I Can’t Go A Day Without…

First I will say this, I am blessed beyond belief. I have a healthy family, a roof over my head, food on the table, my faith and many friendships across the country. I am grateful for these things and could honestly not live without them, but there are other things I just couldn’t do without. 

We all have those few things that just make life a little bit sweeter; that are just your essential can’t live without items, no matter how materialistic or unnecessary they may seem.

1. My “Live In” leggings by Zella. (Found at Nordstrom).

They hide everything, are super comfortable, and I can dress them up, work out, lounge around the house, or run errands. I basically live in them. Confession, I own 9 pairs which I know is a ridiculous amount.

Live In Legging by Zella

2. A Good Sports Bra

My favorite is the Energy Bra from Lululemon. Let’s be honest girls, after breastfeeding ends you want a good supported bra, and something that will life those ladies up again! Since I mostly wear workout clothes this is my must have, wear all the time bra. The back has a beautiful design which makes it great to dress up with other casual clothes too!

Energy Bra Lululemon

3. A Fresh Pedicure

No matter the season, I LOVE having freshly manicured toes. The massage chair, the hot water, the scrub and essential oils. This little spa treatment every few weeks is my weakness. I run and workout quite a bit, so having clean feet is a must have for me!

Fresh Pedicure

4. Iced coffee.

If you’re in Seattle like me, you gotta love coffee. It’s probably a very bad habit I’ve created and I’ve tried to cut down, but there is nothing better than an iced mocha in the summer or a hot pumpkin spice latte in the fall and winter. I honestly don’t know how to get through the day without one…

Iced Coffee

5. My Bed

Seriously this is my sanctuary. I LOVE sleep. Now that it’s more rare to enjoy my glorious bed, I cherish it even more when I get the time to nap or sleep. Give me 4 or 5 down pillows, a fluffy comforter, cool cotton sheets and I’m in heaven.

Cozy Bed

Would love to know what YOU can’t live without?

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