How To Be an Austinite

With over 150 people moving to Austin everyday, and hundreds of tourists and foreigners flooding the streets on the weekends, it may seem as if it’d be hard to tell the locals from the visitors. And, in my opinion, a local is very different from an Austinite. 

Austin, That Girl

A local is someone who lives in Austin, but living in Austin does not automatically make you an “Austinite”. We are our own breed of people. We’re weird, we’re spontaneous, and we’re damn proud!

An Austinite thinks tacos should be their own food group. We try to get 3-5 servings of tacos a day and the cheaper the taco, the better! We prefer our tacos from a truck, a shack, a hut, or even under the freeway.

An Austinite will flip up their middle finger to a diesel truck or someone littering, but give an enthusiastic thumbs up to a homeless man on a bike in a pleather thong!

An Austinite prefers to meet someone for coffee at Mozarts, Rutamaya, or Toms; not a chain gang like Starbucks! Damn the man!

Austinites think babies and pets should have equal rights. Where a baby can go, a dog can go.

An Austinite does not smoke cigarettes and those who do will be shunned and scorned; however, the scent of pot and pachoulli fills the air from Congress to Riverside and we consider it our signature scent.

An Austinite is not starstruck when they see Lance or McConaughey. We simply move aside on the trail and keep on jogging.

An Austinite know where to find a banana on a paddleboard, a deer in a convertible, and a 10 foot alien bull frog.

An Austinite knows how to order gluten-free, vegan, non-dairy, or paleo anywhere in the city and trusts the local dives will have exactly what they want without judgement.

Few things around town shock an Austinite.

An Austinite does not just consider yoga an activity; it’s a practice, a way of life, an art, and often a date with girlfriends. We know how to find free yoga and expect the instructor to have hairy armpits and reek like BO. The hairier and smellier; the more skilled the yogi!

An Austinite will scoff and be apalled if they get charged for a mimosa on a Sunday! We expect free, bottomless, or at most a $3 mimosa on Sundays.

Austinites often feel more comfortable when someone has tattoos, piercings, or brightly colored hair because, more often than not, they live here, and they’ll treat you like family because they love the city that lets them fly their freak flag.

ACL-AustiniteAustinites have ear plugs for their babies and toddlers to enjoy concerts with them and they purchase strollers based on how well they’ll hold up at “South By” or “ACL”.

An Austinite doesn’t consider burnt orange a color; it’s a lifestyle.

Austinites recycle like it’s their job and choose the “green” option whenever possible. We heart our planet!

Austinites don’t wait for “someone to do something about that”; we do it ourselves.

An Austinite gives back, supports local, keeps it green, embraces the weird, and lives by the Golden Rule!

I realize every Austinite is different and that’s the #1 reason why I love this city. You may or may not agree with this description; however, if you’ve got your panties in a wad over anything on this list, you’re not an Austinite! We don’t stress, fret, or sweat the small stuff and we’ve learned that everything is “Alright, alright, alright”!

What makes an Austinite in your opinion?

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