Back to School: Avoid Germs Naturally

I gotta say these Lysol commercials regarding back to school germs are infuriating! They show images of moms spraying down their kid’s backpacks with Lysol, teachers spraying down shelves of toys with Lysol and using Lysol to clean the house when kids get home?! Um…no! This year if you’d like to avoid the germs that follow kids home, there’s a few NONTOXIC, non-cancer causing steps you can take. 

First, I need to address the toxins in Lysol, bleach, and hand sanitizer:

  • Lysol
    • Contains ingredients linked to:
    – developmental effects like ADHD and autism
    – endocrine effects like obesity, infertility, Crohn’s
    – respiratory effects like asthma
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • Causes intoxication by soaking in to the bloodstream
    • Contains Isopropyl alcohol, a neurotoxin
    • Fragrances (pthalates) are endocrine disruptors, which have been theorized to be the cause of the feminizing of young boys and have been linked to infertility as well. Fragrances have a toxicity rating of 8, with ten being the highest toxicity
    • Bleach is a dioxin/chloride, also a known carcinogen

As a teacher I NEVER made my kids use hand sanitizer. In fact, if they did use it, I typically asked them to go wash their hands right away and I confiscated any hand sanitizer with a fragrance that was used in my classroom. This was frowned upon by peers, but I just thought, “I’ll be damned if I get cancer from being a teacher simply because of hand sanitizer and lysol”. 

6 years ago, wow

6 years ago, wow

So, what can you do to avoid viruses and sickly germs this year?

1) Stop Germs at the Door

  • Have kids leave their shoes at the door
  • Change their clothes right away
  • Wash their hands the moment they get home from school and use nontoxic brands like The Honest Co. or Meyers soaps.

2) Teach your child about the dangers of hand sanitizers and wipes from school and tell them to wash their hands instead. Tell them to wash their hands:

  • After riding the bus, before entering the classroom
  • Before lunch and after recess
  • After using the bathroom
  • After playing games where handholding may have been required
  • Always after coughing or sneezing

3) Create your own disinfectant

  • Mix hot water, vinegar, vodka, and an essential oil
  • Store in a spray bottle or glass container and wipe down doorknobs, countertops, and toilets

4) Wash your child’s backpack every week and/or every other week and wash plastic toys in the dishwasher if you think they’ve been exposed to germs from kids at school

5) Remember that mild childhood sicknesses are GOOD for your child as they help build stronger immune systems for later in life. Allow your child to be exposed to common household germs, dirt, and daily grime.




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