Can’t Live Without: My Top Five

It was hard for me to narrow it down to just FIVE items I can’t live without! I feel like there’s so many things that I use on a daily basis, but don’t even realize I need! But if I was forced to pick just five, here are my picks!

1. My iPhone

I know, BORING! I think some kind of smartphone would probably be on everybody’s list these days. How on earth would I get through the day without checking Facebook/Instagram approximately 357 times a day?!?! Probably a bit dramatic, but seriously, I love staying connected to everyone so easily! Besides social media, I need my phone to call/text my mom at least once a day and let’s not forget the constant sound of the camera clicking as I take a steady stream of photos of my little boy!


2. Vera Bradley Diaper Bag

Speaking of Caden, I love love LOVE my diaper bag turned “mommy’s gigantic purse”! As more of Caden’s stuff comes out, more of my stuff goes in. Yes, I may look like Mary Poppins carrying around her huge carpet bag, but I do not care…I love it! It is so nice having everything in one place and easy to get to! I love all of the pockets and of course, the attached diaper changing pad that comes out. Plus, it’s just pretty!


3. My Pillow

I have used the same pillow since high school and I now cannot sleep without it! It is as flat as can be, but I instantly relax when I lay my head down on it. I sleep with three pillows since this one is basically useless as a pillow but that’s okay. True story…Nate and I were traveling from New Mexico to Colorado to go camping with his family when we were newly dating. Well, about 45 miles out of NM, I realized I had LEFT MY PILLOW in the hotel!! I tried really hard to be a “big girl” about leaving it, since I didn’t want Nate to think I was a weird pillow freak, but he could see the tears welling up in my eyes! He immediately turned around and told his family we’d meet them there; “umm…we have to go back for a pillow.” HA! Thank goodness…I knew he was a keeper! 🙂

In labor with pillow in tow!

In labor with pillow in tow!

4. Water Jug

I HATE drinking water! It is such a chore for me and I don’t find it satisfying at all, but when I was pregnant I knew I needed to be better about my water intake, and then needed to continue getting in the maximum amount of water for nursing. So this water jug (I call her Bertha!) has been perfect! As long as I drink all of the water in Bertha throughout the day, I know I’ve done enough and then some! Yay for Big Bertha!


Cool Gear EZ Freeze Water Bottle

5. DVR & NFL Sunday Ticket

Nate and I LOVE to watch our TV shows. Once Caden goes down for bed (around 7:30p), we get cozy on the couch and catch up on our favorites. We love Walking Dead, Master Chef, Better Call Saul, Bates Motel, and yes, even The Bachelor/Bachelorette…the list goes on! If we didn’t have our DVR, we’d be missing all the good stuff! Not to mention, the ongoing build up of Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, & Daniel Tiger episodes we’ve got going on (ya, ya Caden watches t.v. every now and then, so what!). We also LOVE football! Every Sunday (or Monday or Thursday) is dedicated to football at our house come football season! My family are huge Steeler fans! Every game day, they all come over (with snacks!) so we can all watch the game together. We love being the “Sunday Ticket house” so everyone comes to us! I’m excited for Caden to grow up loving family football days too!



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