Who’s “That Girl”?

ThatGirl, ShopWholeHeartI am “That Girl”, the owner of Whole Heart and ThatGirlwithWholeHeart.com. I hold a BS in Child Development from UNT, an MA in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in Play Therapy & Sandtray Therapy from Texas State, and I’m a Newborn Care Specialist and Maternity Concierge residing in Austin, Texas just “keepin’ it weird”.

I’m also the mother to two ahmazing twin boys, Cash and Cannon, and I’m raising them to be adventure seeking, independent thinkers, who live counter-culturally. I advocate for natural aproaches to life and parenting and am candid about my feelings and beliefs.

My blogs run the gamut from infertility, pregnancy, parenting, motherhood, toxins, baby products and gear, raising twins, and anything Austin!

Latest news…me and the boys are moving to Costa Rica soon so…the blog will take an exciting turn!

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