Bump Your Baby to Sleep!

It’s 4 a.m., you’ve been up since 2 with a screaming, fussy, inconsolable infant! This baby that you thought was adorable at 8 p.m. is now starting to resemble one of the scary flying monkeys from the Wizard of OZ circa 1939. 

Bumpyourbaby-ShopWholeHeartWhat do you do? You’ve tried the “5 S’s” for calming, right?

1) Swaddling

2) Sideline or stomach position

3) Shhhing (white noise)

4) Sucking (pacifier, finer, bottle, breast)

5) Shaking (always gentle, never vigorous)

Still not working? Try to bump your baby to sleep with the “BumpYourBaby” ball!

Babies like steady, continuous, gentle jiggling because it reminds them of the womb. Hence, the 5 S’s. Each one of those was created to recreate feelings baby felt inutero. The last one can be especially hard if you’ve already been up for hours or, if you’re someone who doesn’t like standing because it’s hard on your back and joints.


In comes the “Baby Bump“! Gently bounce a newborn on a Baby Bump™ to soothe it when nothing else will do the trick.

Baby Bump is “The New Rocking Chair.” Typical rocking chairs make it hard to maintain the jiggle that baby wants (and needs) to maintain calm and trigger their calming reflex to put them to sleep. When you’re holding a baby in a chair and rocking back and forth, the baby is actually rocking side to side at an awkward pace. This rocking is not conducive to calming a fussy baby. The Baby Bump is the best tool for bumping baby calm and taking pressure off your back and joints.

Bump-you-baby-pregnancy-iconMultiple uses!

  • Use the Baby Bump™ for prenatal comfort (enhances pregnant mother’s posture)
  • Use the Baby Bump™ to soothe any, and all, fussy babies
  • Use the Baby Bump™ as during labor support as a birth ball
  • Use the Baby Bump™ to entertain baby, sing, dance
  • Use the Baby Bump™ fo gross motor play to develop trunk & head control
  • Use the Baby Bump™ as a reading chair for antsy toddlers that HAVE to be in motion
  • Use the Baby Bump™ to stay in shape and keep up with energetic toddlers

What sets it apart from an exercise ball?Bump-your-baby-pink

Well, the Baby Bump™ has a leg up on the traditional yoga and fitness balls – 6 legs to be precise. Baby Bump’s unique peg-legged design keeps the ball stable and stationary and will be a helpful tool/toy for every stage of your infants growth from pregnancy to parenthood.

How is it made?

Baby Bump™ manufactures the balls in the furniture capital of world- Italy! They are Bump-your-baby-Italymade from the highest quality material: soft, gripping/non-slip, pearly vinyl that is recyclable, environmentally friendly, latex free, phthalate free and even gluten free. Baby Bump™ focuses on safety for parents and their babies; the balls are “burst proof”, meaning that if they are punctured they will deflate slowly and safely.

Baby Bump™ is now an essential tool/toy for all new parents, a new staple of every nursery and of course, it makes the perfect baby shower gift!

The Baby Bump™ is “The New Rocking Chair.” 


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