Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

I’m familiar with the pop culture classic, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, but what about boys? Boys are a blast! The night I found out I was carrying twin boys I laid in bed that night thinking of all the boys I’ve taught, known, and loved. Nate, Ray, Miles, Fisher, Oliver, James, Knox, just to name a few. Each of these boys taught me something fabulous about myself, and life, through my experiences with them.


I want to raise boys who are full of character! I want the boys that are up for anything anytime, invite challenges, and are always seeking adventure. Sure, much of their curiosity will turn into total destruction, but who cares? They’re boys, they’re young, and they’re destructive, loud, and rowdy because they’re learning through exploration, trial, and error.

I can’t wait to have prank wars, food fights in the kitchen, water balloon wars, and Nerf Gun attacks. I look forward to trying the experiments from their science books with them, building forts and tree houses, and camping in the backyard telling ghost stories and laughing at farts and burps together. Yes, I LOVE the gross stuff, too.


But, although I hope my boys have that wild, rough, and tumbin’ side, I also hope there’s a mama’s boy side and a heart full of love for others. So, yes, I’ll encourage them to catch mudbugs in the gullies in the rain, but I’ll also hope they run to me to kiss their scraped knees and cuddle them on the couch when they’re sick. I look forward to trips to the ER because they thought the spaceship they built in the garage really would work, and I’ll be there to hug their lil’ astronaut heads to my chest as they get their casts.


I hope I can’t get them to bed for hours those nights they’re just SO excited to go hunting with their daddy in the morning. I’ll crawl sleepily out of bed to make sure they’re bundled up warmly and I’ll send them both off with a warm mug of hot cocoa and a homemade biscuit. Of course I’ll go back to bed, but I’ll hardly be able to sleep as I wait for the phone call that they’ve shot their first dove, deer, hog, what have you and they want me to come watch them gut it. How gross it that? But, as a boy mama, I’ll be there. Then, I’ll fix them pancakes, bacon, and eggs when we get home.


With girls, I’d be terrified of dating and dances, but with boys, I look forward to that stage too. From early on, they’ll be taught to stand when I stand, open doors for me, and bring me flowers when I’ve had a bad day. We’ll go on dates together and I’ll teach them what being a gentlemen means and how to treat girls with respect. I imagine I’ll also teach them how to tell the good girls from the bad girls, lol.

My head is spinning with ideas for the wonderful things we’ll do together, but I also have a new stack of books by my bedside about raising boys and all the challenges they bring. I’ll turn to these books, I’ll turn to my friends, and I’ll turn to the Bible for guidance on this journey. I don’t plan on raising boys, I plan on raising men and my men will be men of integrity, just like my dad. His influence alone could do the trick for me!

Stay gold, Ponyboy!

That Girl 


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