Mommy Pigg

You really just have to roll with it when you fall madly in love with a man whose last name is Pigg. Ten years of marriage later, hubby and the kiddos (which I refer to as ‘my people’) get a real kick out of calling me Mommy Pigg. So here I am in all my Mommy Pigg glory.

How did I get here? You know that girl with whole heart? We were freshman year college roommates! Oh girl, how did we get here? I am crazy honored that she asked me to blog for you all!

The journey: After college I got married, became a school counselor, and had three sweet boys. My life journey thus far has included many seasons; joy, sorrow, relief, longing, calmness, and wild. We walked alongside my sister-in-law through a 20 month battle with cancer that ended with her joyously meeting our Lord. We lost a baby to miscarriage but had three healthy boys. We made two major moves and started over with friendships, churches, and jobs. I talk a lot about seasons and believe that they are a huge part of our lives.

two little Piggs

The here and now: So in this season every day looks just about the same; I stay at home with my three boys, ages 5, 2, and 6 months! I work hard to take care of my family, feed them well (hear me saying ‘feed them enough’ because they are human garbage disposals), honor God, and spread joy around me. The boys take an incredible amount of brain power (and some days there just isn’t enough) but I long to raise men of character.


My passions: Let me just say that I am passionate about my husband; this man is so wonderful! He and I began a mission in January to simplify our life and create space to enjoy it while serving others. I love to be active, be on the go, and take my people with me! We are trying to figure out how to be better versions of ourselves both individually and as a couple. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a little behind the times on the clean and organic movements. So we can walk the journey together as I become a healthier and more thoughtful consumer.

Moving forward: Yes! Let’s walk this life journey together through the crazy seasons and celebrate the highs, stick together in the lows, and laugh through it all! For me, laughter is key. Why, you ask?

Because my people call me Mommy Pigg.