Must Have Baby Item: The Woombie

I’ll never forget the phone call I got from a fellow newborn care provider around 10:00 pm one night wondering if I had any Woombies on hand. Of course I have a Woombie, I ALWAYS have a Woombie. She drove all the way out to my home to pick one up, knowing the baby she was caring for wouldn’t likely sleep without it. 

The Woombie is MAGIC!

What the hell is a Woombie?

  • Sleep sack unlike any other
  • A womb simulator
  • Idiot proof swaddle blanket
  • Substitute for mom’s arms in the middle of the night

If you’re a new mom, or expecting, by now you’ve learned that the safest way for a baby to sleep is swaddle tight and on their back, right? Well, swaddling blankets can come loose, end up around the neck, or atop the face…HAZARD! In comes the “sleep sack”, but the problem with a sleep sack is that it doesn’t provide the tight feel or boundaries created by swaddling. Spastic newborns swaddle in their sleep and wake themselves up.

So, manufacturers created “swaddle sacks”; however, they’re still lacking because they’re:

1. Too loose, ill fitting

2. Too tight causing hip dysplasia

3. Velcro

  • Velcro gets caught on things in the dryer
  • Velcro is loud in the middle of the night
  • Velcro doesn’t allow for easy diaper changes

This is why I HEART the Woombie! 

It was designed by an RN, Karen Barski, who knew what baby’s needed to sleep safely and soundly.

The Woombie has a patented peanut shape design so it fits snuggly in the right places.

The Woombie allows for range of motion at, and below, the hips.

The Woombie Air has a vented front that allows for air flow to prevent overheating.

The Woombie is made from nontoxic fabrics.

The Woombie has a double zipper to allow for easier diaper changes without unswaddling.

The Woombie comes in a variety of styles and prints AND you can get matching hats for your lil one!

Woombie also created the Cotton Indian Gown like the one shown here that is for a baby 16lbs-23lbs and allows for knotting at the feet to create boundaries.

The Cuddle Blanket and Old Fashioned Air Wrap Blankets are also favorite Woombie products. Check them all out here on The Woombie is the #1 perfect baby shower gift. In fact, I’d suggest you keep these on hand and bring one with you every time you meet a new baby!

Which print is your favorite?

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