Cuckoo for Coconut Oil: 10 Uses You Didn’t Know About

You’ve heard me say it four thousand times, but for some people it just doesn’t stick:

Your skin is your largest organ! Whatever you put on it soaks immediately into your bloodstream and is carried to all major organs. 

So…do you want parabens, pthalates, fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals in your major organs? What about your baby’s major organs? I didn’t think so. 

This is why I’m cuckoo for coconut oil!

It started when we were trying to get pregnant. I learned that all those nasty things hidden in our favorite products have been inextricably linked to infertility. So, to me, it didn’t make sense to spend $2000-3000 a month on fertility drugs and then slather myself with toxic chemicals that counter acted the fertility boosting drugs. In came organic coconut oil!

Pregnant vail twins

  1. Lotion

I use coconut oil by itself at night and cover my body with it. A little goes a long way. I use Trader Joes organic coconut oil and it has a very clean smell and soaks in to your skin within a matter of minutes. I never have scaly skin or itchy skin.

2. Bath Oil

I’m trying to avoid stretch marks during my pregnancy with twin boys who seem to grow a foot every day. My belly looks as though it may explode and I’ll be damned if I get a bunch of red and purple lines at the end of this. Yes, sometimes they’re inevitable, but I’m going to do everything in my power to avoid them so each night (sometimes every other night) I soak in a warm bath with about 1/4 cup of coconut oil. When I get out I just pat dry.

3. Cracked Nipples

I’m just going to go on record here (cause I aint skerred) and say that I have (had) perfect nipples. Tiny, cute, pink eraser nipples. But now, preggo with twins, they resemble the same nipples as the African natives in the National Geographic magazines we used to cut articles out of when I was in the fourth grade. I’m not freaking out because I know they’re supposed to change shape for nursing, and color so baby(ies) can see the contrast and feed better. However, they’re growing and changing so fast that they were starting to crack. NOT COOL. So, I add coconut oil to them before I put my gargantuan bra on each morning. I’ll also use the oil after nursing as a nipple cream.

4. Conditioner

I’m a natural blonde, but I’m not naturally a Victoria’s Secret sunkissed streaks blonde. It takes a few visit to the salon throughout the year to obtain that glow and it’s really harsh on my hair. Every now and then I’ll slather my whole head with coconut oil, braid it, and sleep on it. In the morning, after my shower, it’s luscious and well conditioned. I think coconut oil extends the life of my color and helps me avoid breakage.

5. Anti-fungal

Coconuts have natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties so I use it as a cureall. I’ve seen success using coconut oil to cure:

  • UTIs
  • Diaper rash
  • Eczema
  • Toe fungus
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Cuts/Scrapes

6. Sunscreen

Yes, even though it’s an “oil,” this stuff actually protects your skin from sunburns when used both internally and externally. I consume it often when I use it in my cooking so it helps protect my skin that way, but I also will apply it liberally when I’m by the pool or at the lake to avoid sunburns.


Bonus: Put it on AFTER a sunburn too (when your other sunscreen failed you) mixed with a splash of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar takes the heat out and the coconut oil keeps you from peeling and scarring.

7. Teeth Whitener

I primarily use My Magic Mud as my teeth whitener, but the charcoal can be messy and I don’t always have the time. I’ll either brush with coconut oil or I’ll put a tablespoon of it in my mouth and swish it around to brighten my pearly whites.

8. Pet Health

My dog, Peanut, loves to lick the coconut oil off my skin after a bath, but sometimes I’ll feed her a teeny bit off my fingers just for fun. With it’s detoxifying and anti-fungal properties, I believe it’s keeping her healthy. People are ALWAYS commenting on how soft her skin is and I think she’s getting the moisturizing benefits of the coconut from consuming it orally.


9. Anti-Aging 

I’m only 32, which I realize is not old, but when I look at old pictures of myself I can’t help but feel insecure about the new life lines under my eyes and around my mouth. I’ll put a teeny bit of coconut oil on my fingers tips at night and gently pat around my eyes and mouth to keep wrinkles from spreading too rapidly.

10. Make-up Remover

This has got to be THE best make-up remover otut there! The oil seeems to melt the build up away without requiring any rubbing or scraping (which causes wrinkles) and then I’ll wash it off with a warm washcloth or mild organic soap.

I’m totally cuckoo for coconut oil and I just remembered I’m out! Yikes, time to hit up Trader Joes and stock up!


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