Getting Back into Work Mode

The only word I can really use to describe my every day at the moment is “busy”. I feel like I have something I HAVE to do every single day…oh how I miss my summer already! Not that my summer was as relaxing as they used to be…lounging by the pool, sleeping in till 10 (at the earliest), trying new restaurants, seeing all the new movies, etc. etc. Nope, Caden changed all that didn’t he? BUT, this summer was much more substantial…every second truly counted because I was soaking up every bit of baby that I could. I am SO thankful I will always get every holiday & summer off to spend with my little one(s) (#teacherperk), but it also makes going back SO much harder. I get so spoiled during all that time off…Nate has to practically drag me to my car every Monday morning while I kick & scream the whole way.


Last day of summer on the lake!

Even though it is extremely tough going to work and it never gets easier…I am proud and happy to be a working mama. I love that Caden gets to hang out with his Nana or his Daddy on the days that I’m at work…not many kids get to spend as much time with those two important people in their lives…Caden has no idea how lucky he is, but one day he’ll appreciate it. I love that I set a good example for my son, showing him that I can work all day and still come and re-boot my energy so it’s all for him. I love that Nate and I can still have our “wants” that makes us happy like our TV show addictions, “fun” money, and frequently dining out.


“Daddy Day-Care”

Do I randomly feel tears well up in my eyes when I am driving to work? Yes, I do…especially those dreaded Mondays. But, I have 22 adoring faces smiling at me all day long…I get to take care of someone else’s babies while their mamas are missing them too. Someone has to do it right? Just like our pediatricians, hair stylists, first responders, doctors, reporters, etc. Everyone is missing someone when they’re at work. And what would we do without those mommies and daddies who left their littles too? I know I’m not the first person to have to leave my sweet baby for a few hours a day, and I don’t pretend that I am.

How lucky am I to have this perfect boy waiting for me every day? I know Caden can feel my love for him whether I’m sitting right next to him or we’re miles apart. I know that he can somehow tell how important he is to me. I love that the time we get together every night and weekend is even more purposeful and valuable to us. At the end of the day, when I get to come home and see that ear-to-ear smile…there’s nothing like it.


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