Expecting Twins? 15 Must-Have Items for your Registry

I’m a twin fanatic! My best friend growing up was a twin, my high school crush & college sweetheart was a twin, I studied the psychosocial and emotional development of twins in grad school, and have provided care for…umpteen number of twins as a professional, including the two I’m caring for now.

Twins are fascinating to me; however, if you’re a mother of twins, you might say, “Yeah, I love my twins, but they keep me uber busy”, or if you’re expecting twins you may be wondering what exactly you’re getting yourself into (and potentially wondering if you can get a redo).

Have no fear, the twin master is here! 

Not only do I LOVE twins, but I also have a super high chance of having twins. Twins run on both sides of my family, I’m in my thirties, AND I’m undergoing fertility treatments so, according to statistics…I’m having twins.

This has got me thinking of what my “dream registry” for twins would include and I’m happy to share:

1. Orbit baby Double Helix Stroller/Carseat: Chic, modern, clean, functional

2. Stokke Sleep Basinettes: They start small for your newborns so they can easily fit into the master bedroom or other “nook” of the house or nursery

…but they grow with your child/ren, too! They convert from basinettes to cribs, to toddler beds, to a full size kid’s bed.

3. Two 4Moms Mamaroos: When you’re a mom of twins, you need lots (I mean, lots) of places to set your babies. Rockers, swings, cribs, carriers, etc…but the Mamaroo is not just another place to set baby. It rocks, swings, swivels, with the touch of a hand (or toe) and lulls baby gently to sleep.

4. Baby K’tan Twin Carrier and a Happy Baby Wrap

5. Two Keekaroo Peanut Changers, Height Right Seats and Cafe Boosters.

6. Two PateMM Pads

NOTE: As a twin mom you can never have too many places to change a baby. Keep a Keekaroo Peanut Changer in the nursery/playroom and/or the main living area. Keep a PateMM pad in the car AND a diaper bag.

7. 50 Rumparooz Cloth Diapers and 10 wet bags: If the average person spends $3000 on diapers for a singleton, that’s $6000 for twins so…I’ll go with 50 cloth diapers that’ll take me from NB-3y and only spend $1000

Photo credit: Gilt.com

8. Kiinde Twist and Store Feeding System

9. 4 EzPz Fun Mats: 2 for my house, 2 for grandma’s house

10. 4 Mimijumi Bottles, 6 5Phases Bottles, and 2 Pacific BabyWorld Bottles

11. MimoBaby Smart Monitor and bottle warmer: this monitor actually signals the bottle warmer to heat up with the babies start to wake up. You’re welcome. 

12. Simple Wishes Hands-free Pumping Bra & Freemies!: Functionality during pumping, but also a way to save every precious ounce is vital to mom’s survival. Get the Freemies and get some milksavers.

13. So-Ro Twin Rocker: Again, never enough places to place a baby when you have two.

14. My Brestfriend Nursing Pillow (for twins)

15. Table for Two Feeding Pillow (buytablefortwo.com)

Need I say more?

Obviously you should also register for all the other necessities, swaddle blankets, infant care kits, thermometers, breast pumps, humidifiers, clothing, etc., but these are in my opinion the things one does NOT forget when they’re expecting twins!

Also, when you have twins, triplets, quads, quints…anything other than a singleton, organization is your friend. Channel your inner pre-k teacher and create a designated space for everything. Label, color code, and sort to your heart’s desire. 

What would you add to this list?

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