Hormones and Naps Do NOT Mix!

Ok, y’all… I’m feeling a little emotional. Blame it on the 4th trimester hormones?! Have you ever felt like you just needed to cry? Not shed a few tears and call it a day cry, but a body shaking, snot dripping from your nose, hyperventilating sob? Well today was one of those days for this mama.

Bruce G

Most of the times Bruce naps great and I think “I’ve got this! We make a rockstar team!” Oh, but then he laughs in the face of my confidence and we have a day like we had today. I know in his 2 month old brain he must be thinking, “I see Mommy ninja crawling out the door to freedom after laying me down in my crib. I’ll give her just enough time to shut the door and begin her victory dance before I attack!”

Every single nap time today, that little turkey screamed bloody murder as soon as the door was shut like I was never coming back! And what does he do the second I swoop in and pick him up? (Yes, I know… I need to stop doing that!) You guessed it, he looks up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and smiles “Gotcha!” Sigh…

So, today wasn’t the best day I’ve ever experienced during my time as a Mommy, but thank God for Bruce’s daddy. God bless him when I get emotional. That man is earning his wings right then and there! After dinner, he took Bruce and said go lay down or take a bath. Do something for YOU! Oh hunny! You have NO idea how long I’ve waited to hear those words.

Do you know what I did? I drew a warm bubble bath, popped the top on a Fireman’s Four and SOBBED! But y’all, I’m telling you what! It felt so good! And tomorrow I’ll be ready to take on our little world one nap at a time!

What do you do when you need a little alone time? How do you deal with the overwhelming feelings of it all? I would love some advice!

Bruce in towel


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