take a newborn care class to learn how to properly care for their new baby. They get the baby home and think, “now what?” They rummage desperately through the ginormous packet of info from the hospital desperately seeking help. They 911 their pediatrician every hour that first week. Or, they just wing it and hope for the best. You might think, “People have been taking care of baies for centuries with no classes”, and you’d be right. However, they also had villages of support from their elders and community. We don’t have that. No longer do we assist each other in caring for our young and, believe it or not, caring for a newborn correctly is not instinctive.

One of my dad friends told me he read everything there was on pregnancy and childbirth before his wife delivered, but she had a c-section so guess who cared for the baby the first few days? Dad! I laughed when he told me his conversation with the nurses, “I need you to pretend like I’m a total idiot and know nothing. Tell me everything you know”. The thing is, babies are easy to take care of…once you KNOW what you’re doing.

baby in sink

Hey mom, you sure you got this?

My experience with babies ranges from a BS in Early Child Development and 6 years as a Certified Child Life Specialist in various children’s hospitals (including internships, practicums, and cross coverage of NICUs). My master’s degree is in Counseling and Play Therapy, but I believe that thos first months of a person’s life are crucial to their overall well-being and sense of self.

In my Newborn Care Class at Austin Born, parents will learn:

  • Birth (options, advocacy, creating planS, procedures, and protocol)Chelsea Vail, newborn care expert
  • Feeding: bottles, cleaning, routine, making baby food and introducing solids
  • Breastfeeding and nutrition
  • Baby gear & registry: what you DO need and what you DON’T need
  • Wellness: bathing, nail care, cradle cap, dental/oral care, umbilical cord & circumcisions
  • SIDS risks, carseat safety, infant CPR basics (this is NOT a certification)
  • Caring for mom (self and spouse)
  • Routines, play, development, milestones
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Babywearing benefits & options
  • Vaccines (schedules and options)
  • Sleep: healthy habits, safe practices, establishing routine
  • Tips for calming fussy babies
  • Infant massage & bonding

This is THE only infant care class you’ll ever need to take! You and your spouse will leave feeling like newborn care masters! Plus, you’ll leave with an information packet, diagrams, charts, checklists, and important phone numbers and email addresses for local resources.


Saturday, November 14th at Austin Born

from 1:00-3:00 pm

5210 Ave F. Austin, Texas

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