Humidifiers: Pediatrician Recommended

Baby, it’s cold outside! It’s that time of year when the heaters and firplaces get turned on in our homes and the humidity indoors drops 10 percent or more. This might not be a problem for adults to adjust to, but for babies it’s another story!

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  • sensitive skin is prone to dryness
  • babies breathe primarily through their noses
  • babies cannot (should not) be given cold medicines
  • babies are at risk for croup and susceptible to airborne illnesses

A humidifier is highly recommended for babies from birth to 6 months and can still be beneficial to older babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults.

A cool mist humidifier such as these from Crane is recommended instead of a warm mist humidifier because of the risk of burning. Cool mist helps break up decongestions and lowers the risk of croup. 

Crane cool-mist humidifiers do not require a filter and they only need to be cleaned once a week. The top portion gets filled up with ater, easily attaches to the base and then is turned on with a knob which allows you to control the amount of mist released.

These humidifiers are strong enough to humidify a 30×30 ft room or nursery and can safely run for 24 hours!. Get one of these adorable animal humidifiers by Crane or the mushrooms from Duux or choose one of the Droplet Humidifiers below for living areas or a master bedroom.

Crane-USA Adorable Animal Humidifiers from

Duux ultrasonic humidifier from

Droplet Cool-mist humidifiers from

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