Halloween Time! Buy Costumes Online!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m “that girl” who also LOVES Halloween! I LOVE to dress up, I LOVE to be scared, and I LOVE people watching. Truly on Halloween in Austin, the freaks come out at night!

Halloween on 6th Street!

I live in Austin, Texas, land of plenty when you’re referring to freaks and geeks, and we certainly have our pick of places to shop for Halloween costumes, tricks, treats, and even unique places to spend the evening. I’ve done it all when it comes to Halloween costume shopping. I’ve done…

The “Stripper Stores”:

This worked well for me in college because I was a size 2 and had no ethical qualms with my butt cheeks hanging out. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have event noticed because when you’re 21 you think everyone actually wants to see your butt cheeks. It’s when you’re 31 that you want to curl up in fetal position when you realize your thong line shows through your jeans, lol. Nope, I can’t do that this year.

Um…? No thanks!

The ginormous, warehouse Halloween stores:

As much as I love walking through seemingly harmless automatic doors, only to find out there’s a ten-foot warewolf hiding behind a tombstone on the other side waiting to jump out and make me wet my pants, I really don’t like having the same costume as everyone else. Seriously, how many Mario Bros., Catniss Everdeans, and Alice in Wonderlands can there be? Also, it’s nerve racking to walk around these places due to the crowds! Plus, the costumes never fit right and the accessories alone end up costing you more than the costume.


I ordered from Amazon two years in a row to be Katy Perry (don’t laugh). The first year my cupcake bra came the week after Halloween and the second year my wig arrive the following year (no lie) at my parent’s house addressed to my maiden name! Um, no thank you. This creepy, crawly, fun-filled day only comes once a year and I plan to enjoy every moment of it!

That’s why, this year, I’m buying my costume at www.buycostumes.com! They have hundreds of costumes for kids, teens, adults, and even pets! They come in a variety of sizes and prices and you can search by a particular idea OR they actually give really great ideas for costumes and decorating. One of my favorites was the costume for the ICE Bucket Challenge and I wonder how many of those I’ll see roaming the streets this year! Want something unique, funny, scary, and totally affordable? Go to buycostumes.com


What will you be this year for Halloween?

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