Cloth Diapers Rock!

Cloth diapers are NOT what they used to be…now, they ROCK and are actually EASIER yes, easier, than “sposies” (aka disposables)!

Let me start by saying that I hate (no, DESPISE) when people use this phrase with me, “Just wait until you have kids”,

Here’s why this phrase sucks:

1. I’ve cared for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of newborns & infants over the last 10 years…I know what I like and I know what’s best for babies better than a “real mom”

2. My career is knowing the best baby products & gear on the market. I don’t follow trends, nor do I make a decision based on what the media recommends. I’m educated about baby products, gear, and services

3. This is implying that at 31, with two child-development degrees (including a MASTERS) I can’t make an informed decision on something like a diaper? C’mon!


Now that I’m done venting let’s talk about ‘sposies…

What are the pros of ‘sposies?

  • Less laundry
  • Uh, uh, hmmm….

What are the cons of ‘sposies?

  • Costs $3,000-4,000 per baby from birth-3y
  • Strain on the environment (no diaper has EVER decomposed)
  • Toxins in disposables have been linked to infertility, respiratory issues, endocrine disorders, skin irritations & infections, cancer, neurotoxic shock (and they stink)
  • More explosions, leaks, and accidents reported by ‘sposie moms
  • Must buy a new size every few months (cha-ching)

What are the cons of cloth diapers?rumparooz-os-Quinn

  • Upfront expenses range from $500-800
  • Laundry

What are the pros of cloth diapers?

  • No strain on the environment (they can be resold & reused) and some are even biodegradable!
  • Save $2000-3,000 per baby (I want 2 or 3 kids so that’s $6000 savings! That’s their first car, lol)
  • Less to NO leaks and explosions because they’re sized to fit
  • Toxin free so they’re 100% safer for baby!
  • OS fits NB-4years old

Types of Cloth Diapers:

There are a LOT of different types, but it’s easy to choose based on your lifestyle

  1. Flats and Prefolds
  • Inexpensive
  • Require pins or snappis
  • Require a cover
  1. Fitted
  • Require a cover
  • Designed to fit baby’s body


    Kangacare Rumparooz OS Pocket Diaper

  • Inexpensive
  • Absorbent, but not waterproof

3. Pocket Diapers

  • No cover required
  • Stuff the diaper w an absorbent liner
  • Launder both the liner and the diaper
  1. All-in-One (AIO) or All-in-Twos (AI2)
  • Fits exactly like a disposable, launder the whole thing
  • Great resell value
  • AI2 are just like the AIO, but they have an absorbent liner that snaps inside
  • With an AI2 if there’s been no spillage, unsnap the liner and add in a new one
  • Easy to adjust, fit size NB-4yrs old easily with no gaps

My personal favorite? Rumparooz OS Pocket Diapers!

Cloth Diaper Rookie Needs:

  • 18-24 cloth diapers
  • 2-4 wet bags (Itzy Ritzy, Planetwise, Rumparooz)
  • An Uber, diaper pail, OR trash can with liner
  • Organic detergent like Honest Co. Fuzzibunz, Rockin Green offers a starter kit:

  • Includes 24 OS pocket diapers by Rumparooz
  • 2 pail liners ($40 value)
  • Wysi Wipes (bonus gift)
  • $549.95 ($170 savings)


What’s your favorite color or print?

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