My Rustic Glam Nursery

I used to work for this lady who wanted me to help her design her nursery. I was SO excited! Her baby girl was so precious and their budget was way above average. But, once we got started, I realized she already knew what “theme” she was going with and it was NOT an easy theme to be inspired by. Her colors were brown, sage green, and butter yellow and the theme was Winnie the Pooh circa 1926.

Now, I’m a HUGE A.A. Milne fan and I could design a kickass “Pooh” nursery with modern elements, but the color scheme she’d chosen had me turning up my nose and going, “blech!”

So, I started thinking about my own nursery. Even back then I knew I wouldn’t be going with:

  • pastels
  • cartoon characters
  • Disney
  • multiple primary colors

Those things just aren’t my style. Now that I’m expecting twin boys, I know exactlly what I’m going to do! My nursery for the boys will be serene, modern, rustic, and a bit glam. The decor will reflect my hopes for them…curiosity, sense of adventure, love, and imagination.

Twins-Nursery-InspirationFirst: The walls will be painted a VOC free (nontoxic) version of Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore. Not only is this color gender neutral, but it’s calming without being cold. This is the kind of neutral everything goes with!

I’m a huge fan of pecan plank flooring. It’s definitely not the most high end ($.79 sq ft), but it’s rustic, tough looking, but soft to the touch. My husband owns a construction company and will have his guys use the extra spongy underlament, which makes the floor feel almost as soft as a floor at a day care of children’s gym! Carpet is HIGHLY toxic and holds allergens, mold, and other nasty stuff in it so that’s a no-go for my nursery.

Originally I had wanted the Stokke Sleepi circular cribs in white, but this Scoot crib by Babyletto will save us about $1000 so…I decided the harsh rectangles could be dealt with since it has modern lines and footing. Plus, I kinda love the two tone.


I’m using the white Hemnes dresser from Ikea, but adding modern, gold drawer pulls! I’d love to paint it or distress it, but I’m not that talented unfortunately. I’ll put my slate grey, or vanilla white, Keekaroo Peanut changer atop this with my moroccan mirror on the wall above and I’ll store all diapering supplies in the top two drawers (I hate clutter!)

I’m tossing back and forth between a silvery grey shag rug that I have (it’s HUGE) or two white lambskin rugs at the foot of their cribs. With twins it’s always wise to have alot of places to lay them down or set them, lol. I opted for a chair and a half (seen below) so I can rock both easier and also be able to fit the monstrous twin nursing pillow.

I’m hoping my sweet husband will help me make pallet bookshelves for the wall and hang drapes that block out light so I can raise healthy sleepers. Toyshelves will come later, but I’ll stick to grey, white, or natural fiber baskets for storing toys.

Last, but not least, the light! I heart this chandelier from Ikea and it’s only $99! Its glamorous, but not feminine, and modern, but not uber trendy.

Twin pregnancy is pretty tough physically and mentally, but as I enter the third tri I’m doing some serious nesting and I’m definitely ready to get the ball rolling on this nursery. I want it to be fresh, clean, stocked, and totally prepped when these babies make their debut! Follow along as I’ll be posting blogs and photos of the progress!

Stay gold!

“Cason’s Nursery” Photo credit: Jennifer McNeal

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