Let it Aeroflow

When I found out I was having twins I wasn’t at all surprised. My doctor had told me I had an 80% change of twins before I was even pregnant. I was shocked; however, to find how difficult it is to get everything needed to care for two babies. What do I need? What do I need two of? What can I skimp on? What should I never skimp on? What might I get at my shower? What should I get now so I can have it ready? The nesting and prep for babies is endless of although much if it is fun, much of it is also tedious. One thing I did NOT like dealing with was securing a BREASTPUMP.

First, I crowdsourced a few times on facebook and noone tells you which one is really best, they just recommend the one they used and for all you know it could be super shitty.

Then, I decided dealing with an insurance company is about as much fun as pluking your eyelashes out with dull tweezers so I tried to sidestep that landmine and just buy one off craigslist. It sucked!

Finally, my mother told me I should qualify for one that I could pick up on Target and this is the route I ultimately went although the experience was not as easy as it sounds. Emails, phone calls, forms, standing in line, rejection, and doctor’s Rx needed. No thank you!

I’m kicking myself for not doing more research and finding Aeroflow! Let it go, let Aeroflow!

The Aeroflow Breastpumps Process:

Aeroflow Breastpump makes the process of getting a breast pump covered through your insurance as easy as possible. Our dedicated and informed Breastpump Specialists are here to help you navigate insurance by taking care of all the paperwork, phone calls and prescription requests so you can take it easy. Our team is available by phone, text, or email to answer any questions you have during this exciting time in your life.

To get started, Aeroflow’s qualify through insurance form asks for a few bits of information such as address, due date and insurance provider. Once you submit the form, a dedicated Breastpump Specialist will process your information and give you a call to discuss your options. Aeroflow offers a huge selection of breast pumps for you to choose from, and our Specialists are trained on each and every pump to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle.

We take care of everything, including:

  • Contacting your physician for a prescription
  • Recommending breast pump options based on your lifestyle and breastfeeding goals
  • Informing you if certain resupply options are available under your insurance plan
  • Billing and processing insurance claims for a breast pump
  • Shipping your breast pump to your door, free of charge!

Once you choose your breast pump, we process your order AND ship it to your door. The entire process is totally free! Some insurance plans require that a mom is at a certain point in her pregnancy before she gets her pump, but your Breastpump Specialist will let you know exactly when you can get order placed and will even remind you about your eligibility and benefits when your due date is near if you end up having to wait a bit before ordering your breast pump.

Currently, the Affordable Care Act requires that insurance providers provide breastfeeding support and supplies for lactating mothers. This includes a breast pump! Aeroflow makes it easy to get your pump covered for free under your specific insurance plan, and we also ensure that you get the most out of your benefits. This often includes extra accessories like milk storage bottles.

Here are just a few of the breast pumps offered by Aeroflow:

  • Spectra S2
  • Lansinoh Smartpump
  • Medela Starter Set (That Girl strongly recomends this!)
  • Evenflo Advanced Double Electric

Good news! Aeroflow is currently the exclusive provider of the Motif Duo — a lightweight, super quiet, double electric breast pump that is now available through insurance and cash-pay!

Breast is best, but having a human or two hanging from your boobs ALL day long just ain’t happenin’! Mama needs a break. Pump it, girl! Reach out to Aeroflow now!

Stay gold, 

That Girl

Mimijumi Bottles: Best Next to Breast

How many of you have heard of “nipple confusion”? It’s one of those phrases that moms use that either crack dads up or confuse the hell out of them, but it’s a real thing. Especially if you talk to a nurse or lactation consultant…or an anxious mother who knows her maternity leave is almost up and her baby still won’t take a bottle. 


Nipple confusion is when a baby who has been exclusively breast fed has trouble taking a bottle or pacifier because the anatomy is different than mom’s. Let’s be honest, where our babies are concerned, nothing is as good as mom. But, what about when mom is exhausted and someone else needs to feed the baby? What about when it’s time to go back to work? What about getting a babysitter? What do you do when there’s a growth spurt and baby wants to eat round the clock? You get online and you order the Mimijumi!

It’s specially designed to look and feel like the breast. This bottle is THE perfect substitute for when there’s no breast around.


I have twins and I’ve breastfed both of them since birth. I may have two breasts, but it’s not an easy feat to latch on two 8-10lb babies! When we’re at home I can nurse them both simultaneously with the help of about 400 pillows and my headboard to support my back, but in public? Nah, that’s not something anyone wants to see. It resembles a dairy cow with her calves far too much to be appetizing during a luncheon with friends. So, I pack my “not so hungry” Mimijumi bottles and a few bags of pumped milk. If I’m on my own I’ll feed one before they start crying and am usually done just in time to catch the other as he starts wailing. If I’m with my husband or friends, then I’ll let them give a bottle while I eat or enjoy some hands free time!


But, my baby gets gas with a bottle? It won’t with the Mimijumi! If they do get gas it may be from using formula, but it wont be from the bottle. The Mimjumi’s design reduces signs of gas and colic. My babies slurp things down like ravenous wolves and never even need to burp!


My favorite feature of this bottle though is the assembly because there is none. It’s literally just screwing the nipple onto the bottle. It’s SO easy! There’s no washing a million pieces, no assembly a babysitter can’t figure out, no searching for missing parts in the dark of night, and no leaking because it wasn’t put together correctly.

Let’s keep it simple, y’all!

That Girl


A Breastfeeding Mama Needs…

Sure, breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or instinctive to know what you need to be successful (especially in American culture). Unlike other cultures, American women aren’t always surrounded by their mothers, mother-in-law, mom friends, or the “village” of helpers. We’re often visited by an LC in the hospital and then sent on our merry way with a breastfeeding pamphlet and a list of recommended reading. So…what does a breastfeeding mama need to be successful?


  1. Friends/family who’ve been successful at breastfeeding

A woman who wants to breastfeed her baby and has goals for how long she plans to nurse does not need to be surrounded by naysayers or women who will discourage her from her goals. Every mother is different. Breastfeeding may not have worked for you and your family, but that doesn’t mean you should share your trials and tribulations with this new mother, nor should you tell her how great formula was…HER goal is nursing and she needs encouragement. Invite friends over to encourage, praise, and assist.

2. Calories! Fat! Protein! Vitamins!

Every woman wants to reclaim her body after pregnancy, but the weight will fall off very quivkly for a nursing mother WITHOUT dieting. This is not the time to cut calories. A nursing mother needs 300-500 extra calories per day (1000 more if she’s nursing twins), and she should stick to a healthy fat and high protein diet. Healthy fats would include nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, or fatty fish. And don’t forget to keep taking your prenatal vitamins!


3. A gallon of water a day

I drank a gallon of water a day during my pregnancy and found that the more I drank, the more I wanted and the better I felt. A nursing mom is producing milk (a fluid) therefore she needs fluids. Duh!

4. Her placenta

Okay, stop gagging and get over yourself. It’s actually becoming a mainstream, modern practice to have your placenta encapsulated after birth. It’s in capsule form just like vitamins and comes with dosage instructions. Your placenta has a heap of health benefits postpartum, but also increases your milk supply. You can book my encapsulator here. Get ‘er done!


5. Gear

Invest in a nursing pillow such as the MyBrest Friend Nursing Pillow, Boppy, or Twin Z if you’re having multiples. These help you get a much better position for nursing while supporting back and arm muscles. Get you a good nursing cover too so you can nurse in public no matter where you are or who you’re with. A nursing stool or ottoman to prop your feet up on can be nice, too, and you’ll want underwire free nursing bras or tanks.

6. Nipple Balms or Coconut Oil

Nursing can sometimes lead to sore, dry, or cracked nipples. Get into a habit of using an organic nipple balm like Earth Mama Angel Baby or even organic coconut oil to soothe.

7. Legit Nursing Pump

All insurance companies cover breastpumps now, but not all of them are high quality. Make sure you can get an electrical, hospital grade pump. My insurance didn’t cover the hospital grade pumps so I bought one off a resell site that was unopened, in the box for $40. Pumping can help you build stock for outings, babysitters, or bottle feeding when your spouse wants in on the feeding time. Plus, breastfeeding is all about supply and demand so pumping can help you drain your breasts after feedings to keep your supply high.

8. Station(s)

It makes life easier for a nursing mom to have everything she needs within reach. Stock a basket(s) with nipple balm, burp cloth, nursing pads, nipple shield (if needed), snacks, and water bottles. I have one in my bedroom AND in the nursery- the two places I know I’m likely to nurse my babies.

9. A supportive spouse

Nursing can start out as a full time job. It takes hard work, dedication, and patience to build supply, find comfortable positions, and get baby to latch right. Moms can often feel overwhelmed, helpless exhausted, and discouraged. They need a spouse that will rub their shoulders or feet, keep them company while they nurse, bring them funny things to read or watch while they’re in their nursing spot, and one who praises their efforts and encourages them to keep going.


10. Realistic goals

Colostrum is the first little bit of breastmilk baby will get. It’s loaded with health beenefits, antibodies, wgite blood cells, healthy fats, etc etc etc. Every mother should have a goal of at least feeding her baby that. Then, set a goal to nurse for 1 full month. See if you can make it 3 months. Then aim for 6 and hopefully you’ll make it a year or more. Many moms say if you can get past the first few months it’s a cakewalk after that.

If you find yourself struggling, hire a trained Lactation Consultant. They can be real lifesavers and the best money you’ve ever spent for your baby’s health! Also, lager beer, fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, flaxseed, and oats have all been said to increase supply. Give it a fair shot!

Happy milking, 

That Girl


Itzy Ritzy Gets Me Everytime!

Itzy Ritzy is the ritz of the baby world and a favorite of celebs like Jenifer Garner, Gisele Bundchen, Angelina Jolie, and Gwen Stefani (to name only a few). In a storefront I find myself pulled by a force bigger than me straight towards the Itzy Ritzy selection. And, this year, at the ABC Expo, I was a woman obsessed when I saw their newest additions!

Itzy Ritzy gets me every time!


Get a glimpse at these prints!

I’m a glam girl and ever since I was a little girl I told myself, “I will NOT be one of those moms that forgos fashion when she has kids”. Itzy Ritzy keeps moms looking haute  with on fleek prints like chevron, boho, clean/classic stripes, moroccan nights (my personal favorite), and mod circles. Their apparel tends to be cleannd modern for moms, while the baby gear takes a more whimsical approach for the kiddos.


Jessica Alba, a die hard Itzy Ritzy fan, put infinity scarfs on everyone’s fashion radar years ago. But, when interviewed about her day look she downplayed the fashion part of things, and credited the scarves for function. She says the scarves were not only cute, they were damn near essentials for moms! They doubled as headwraps when she couldn’t wash her hair, nursing covers on-the-fly, and even a cover-up when a baby had spit up or covered her with food. Itzy Ritzy has a FULL line of lightweight, breathable infinity scarves that double as nursing covers. They come in classic, clean stripes, or modern patterns.

  • Everyday scarf that is convenient to wear and use when nursing
  • Allows maintained eye contact and airflow for your baby
  • Cotton and polyester jersey knit blend with finished edges
  • Machine washable and line dry recommended
  • Comes with a warranty against any manufacturing defects at the time of purchase


The Carseat Canopy AND Tummy Time Mat

Sure, you could just use a swaddle blanket as a carseat cover (environmental shield), but A. they’re not as cute, B. they don’t stay put, and C. They don’t double as tummy time mats because they’re too thin. Like I said, Itzy Ritzy rocks in FUNction! Their new carseat canopies come in adorable prints like anchors aweigh, chev-rock pink, or grey chevron (my fave), in breathable muslin. They have a simple hook and eye closure, protect from sun, rain, and germs, and are easily removable when you need a changing mat or tummy time mat.


Snack Time (in more ways than one)

Itzy Ritzy gets it! They know your baby snacks on-the-go and often snacks on you. They’ve always had the adorable “Snack Happens” reusable bags, but now they have reusable baby food pouches and even teething jewelry for the mom that feels like she’s morphed into her child’s personal teething toy. These jewelry pieces are non-toxic and safe for munching munchkins! Cause they know teething happens
itzy-ritzy-teething-happens itzy-ritzy-teething-necklaces

The Snack Happens bags can be stuffed with fruit, veggies, cheese, or dry snacks for an eco-friendly, chic alternative to the BPA-laden ziploc. They’re machine washable, durable, have a secure zipper closure, and the bags are so cute your kiddo might actually look forward to their celery snack! What does the fox say? Dee-dee-dee-da-hee-hee-haw-haw…you get it, right?!

itzy-ritzy-snack happens

I saved the best for last! Moccassins!!! 

These are currently only available for pre-order until January so…get ’em while they’re hot! Pesonally, I don’t want to pay $75 for baby mocassins like some other brands. Itzy Ritzy moccasins are just as cute (maybe cuter) and definitely won’t break the bank.


  • Super soft, breathable and durable leather
  • Easy on, easy off with elastic opening
  • Removable padded insert for comfort and to extend the life of the shoe as baby’s foot grows
  • Signature Itzy Ritzy chevron embossed soles for style
  • Adorable gift box packaging makes Itzy Ritzy moccasins the perfect baby shower, new mom, christening or first birthday gift
  • Spot clean only
  • Available in 0-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m


Go straight to ItzyRitzy.com now and peruse the latest and greatest! Try not to drool!

Stay gold Ponyboy, 

That Girl

Stopping Nursing…Today is the Day

Today my baby girl is 7 months old. Today is the LAST day she gets my breastmilk. I pumped for 6 long, hard months. I am a mix of emotions, which is why I was prompted to share this with you all.

When Sydney was born, I tried really hard to get her to latch. I dreamed of breastfeeding her for the whole first year. We went to lactation consultants, occupational therapy, we tried all sorts of tricks and it just didn’t come easily. I pumped around the clock and tried to nurse for the first 10 weeks. Then I went to exclusively pumping. You guys exclusively pumping is HARD WORK. You have to find time, ideally when your baby is napping, to hook up to the machine, pump out milk like a cow, and then repeat 8-10 times a day. Oh, and you still need to feed your baby 8-10 times a day too when you aren’t pumping. That was a lot of TIME spent creating milk to nourish my baby. It’s really fascinating what our bodies are capable of, and how we can sustain life with what our bodies produce. It was so rewarding to see her drink something that I had just made, and to be filled up and so happy. It made it all so worthwhile. I was HAPPY to do it, I was THANKFUL I could, and I was GRATEFUL that my baby was healthy and getting MY milk.


I pumped, and pumped and pumped. I still hear that dang machine going on in my head. I had a huge stock pile growing, with a couple hundred bags. We even had to buy a deep chest freezer to store it all. As 4 months came, I really wanted more time with my baby and to go out more and enjoy not being glued to my pump. We NEEDED to experience life outside the house and be surrounded by other people. So I eventually began to wean myself down to 5 pumps a day, then 4, then 2 and before I knew it I was done pumping. This was about a month ago when I finally finished. I had already started to use my supply when I began weaning, because she needed more milk than I was producing. I truly thought I had enough supply to make it a year. News flash, milk goes very quickly with a growing baby!

Aunt Emily and Sydney

There were a lot of tears. I cried on several occasions, through breast en
gorgement and clogged milk ducts, trying to pump in the middle of the night and nothing would come out. Yet, there were also those happy moments with daddy and other family members that were able to have memorable experiences with feeding Sydney. She is very lucky to have so much family close by and in her life.

For the last month, I started introducing Formula to her with breastmilk for two reasons. 1. To get her used to the flavor, which she really doesn’t have a problem with, she is a tank and will eat anything! 2. To stretch out my supply as long as I could. It was like everyday I counted how many bags I had left, trying to avoid THIS day. I am sad I didn’t reach the year mark, I feel guilty for weaning too early. But then I think about what I did do… I gave her my milk for 7 months, which would be a huge gift for other moms who can’t breastfeed. I gave her more of my time, when I didn’t have to pump so much. I gave her a happier and healthier mommy, not a crazed, frustrated mad women who cried every time I tried to nurse. Which, in the end was a better mommy for her and what she really needed. Well here we are, we made it to the 7 month mark! Today is the day, and I will celebrate it with my baby girl. Happy 7 months Sydney Rae, I love you.

Bennett and Sydney

Bloom Retreat: A Day of Serenity for Expectant Mamas

Studies show that the stress of a pregnant mother can have adverse effects on her unborn baby. I watched videos in grad school that show an increasing mother’s heart rate and cortisol levels actually cause baby’s brain to light up like a Christmas tree with stress! That’s prompted me to host an annual retreat for expectant mothers called “Bloom Retreat”. Mama, this is ALL about you. 

Bloom Retreat

The Bloom Retreat will be hosted at The Travaasa Resort here in Austin, but we’re hoping we’ll have moms joining us from all over central Texas! This day will be a day of serenity, guaranteed to help mom prepare physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally for bringing baby into the world.

Should you choose to join us, your day will begin with a farm-to-table breakfast in the cozy Parlor Room of the resort. The mothers-to-be will have an opportunity to meet one another, share stories, anxities, and excitements.

Kelley Hawkins, a certified educator in the Gottman Institute’s Bring Home Baby Program will be speaking and guiding group discussions to help mamas mentally prepare for baby! “My goal is to help a couple proactively prepare for bringing a new baby home. This approach includes sharing practical, proven strategies designed to make this transition one that brings the most joy and least turmoil to the relationship.”

Nature Walk:

Later in the day we will embark on a guided walk along the hiking trails of the Texas Hill Country located at the resort.

Brian Salmon, “The Birth Guy“, will visit us to provide education related to breastfeeding, birth, and postpartum support. Brian teaches wildly successful courses to parents-to-be, has a podacast called “Rocking Dads, and is well-known, loved, and respected in the industry. We are thrilled to have him on board for this event.

Lunch & Newborn Care:

A farm-to-table lunch will also be provided by the Travaasa in the Parlor Room, allowing more time to meet other attendees and continuing building relationships with fellow moms-to-be.

SidelinepositionChelsea Vail, owner of Whole Heart and “That Girl”, will lead discussions regarding newborn care, prepping the home for baby, and utilizing postpartum support. Chelsea is a Newborn Care Specialist, Family Counselor, Maternity Concierge, and baby gear expert!

Then, Phyllis Brasenell, owner of Austin-Born, and highly sought after doula, will provide birth education and information on comfort measures and self-advocacy during birth.


The Travaasa Resort will be offering a private prenatal yoga class to interested guests. Yoga is a fabulous way to prepare mind, body, and spirit for labor and delivery. Practicing yoga regularly during your pregnancy also decreases stress level, increases circulation, and detoxifies the body. Should you choose not to join us, you’re welcome to book a spa appointment during this time or utilize the infinity pool overlooking the Texas hills.

The Spa:

A visit to The Spa at Travaasa Austin goes far beyond pampering and indulgence. Their treatments reflect a passion for, and knowledge of, the human body and the ability of plants and essential oils to naturally treat, heal and revitalize the soul. Featuring 11 treatment rooms, their unique Texas spa sits adjacent to the property’s saline infinity pool, which overlooks the serene and scenic hill country landscape.

They offer an array of massages, healing rituals, beauty treatments and personalized services, using only organic, and bioenergetic products. We strongly encourage guests to book a prenatal massage, or organic facial during the retreat. As the event nears, we will recommend the best times for your service so as not to interfere with the event itinerary.

Our hope is that attendees leave the Bloom Retreat feeling knowledgeable, feeling calm, and feeling prepared and empowered as mothers. This day is about pampering you

Bloom Retreat

Travaasa Resort & Spa

Austin, TX

Oct 3, 2015


Purchase your ticket by Sept 3 to RSVP, limited seating, purchase HERE