Bloom Retreat: A Day of Serenity for Expectant Mamas

Studies show that the stress of a pregnant mother can have adverse effects on her unborn baby. I watched videos in grad school that show an increasing mother’s heart rate and cortisol levels actually cause baby’s brain to light up like a Christmas tree with stress! That’s prompted me to host an annual retreat for expectant mothers called “Bloom Retreat”. Mama, this is ALL about you. 

Bloom Retreat

The Bloom Retreat will be hosted at The Travaasa Resort here in Austin, but we’re hoping we’ll have moms joining us from all over central Texas! This day will be a day of serenity, guaranteed to help mom prepare physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally for bringing baby into the world.

Should you choose to join us, your day will begin with a farm-to-table breakfast in the cozy Parlor Room of the resort. The mothers-to-be will have an opportunity to meet one another, share stories, anxities, and excitements.

Kelley Hawkins, a certified educator in the Gottman Institute’s Bring Home Baby Program will be speaking and guiding group discussions to help mamas mentally prepare for baby! “My goal is to help a couple proactively prepare for bringing a new baby home. This approach includes sharing practical, proven strategies designed to make this transition one that brings the most joy and least turmoil to the relationship.”

Nature Walk:

Later in the day we will embark on a guided walk along the hiking trails of the Texas Hill Country located at the resort.

Brian Salmon, “The Birth Guy“, will visit us to provide education related to breastfeeding, birth, and postpartum support. Brian teaches wildly successful courses to parents-to-be, has a podacast called “Rocking Dads, and is well-known, loved, and respected in the industry. We are thrilled to have him on board for this event.

Lunch & Newborn Care:

A farm-to-table lunch will also be provided by the Travaasa in the Parlor Room, allowing more time to meet other attendees and continuing building relationships with fellow moms-to-be.

SidelinepositionChelsea Vail, owner of Whole Heart and “That Girl”, will lead discussions regarding newborn care, prepping the home for baby, and utilizing postpartum support. Chelsea is a Newborn Care Specialist, Family Counselor, Maternity Concierge, and baby gear expert!

Then, Phyllis Brasenell, owner of Austin-Born, and highly sought after doula, will provide birth education and information on comfort measures and self-advocacy during birth.


The Travaasa Resort will be offering a private prenatal yoga class to interested guests. Yoga is a fabulous way to prepare mind, body, and spirit for labor and delivery. Practicing yoga regularly during your pregnancy also decreases stress level, increases circulation, and detoxifies the body. Should you choose not to join us, you’re welcome to book a spa appointment during this time or utilize the infinity pool overlooking the Texas hills.

The Spa:

A visit to The Spa at Travaasa Austin goes far beyond pampering and indulgence. Their treatments reflect a passion for, and knowledge of, the human body and the ability of plants and essential oils to naturally treat, heal and revitalize the soul. Featuring 11 treatment rooms, their unique Texas spa sits adjacent to the property’s saline infinity pool, which overlooks the serene and scenic hill country landscape.

They offer an array of massages, healing rituals, beauty treatments and personalized services, using only organic, and bioenergetic products. We strongly encourage guests to book a prenatal massage, or organic facial during the retreat. As the event nears, we will recommend the best times for your service so as not to interfere with the event itinerary.

Our hope is that attendees leave the Bloom Retreat feeling knowledgeable, feeling calm, and feeling prepared and empowered as mothers. This day is about pampering you

Bloom Retreat

Travaasa Resort & Spa

Austin, TX

Oct 3, 2015


Purchase your ticket by Sept 3 to RSVP, limited seating, purchase HERE

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