5 Reasons My Kids Have an Amazing Dad

My husband Eric and I have two little girls, Kinley, 4, and Khloe, 3.  Since the moment our first daughter was born, I saw a change in my husband that I could have never anticipated. As the years have passed with our daughters, he has transformed into the most incredible father I could have imagined for our children.

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the ways that he is forever impacting our daughters and their image of a truly great dad.

1. He fills our home and their little hearts with laughter and fun.


Laughter is the number one sound our household is bursting with.  During playtime, my husband is willing to be silly and crazy and the ladies think he is the funniest guy on Earth.

Eric teaches the girls knock-knock jokes and they practice them each night before bed.  They blow bubbles, draw silly pictures with sidewalk chalk, name bugs, pretend they are hunting for monsters, chase each other around the house, and build forts,  all while giggling and having fun.


2. He shows patience and kindness.

Any time one of the girls gets fussy or throws a tantrum, my husband exudes the patience of Job.  While I instantly want to jump in and I get frustrated, Eric stays calm, relaxed and discusses the situation with them in a way that deescalates their tantrum and solves whatever problem caused the fussiness.  He is truly the toddler whisperer.

He shows our children how to be kind to one another, not only by how he treats them and myself, but when they are arguing he steps in and mediates the situation and teaches them that they will both feel better if they can be kind.

3. He gives them his time and is there for them daily.


My husband is always there for our children.  It doesn’t matter what he is doing, if they ask him to play or they tell him they are hungry, he will drop what he’s doing in order to give them the attention they are craving.  I have seen him come home from work exhausted, and he still makes time to play and laugh with the girls.  He shows them each day that they are the most important aspect of his life, and that spending time with them is what he values.


Eric takes turns taking each girl on a daddy-daughter date each weekend.  They will go see a movie, grab ice cream, go to the pet store to look at animals, sit on the town square and listen to music, go to the library, or whatever else the girls can think of that they’d like to do with him.  This time is truly special to the girls, where they get his full attention, and in turn he has developed stronger relationships with each of them, and this aspect of their relationship has made them fall even more in love with their daddy.

4. He educates our children.

Our children are always asking questions.  ALWAYS.  Eric and I are both educators, and from day one my husband has turned each experience he has with the girls into learning experiences.

He teaches them that every good thing is from God, and shows them how incredible life can be.

He shares music with them by playing guitar and singing with them, or turning on music so they can all let loose and dance.

He teaches them how to be kind to animals, and which animals are nice to look at but not touch.  Eric has investigated the wonders of insects with them by catching bugs, holding them, feeding them and discussing how they contribute to the world around us.



He reads books and teaches them lessons and morals through stories he tells.

He has them eat different foods and has taught them how to get creative with food and make cooking fun,

5. The most important factor of a good dad – HE SHOWS THEM LOVE.


My children are growing up understanding exactly what love is, and what true love looks like.  Eric shows the girls how a man is supposed to treat a woman through his relationship with me.  He shows the girls how a man should treat them by his interactions with them.

He hugs and snuggles with them each day and tells them how much he loves them. I’m not sure they will ever understand the depth of his love for them, but I think they have a good grasp on it even as toddlers.


Each day I find myself falling more and more in love with my husband as I watch him raise our children with me.  I know that I am truly blessed to have married a man with such a big heart, and I am so pleased with the way he is with our daughters.

I know that having such a great father will mold them into great women, and I can’t wait to watch all the new adventures they will have with him as they grow older.




Do you also have someone in your life that’s an amazing dad? What are some other qualities you see that make a father truly great?

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