From Wine Bottles to Baby Bottles

Several words in your vocabulary as a woman change meaning when you become a mom and a few phrases get misinterpreted. Wine becomes whine. When your husband says, “Baby, the waitress brought our change,” you hear, “the baby needs to be changed”. Shopping rows of wine bottles at the liquor store has been replaced by browsing your local baby store for the perfect bottle. But, your lil’ bambino is totally worth the changes!


With all of the options out there for baby bottles, finding the perfect one for your baby can be overwhelming! At we offer 3 bottles. That’s it; just 3. We only offer three because we have browsed the aisles, shopped the expos, attended conventions, read the reviews, and ultimately decided that the three bottles we hold in our selection are THE three best bottles on the market.

We proudly introduce you to…


The Mimijumi “very hungry” bottle and “not so hungry” bottle. These BPA free bottles are designed to mimic the breast to prevent nipple confusion and help baby transition smoothly between breast and bottle. This bottle is also super easy to assemble because it only has two parts! There’s no insert or outer sleeve, no gas preventing tubes, no adaptors, etc. Just bottle (with an easy to hold shape) and a nipple that snaps on. It’s dishwasher safe, nontoxic, prevents gas and colic, and is FABULOUS. Is it worth the price? Um…yeah! You will love it and only need 2-3 bottles per kiddo.

Mamachi. No, I’m not suggesting a new sushi roll. The Mamachi is the newest, and the creme de la creme, of baby bottles. I discovered this lil gem walking through the ABC Baby and Kids Expo in Vegas this past year. I wasn’t in the market for new bottles because I thought I’d already found the best that was out there, but I was wrong! The team behind the Mamachi stopped me and asked me to feel the bottle. “Feel it?”, I asked. Well, once I touched this bottle I knew why they wanted me to touch it, lol. It genuinely feels like the female breast! Soft, squishy, maleable, ha ha. I can see how a little baby would be drawn to it and adjust easily to the Mamachi when mama can’t be around.

The Mamachi is the ONLY 100% Silicone Bottle in the world! Made of food grade Mamachisilicone this plastic free bottle is free of harmful BPA and Phthalates.

  • BPA Free (zero detection of endocrine disrupting BPA) and pthalates
  • Highest grade silicone
  • Anti-colic
  • Wide neck for easy cleaning
  • Microwave/Dishwasher Safe
  • 5oz / 160ml or 9oz
  • Shaped like the breast

5PhasesThe 5 Phases. I LOVE the 5 Phases bottle because it’s a glass bottle without the added fear of breaking a bottle. The glass part holds the milk and allows you to feed baby without fear of BPA, toxins, pthalates, etc. Glass is the safest way to heat milk and truth be told, the only surefire way to protect your baby from toxins brought on by plastics. The glass gets inserted into a no-slip silicone sleeve. If the bottle is dropped, it’s protected by the silicone and is unlikely to break. Even if it did break, the glass is contained in the silicone sleeve! The 5Phases bottles comes with individual bottles, or you can order a starter kit that comes with 1 fully assembled bottle, 2 additional glass inserts, and extra silicone nipples.

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Evelyn with Zade


What bottle did you use with your kiddo? Which of these would you like to try?

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