Let it Aeroflow

When I found out I was having twins I wasn’t at all surprised. My doctor had told me I had an 80% change of twins before I was even pregnant. I was shocked; however, to find how difficult it is to get everything needed to care for two babies. What do I need? What do I need two of? What can I skimp on? What should I never skimp on? What might I get at my shower? What should I get now so I can have it ready? The nesting and prep for babies is endless of although much if it is fun, much of it is also tedious. One thing I did NOT like dealing with was securing a BREASTPUMP.

First, I crowdsourced a few times on facebook and noone tells you which one is really best, they just recommend the one they used and for all you know it could be super shitty.

Then, I decided dealing with an insurance company is about as much fun as pluking your eyelashes out with dull tweezers so I tried to sidestep that landmine and just buy one off craigslist. It sucked!

Finally, my mother told me I should qualify for one that I could pick up on Target and this is the route I ultimately went although the experience was not as easy as it sounds. Emails, phone calls, forms, standing in line, rejection, and doctor’s Rx needed. No thank you!

I’m kicking myself for not doing more research and finding Aeroflow! Let it go, let Aeroflow!

The Aeroflow Breastpumps Process:

Aeroflow Breastpump makes the process of getting a breast pump covered through your insurance as easy as possible. Our dedicated and informed Breastpump Specialists are here to help you navigate insurance by taking care of all the paperwork, phone calls and prescription requests so you can take it easy. Our team is available by phone, text, or email to answer any questions you have during this exciting time in your life.

To get started, Aeroflow’s qualify through insurance form asks for a few bits of information such as address, due date and insurance provider. Once you submit the form, a dedicated Breastpump Specialist will process your information and give you a call to discuss your options. Aeroflow offers a huge selection of breast pumps for you to choose from, and our Specialists are trained on each and every pump to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle.

We take care of everything, including:

  • Contacting your physician for a prescription
  • Recommending breast pump options based on your lifestyle and breastfeeding goals
  • Informing you if certain resupply options are available under your insurance plan
  • Billing and processing insurance claims for a breast pump
  • Shipping your breast pump to your door, free of charge!

Once you choose your breast pump, we process your order AND ship it to your door. The entire process is totally free! Some insurance plans require that a mom is at a certain point in her pregnancy before she gets her pump, but your Breastpump Specialist will let you know exactly when you can get order placed and will even remind you about your eligibility and benefits when your due date is near if you end up having to wait a bit before ordering your breast pump.

Currently, the Affordable Care Act requires that insurance providers provide breastfeeding support and supplies for lactating mothers. This includes a breast pump! Aeroflow makes it easy to get your pump covered for free under your specific insurance plan, and we also ensure that you get the most out of your benefits. This often includes extra accessories like milk storage bottles.

Here are just a few of the breast pumps offered by Aeroflow:

  • Spectra S2
  • Lansinoh Smartpump
  • Medela Starter Set (That Girl strongly recomends this!)
  • Evenflo Advanced Double Electric

Good news! Aeroflow is currently the exclusive provider of the Motif Duo — a lightweight, super quiet, double electric breast pump that is now available through insurance and cash-pay!

Breast is best, but having a human or two hanging from your boobs ALL day long just ain’t happenin’! Mama needs a break. Pump it, girl! Reach out to Aeroflow now!

Stay gold, 

That Girl

Kangacare Lil Joey’s

A friend of mine had a baby a few weeks ago. I’d put both of us in the “green mom” category so when I started thinking what to bring to her when I visited her and sweet Ellory, I thought through what was in my “my boys are too little for” closet. No need to go spend money and waste resources, right? I spotted the bag of Lil Joey cloth diapers by Kangacare and my heart dropped a little bit. The teeny tiny diapers my brand new, sweet smelling babies wore the first few months of life would now only cover a thingh most likely. Sigh!


If you read my birth story you know I didn’t have much control over what went down the first 11 days of life for my babies. When mom nearly dies on the operating table, the staff doesn’t call her to discuss her stance on cloth versus disposables. I’m aware how silly it makes me sound, but one of the hardest things for me as a new mom was meeting my babies for the first time in the NICU and smelling the powdery chemicals from the disposable diapers they were forced to wear. I could feel the plastic in my hand under their bums and it broke my heart that my precious newborns were sitting in sodium polyacralate, dioxins, propylene, tributyltin…blach! My baby born with a pneumo-thorax (hole in his lung) was being exposed to chemicals that cause respiratory distress?! My sweet twins, born to me after years of battling endometriosis and infertility issues were sitting in the very dioxins my fertility doctor told me were responsible for my struggles?!

My heart sank.

The nurse even gave me a toxic diaper as a koozie for the water she gave me in a BPA laden plastic container

The nurse even gave me a toxic diaper as a koozie for the water she gave me in a BPA laden plastic container

When the boys were released to me I put them in organic diapers right away. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of the Lil Joeys to cloth them full time. But, when they started getting diaper rash and red, flaky, chapped booties from the ORGANIC disposable diapers, I knew cloth was the only way to go. I started putting coconut oil on the butts to fix the damage and putting them only in cloth and things cleared right up! I’ve never looked back.

Cloth is SO much better for your babies, but way better on your pocket book and mother earth. The Lil Joey’s come in 2pks for less than $30 so a good starter kit of these will run you about $200-300 depending on how often you want to do laundry, but they’ll wear these diapers everyday for about 12 weeks so you’ll save hundreds of dollars in the meantime.

Lil Joeys clyde Whole Heart

I loved the prints the Lil Joeys come in! My favorites were the Clyde and the TokiDoki. I wasn’t sure what TokiDoki even was until I visited the Kangacare booth at the ABC Expo and the moms there were acting like John Lennon had stopped by the booth. They were going nuts over this print! In fact, apparently I’d been living under a rock because these designs were in high demand in diaper bags, shopping cart covers, blankets. Everyone wanted some TokiDoki.

vail twins in toki doki

When friends and fans ask me what I consider a must have after having twins, cloth diapers, especially Lil Joeys, are in my top five! I’m so glad I was able to start cloth diapering them right away and limiting the pollutants entering their sweet new bodies. I am confident my babies are strong and healthy and will continue to be this way as long as I’m able to continue limiting their exposure to environmental toxins.

Stay green, 

That Girl

The Tranquilizing Tranquilo Mat

I won’t lie. I’ve totally been guilty of jiggling a stroller, or bouncy chair, to calm a baby with one hand while quickly trying to jam half a sandwich in my mouth with the other hand. I’m the mom running  around HEB wearing a baby and bouncing while pushing the other in the stroller, refusing to stop as I grab groceries and toss them into my cart. I probably look like I’m auditioning for Supermarket Sweep circa 1993. And, my phone battery is almost always drained since I toss it into the carseat next to my babies with a white noise app on. Whatever works, right? Wrong.

I’m desperate for a Tranquilo Mat!

I first spotted this unicorn at the baby gear expo I attend every year in Vegas and everyone was buzzing about it. In fact, after returning from the expo and contacting the designer, I learned they were so hot they couldn’t keep up with production at that time. But now (FINALLY), they’re available to desperate mamas like you and me who get lady boners for products that calm fussy babies quickly.

Here’s why the Tranquilo Mat is my jam!


  1. Vibration

Most parents find themselves gently jiggling babies instinctively to keep them calm, but did you ever wonder why that works? When babies are inutero, being toted around day and night, they’re being gently jostled and vibrated when mom walks, climbs stairs, drinks water, eats, breathes, etc. The Tranquilo Mat gently vibrates to mimic the feeling of the womb, which sends baby instantly into a hypnotic state, triggering the calming reflex.

2. White Noise

I’m a bit of a white noise nut! I have THE Cadillac of white noise machines in my bedroom (curtesy of my best friend who knows me well), a white noise machine in the nursery, white noise apps on my phone and I’ll be damned if I’m caught traveling without a machine as well. I’ve always slept better when background noises are drowned out and babies are no different. Ever notice how they can sleep in a noisy restaurant with no problem, but a dog barking or car horn can wake them up instantly? White noise tends to drown out those startling, sudden sounds, but also mimics the womb, which is super comforting for the first three months of life especially.

3. Flexible & Portable

A mat like this is worthless if it can only be used one way because, let’s be honest, babies are unpredictable and moms need multipurpose devices cause our diaper bags be overflowin’ as it is. If it’s goin’ in my bag, it better play many roles. The Tranquilo Mat is super duper thin, folds up easy and can be thrown into a diaper bag or purse without taking up coveted space. It’s flexible too so you could wrap it around your babies lap in a carseat or stroller, or wrap it around baby’s back while they’re in a carrier or sling. Does your baby need tummy time, but fuss constantly throughout? Try sliding the Tranquilo Mat underneath the activity mat or blanket you’re using and watch baby calm with the push of a button.

Tranquilo Mat - Gersin 0045

4. Machine Washable

The cover on the outside can be tossed into your washer/dryer for convenient cleaning and sanitizing and the inner cover is water resistant and wipeable so your baby’s spit up or accidents won’t leak through!

Tranquilo Mat - Gersin 0043

Use the Tranquilo Mat for:

  • car rides
  • strollers
  • tummy time
  • bouncers/rockers
  • reading
  • sleep/naps
  • babywearing
  • visits to the doctor
  • colic/gas
  • fussiness for who the hell knows why

Get your Tranquilo Mat here and tell us why you love it.

Stay gold, 

That Girl

Postpartum Plan for Twins

If you’re having twins and you opt for just “winging it”, you should know that your world will get turned upside down. With a singleton you can guess and check, accept your mistakes, and learn as you go, but with twins? That just won’t do. Twins require mucho prep-o! As a self-proclaimed “twin pert”, I’ll share my postpartum plan for surviving the early days with twins.

Maternity-plaid shirt barn sitting together


You may be thinking, “How foes this affect postpartum? Well, if you’re not educated and prepped for childbirth you may find yourself undergoing an unnecessary c-section, which can drastically affect your postpartum days.

  • Keep your weight down
  • Find an ObGyn willing to flip babies or pull breach babies out feet first if needed
  • Trust your body to deliver when its ready and REFUSE induction or unnecessary medical interventions
  • Hire a doula and/or midwife to help you navigate labor/delivery

Baby Blues

A mom of multiples is 40% more likely to experience postpartum depression! Yikes! This is attributed to being overwhelmed sure, but mostly it’s due to the fact that you had double the hormones during pregnancy, which means double the drop after delivery. Can you say withdrawals? Get your placenta encapsulated! It’s super easy and the capsules are taken just like vitamins. Research shows taking your placenta can help regulate your hormones again and decrease likelihood of PPD. #winning!



Sleep is crucial to everyone, especially the new mom. Ideally I’d have my newborns in their cribs from night 1, but since my master is downstairs and the nursery is upstairs, this isn’t really efficient. So, I have two snuggle nests for the babies for the first 4-6 weeks. I’m placing them side by side on TOP of the covers on the other side of the bed next to a changing pad and diaper station basket. I’ve encouraged my husband to sleep upstairs in the guest room. Not only will this allow space in the bed with me for babies, but it will help him get more sleep. Afterall, he has to work and there’s no sense in both of us being zombies. The snugglenests allow me to sit up in bed, change, feed, reswaddle, and lay babies down without having to trek across the house in the dark, which inevitably will help me get more sleep.

Multiple “Stations”

I’m just as OCD as the next mom and like everything to have it’s place, but with twins, you’ll need multiple places for everything. I have  diaper changing station in my bedroom on the bed, but I’ll also have one in the living room or the media room  and I have one upstairs in their nursery. Believe me, you do NOT want to have to go back and forth with both babies or one and then the other just to change a diaper 12-16 times a day per baby! I also have set up “nursing stations” both upstairs and downstairs with a feeding pillow (I have the Twin Z downstairs and My Brestfriend upstairs), breastpump, nipple balm, waters, snacks, and burp cloths. Lastly, have several safe places to set/lay the babies. Downstairs I’ll have my snugglenests in our room, Twin Z, activity gym, and several blanket pallets downstairs, their 4Moms mamaroos, and a blanket pallet upstairs.


Cloth Diaper

You think I’m nuts, but I’ve read hundreds of blogs, forums, articles on cloth diapering multiples and so far NOONE has regretted it! Rushing to the store in the middle of the night for diapers, twins being in two different sizes, and the astronimcal expense of disposables sounds like a nightmare. Cloth:

  • saves $6,000-8,000 in diapers from birth to potty training
  • One Size diapers can be sized to custom fit each baby perfectly
  • Machine wash and tumble dry make it a breeze when you’re running low on diapers
  • Significantly less leaks and blow outs means less clothing changes too

I’m using the Rumparooz by Kangacare and the Lil Joeys as newborns until 12lbs. I alo have a few TotsBots and Bamboozies for nighttime.

Other tips:

  • Join a facebook page for multiples or other mommy groups
  • Keep a journal daily on feedings, diaper changes, etc
  • Create a “to-do” chalkboard or whiteboard for friends/family to help with
  • Stash extras of EVERYTHING in your car, grandma’s car, daddy’s car, in the stroller, and diaper bag if possible (clothes, blankets, pacis, diapers, wipes, wet bags)
  • Create an accordian file folder for each baby with tabs for vaccines, allergies, photos, medical records, birth certificate. This will grow as they grow, but it’s best to be organized from day 1

Stay gold, 

That Girl


Baby Vida Monitor: Healthy Sleep for All

In my Newborn Care class, parents are ALWAYS curious about SIDS & healthy sleep habits, and they want to know about the best monitors on the market. Parents need sleep. Babies need sleep. But crib death is real. Parents want to rest easy at night knowing their baby is breathing healthily.

Sleeping baby with chelsea vail

First and foremost, reduce your SIDS risks by following these simple rules:

  • Place baby on their back
  • No crib bumpers, stuffed animals or loose blankets
  • Use a swaddle sack such as a Woombie or try the Baby Merlin Sleepsuit
  • No smoking in the home or around baby
  • Keep temperature around 68-72 degrees in the home, don’t let baby get too hot or cold
  • Do NOT fall asleep holding baby on the couch, in a chair, or in bed
  • Breastfeed
  • Use a humidifer to keep baby’s nasal passageways clean and moist

A breastfed baby, swaddled tightly on it’s back has a greatly reduced chance of SIDS, but perhaps that video monitor just isn’t cutting it for you because you’d like to know baby is breathing normally all night long and getting enough oxygen. I had a girlfriend who only dressed her newborn in pjs that had shapes or animals on them so she could watch to be sure the animals were moving up and down with each breath. Crazy? Nope, just a mama in love!

The Baby Vida monitor was designed by a mama in love like my friend. When Mollie and her husband, Jeff, found out Mollie was pregnant with their first child, they were excited to start preparations immediately. They immersed themselves in reading materials, attended classes, and educated themselves on how to be a good mom and dad.

As prepared as they were they also began to understand everything that could go wrong with a new baby. Mollie quickly realized that many of the scary scenarios that could happen were connected to a baby’s poor oxygen level or heart rate. Even more unsettling, there was no way for parents to know if either of these vitals were at an unsafe level.

When Mollie and Jeff’s healthy baby boy arrived, she did what most mothers do and checked on him constantly to ensure that he was still breathing. She had an audio and video monitor, but realized it wouldn’t alert her if anything was wrong. She began to have a reoccurring thought…

“What would it sound like if my baby stopped breathing?”

Mollie scoured the internet and went to all the stores looking for a device that would monitor her son’s oxygen level and heart rate. She couldn’t find anything for home use and devices used by professionals were thousands of dollars. Mollie began to talk to other parents and quickly found out that she was not alone in her worries—she was actually exactly like most new moms. Everyone she talked to was also in and out of their nursery, experiencing sleepless nights of constant worry.

Mollie knew she had to do something about this. Not just for her own baby, but for moms all over the world. With this thought, the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor was born. Mollie, now a mother of four, concepted the device out of love for her children, and the Monitor became her new passion.

Mollie and Jeff went on a worldwide search to find an engineering firm who could create the Monitor. They found firms right here in the United States, who made this dream a reality. The engineers worked tirelessly for more than 2 1/2 years to develop this sophisticated, yet easy to use Monitor.

The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor helps bring parents vital peace of mind.

Using a new form of pulse oximetry, the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor constantly monitors your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. Place sensor directly on your baby’s heel. Use the Support Strap to secure the Oxygen Monitor in place. The Support Sock easily slips over your baby’s foot and helps to keep the monitor in place. The Monitor and Support Sock can be worn alone or in combination with infant socks or footed pajamas. Your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate readings are delivered wirelessly to you on your own smart phone or tablet. An alarm will sound if either of these readings are outside of the predetermined range. The Baby Vida App is free to download from the App Store.

The Baby Vida Monitor is available at Wal-Mart and Amazon.

HOT NEW ITEM: The Swaddle Swing

I discovered this gem last year at the ABC Kids expo in Vegas and have been waiting on pins and needles for it to hit shelves! I’m thrilled to finally introduce you to…



Most new parents share the same common fears:

Will we ever be able to leave the house again?

What if they’ve been crying for hours and we have no idea how to calm them?

What do we pack with us when we’re going out?

Ugh, will our house be taken over by baby equipment?

I’m worried about their safety?

Well, the Swaddle Swing, invented by a new dad, addresses all these fears! Dr. Harvey Karp, famed pediatrician and “baby expert” teaches new parents The 5 S’s for Calming Fussy Babies. By implementing the 5 S’s, parents (and anyone, really) can calm a fussy baby in a matter of minutes! Swaddling, Side lying/Stomac lying, sucking, shhhing, and swinging. With the Swaddle Swing, parents can effectively do 4/5 S’s wherever, whenever, to effectively (and safely) calm their fussy baby.

  1. Place baby in the swing
  2. Strap him/her in securely
  3. Give pacifier for sucking (optional)
  4. Start swinging!


Watch in awe as baby is gently lulled into relaxation and hopefully dreamland!

Necessity is the mother of invention?

“Soon after bringing his new daughter, Cora, home from the hospital, new father, Scott Krass, realized that babies tend to cry…a lot. Desperate for a way to soothe his fussy baby, he tried everything. One day while Cora was lying on a small blanket, Scott picked up the four corners of the blanket, which created a type of baby hammock. Cora was instantly calmed by being gently swaddled in the blanket and once Scott started to swing her in it, she absolutely loved it! A few prototypes later, and the Swaddle Swing was born – the world’s first truly portable and packable baby swing that helps any baby sleep anytime anywhere”. TheSwaddleSwing.com

“That Girl” loves the Swaddle Swing because…

  • It coincides with the 5 S’s for calming
  • It’s portable for moms/dads on-the-go
  • It’s safe AND effective
  • It’s guaranteed for 30 days or your money back!
  • It’s even proven to work with colicky babies?!
  • Requires no electricity, batteries, assembly, or installation (hallelujah!)
  • It fits neatly in a diaper bag, purse, backpack, or stroller caddy

Can I get a “hell yeah!”


Why does the Swaddle Swing rock your world?

Rob W. – Riverside, CA

“My baby will be screaming her head off! Doesn’t want daddy to hold her, doesn’t want a bottle…but a few minutes in the Swaddle Swing and bam! We have a quiet, happy baby! Thank you!!!”

Lauren L. – Hemet, CA

“It is like an OFF switch for my crying baby!”

Greg W. – Dana Point, CA

“My wife and I like to eat out and the Swaddle Swing has saved us so many times at so many restaurants. Seriously, we never leave home without it!”

Uri I. – New York, NY

“Our baby was very colicky the first few months of his life. Nothing seemed to calm him down except the Swaddle Swing. Our fancy electric baby swing just sat in the corner collecting dust while we used our Swaddle Swing. Highly recommend this for anyone with a colicky baby.”

Scott Krass, founder and inventor of the Swaddle Swing is offering 10% off to Whole Heart fans with code WholeHeart10


Get yours NOW


Can be purchased via the above links, ShopWholeHeart.com,  TheSwaddleSwing.com, or Amazon