Olive You Nanny aka “I Love You, Nanny”

How cute is the name of this company, Olive You Nanny. At first you’re thinking, “Why ‘olive’? It’s a nanny agency, right? Well, think of how a child sounds when they say, “I love you, nanny”. It totally sounds like Olive You Nanny!

Not only is the name cute (and the logo, lol), but the owner is an adorable Chicagoan turned Austinite who brought her chic, with-ith agency to us! Sarah Davis, Founder and Owner of Olive You Nanny not only has YEARS of experience as a nanny herself, but is also a working mom and knows what moms are looking for. She knows what you need, she does the research, and she sends you her top candidates to save you from the hell of a nanny search.

“I launched Olive.You.Nanny in 2005 in Chicago. Prior to opening Olive.You.Nanny I was a professional nanny for 10 years in San Francisco, Denver and Chicago. My goal for starting Olive.You.Nanny was to make a personal connection with both the families we work with and the nannies. We pride ourselves on making long lasting relationships and to put our families at ease in the process. Everyone who works for the company has been a nanny, has a background in education or counseling and has years of experience in this industry. In this journey I have since have 3 kiddos and now live in Austin.
Thanks to all the families and nannies I have had the pleasure of working with, this company has grown through a lot of dedication and many amazing clients!” Sarah Davis

She offers the following services to families in Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, Milwaukee, LA, and Orange County:

Full-Time Live in

A full-time, live-in nanny is a nanny that works about 30-50 hours a week and lives in your home. Typically a full-time, live-in will work their hourly schedule and one weekday night or weekend night. A live-in nanny must have their own bedroom and own bathroom. Most live-in nanny live in a separate part of the house (coach house or separate floor). A live-in nanny has a set schedule; they are NOT a 24-hour caregiver. Some families prefer a live-in if they have the extra space, or may need a nanny odd hours or have multiple children.
Full-Time Live Out

This would be a perfect choice for a “typical” family. A live-out nanny would work 30-50 hours a week. Your nanny would come in the morning and leave at night.
Part-Time Nanny

A part-time nanny is a permanent position that can range from 5 hours a week up to 29 hours a week.

A summer nanny is usually a student or someone who is only available during the summer. This could be a position from June-August or may be just 1 month. A temporary nanny will work for a shorter period of time.
Permanent Occasional Sitter

An occasional sitter would be a sitter who only works nights and weekends on an occasional basis. This person would be committed to your family just like a part time nanny.
Nanny Share

A nanny share would be one nanny that is hired to work for two families. The families would decide where the child care would be provided and the nanny would go to that family’s home. The nanny would watch all children at the same time. In most cases the children are the same age and the parents have similar work schedule.
Night Nurse

We place night nurses for full time and part time. A night nurse will come to your home usually between the hours of 8/9pm-6/7am. It could be 2-3 nights a week for 5-6 nights a week. Most night nurses can be pretty flexible. A night nurse is wonderful to have if your a first time parent and need someone to show you the ropes of taking care of your child and getting them to SLEEP! A night nurse will bath your newborn, cut nails, sleep train and give you a hand with nursing. A night nurse is also a great option if you have older children and you need to function day to day! With this option you’ll get a full nights sleep.

Contact Sarah Davis info@oliveyounanny.com to find out how OliveYouNanny can help you!



Meet That Girl, Rachel

Hey “That Girl” followers! My name is Rachel…I’m new to the blogging world and SO happy to be here! For me, blogging is a fabulous way to share life stories, swap advice, and sometimes, a place to just “vent”! 

I am a 30 (when did that happen?!?) year old wife, mommy and teacher happily residing in the WEIRD city of Austin, TX! Okay, okay…I’m in the burbs of Leander, which is 20 minutes north of Austin, but an Austinite at heart!

I married the perfect man for me on May 19, 2012. Nate is thoughtful, handsome, hilarious and too good to me! He is a Paramedic for the City of Austin so he comes home with some CrAzY stories for me after every shift…never a dull moment!

That-Girl-Rachel with fam


After going through the devastating heartache of a miscarriage and the agony of waiting for what felt like FOR-EV-ER to try again, we got pregnant with our sweet baby boy in February of 2014. Our little Caden was born (a week late) on November 4, 2014…what an amazing, life-altering miracle! Caden has two fur brothers…Jax, our 2 year old border collie, and Dirks, my 7 year old white monster with a huge CATitude! Yes, I am surrounded by boys, and I love it!

I am also very close with my family and am thankful every day that they live nearby! We are HUGE Pittsburgh, Steelers fans, so come football season this house is LOUD and full of stress! My other hobbies include planning (OCD freak here!), reading (time permitting), pinning & cooking new recipes, catching up on favorite TV shows with the hubby and hanging out with the best collection of friends!


I’m of mom of 22!
I have 22 other babies at work! There’s the shy one, the hilarious one, the smarty-pants, the hugger, the one with no volume-control, the sensitive one, the diva and the list goes on. Yes, teaching has many, many, many rough moments, but at the end of the day, my job allows me to be there for kids and watch them grow before my eyes! I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have been a 2nd grade teacher for eight years after graduating from Texas State University (Eat ‘em up Cats!) with my Bachelor’s in 2007 and Master’s in 2008. Being a working mommy has definitely been a HUGE adjustment and honestly, leaving Caden every day doesn’t get any easier, but, I love those second graders like my own and “you do what you gotta do” (and that includes pumping at work…whew, it’s exhausting)!

I am looking forward to sharing my crazy life with y’all.

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own SUNSHINE!”


Raising Gentlemen and Ladies

I worry that the value of good manners are underrated. A handshake and a “good to see you this morning” should not be rarities from a child (or an adult), but should be the norm. Manners not only instill respect in a person towards another, but I believe they build character. Let’s review some old school manners we may have lost and let’s bring them back!

My parents are both from Georgia. My father was raised by a military man and a southern belle who had more class than a Kennedy. My mother is Southern to a T, complete with “bless her heart” and “that upsets my apple cart”. No matter where we were living as I grew up, be it Alaska, Texas, or outside of London, England, high value was placed on manners. Even to this day if I accidentally answer my grandmother with “yes” or “uh huh” instead of a loud, clear, “yes ma’am” I may get a pop on my behind or my mother will pull me aside and reprimand me. I’m 31, but I still appreciate her dedication.

pink & white braces off

In my opinion, these manners are a MUST:

We MUST teach our children to answer an adult with “Yes ma’am” or “No ma’am” rather than “what” or “huh?”

We MUST teach our children to proper courtesy for stepping to the side when you’re entering a doorway simultaneously, stepping to the right when you’re approaching each other on a sidewalk/hallway, and allowing people on an elevator to come off before trying to enter.

We MUST teach our children to use “please” and “thank you”. You have no idea how rare this is to find!

We MUST teach children to help others by opening doors, holding it for those behind you, assisting people carrying things and always offering to help your host…yes, even at grandma’s.

We MUST teach our children TABLE manners! They should know how to set a table, sit at a table, use a napkin, request seconds, pass food, and wait for everyone to get their food before eating. They must also learn to stay at the table until the host gets up or until kids are excused.

We MUST teach our children how to greet people and leave people politely.

We MUST teach children about proper attire. What ever happened to washing up and changing clothes before going to a restaurant or movie?


I fear basic conversational skills are dying in our technological age. Kids are conversing with each other less and less and the art of conversation is lost. However, as they enter the workforce, they will be expected to small talk, build rapport, and network their way to the top.

  • Share the conversation, be respectful of other’s opinions, keep the focus on the other person.
  • Always be polite to the hostess. If they’re at a friend’s house, they should respect their toys, their rules, and play games they enjoy, too.
  • Never ask what something costs, how much money someone has, or brag about things they have.
  • We should help children define rude language such as “that sucks”, “that’s gay” or using words like “fat”, “retarded”, or “stupid”.
  • No potty talk!
  • Personal problems and family issues are not casual conversation.
  • Eye contact, sit up straight, turn towards the speaker.
  • Don’t talk with your mouth full and always speak loud and clear.

Being a GUEST at a playdate or party:

  • Always, always, always RSVP to an invitation. You might call the mother to RSVP, but you should also have your child do so with the friend.
  • Be on time.
  • Greet the host first and thank them for inviting you.
  • Bring a gift to the host.
  • Clean up after yourself (and others if they fail to do so).
  • If it’s a slumber party, teach your child to make their bed and hang their towels.
  • Include everyone in the games or conversations and try to greet new people.
  • Write a thank you note after or make a follow-up thank you call.

Raising gentlemen and ladies:

It saddens me that the days of Rhett Butler and Scarlett Ohara are gone, but we can still teach our young boys and girls to be gentlemen and ladies. My mama always told me, “I don’t care who you marry, just don’t marry a yankee”. Of course what she meant was, marry a man with manners.

  • A gentlemen stands when a lady comes to the table and remains standing until the lady is seated.
  • Invite others to sit with you when you’re playing a game or invite them into the conversation if they’re lingering.
  • Teach boys to remove their hats in schools, churches, restaurants, etc.
  • Open the door for girls, ladies, elders.
  • Stand when a girl enters or leaves a room and always stand to greet someone.
  • A boy should walk on the street side of a sidewalk when walking with a girl.
  • Turn off your cell phone or volume at a party, playdate, school, church, or restaurant.
  • Offer your seat to girls, ladies, elders, etc. if there are no seats.
  • Teach little boys about “ladies first”
  • Never use rude language, curse words, or potty talk in mixed company.
  • A gentlemen gets the waiters attention for his date or friends.
  • A gentlemen does not sit until the girls are sat, or his mother has sat.
  • A lady does not climb into a car with her rear in the air, she sits first, then scoots
  • Do not gossip or bad mouth people during conversation.
  • It’s up to us to model this, expect this, and teach this! Have converations about manners and redirect children when they slip. They’ll thank you later!

How do you teach manners in your home?

Whole Hearted Girls

Wassup errbody? I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been introducing you to a few new writers lately. Well, after growing a local mom blog for the last year or so I decided I wanted to do something different. I don’t wanna blog just about mommy things, nor do I want my voice to be the only voice that’s heard. I want my platform to feature all things I’m passionate about- faith, family, friendships, love, culture, politics, parenting, marriage, adventure, food, travel, beauty, fitness, fashion, baby gear, fertility, and


Chelsea Vail, That Girl

So, although I will continue to post about the things you love to read, I’ll also continue to introduce you to women I’ve hand picked as “girls with whole heart” and let you hear what they have to say. Each of them will be posting about their individual interests, passions, and life lessons. As women, we become our best selves when we open up our hearts and minds to other women and learn from each other.

We’ve got women walking all different walks of life here. We have yogis, counselors, personal trainers, marketing reps, single women, married women, teachers, Christians, agnostics, hot messes and sanctimommies.

We’ve got the chick who’s got dinner on the table at 6:00pm every night, and the one who feels successful if she had a chance to get through the drive thru without a mental breakdown. We have ‘sposie lovers and cloth diaper fanatics and we’ve got women who’ve been married for a decade, and newly divorcees under thirty. Because, no matter who you are or where you fit in, you’ve got value and a voice that needs to be heard.

Although I’ve got the rep as “that girl”, the one with the baby business, but no baby, the faux-hippie, fashion loving infertile, I still think it’s great to feature “that girl with the twins”, “that girl with the three boys”, “that girl that’s really crafty”…you get the gist.

So, in my mind, every woman who gets up every day, lives her life with passion, is kind to others, does what’s right, and seeks adventure, that’s a girl living with WHOLE HEART.

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Marriage is Effing Tough

I’ve been with my husband for over a decade now; however, we’ve only been married three years. I can tell you the hardest part of our relationship was the seven years prior to tying the knot. There’s something about finalizing your commitment to one another that changes the way you look at each other, speak to each other, and support one another.

mrs and mrs cloudy vail

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I have a perfect marriage. I do NOT. In fact, the only people I know who have the “perfect” marriage are the people whose marriage I know nothing about because the truth is, marriage is hard, it sucks at times, and it will never (I repeat never) be perfect. However, I have learned some things from my decade with my husband, married friends, my parent’s 38 year marriage, my great-grandparent’s 75 year marriage, and my work with couples as a counselor that I will draw from for my own relationship and that I’m happy to share with you today.

1. Most marital problems are related to SEX, MONEY, and FOOD

SEX: Sometimes sexual problems are literally problems in the bedroom, mismatched libidos, or lack of ability to communicate your needs to each other, but sometimes its even stronger. Perhaps one person has a history of sexual abuse, therefore there can be hot buttons and emotional issues tied up in sex. Sometimes the level of attraction to your spouse decreases or it can be as simple as gender differences. As my husband’s grandmother always told me, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”.

MONEY: Too much money can cause just as much dysfunction as having too little. Do you share an account or have separate accounts? Either way, when communication about money and finances is lacking, problems will arise. My husband and I have separate accounts because we never wanted to fight about money; however, that’s the one thing we fight about. Find what works for you, but never stop the conversations about finances. I grew up in a home where my father worked, and his before him, and his grandfather before him and the man led the household. The man was responsible for securing the family’s future financially (insurance, mortgage, retirement, savings, etc.) That being said, my husband did not grow up with a strong male leader. I can’t blame him for that. We have to continue communicating our expectations, but I also can’t force him to see his role the way I do. I may have to step in and be the one to set up those things for the family.

FOOD: These food related issues may be a difference in appetite, tastes, culture, or rituals and manners around the table. My family had dinner together every night, around our kitchen table, and we prayed before every meal. This is what I want for our family, too, although that doesn’t always happen. My husband travels, my stepson has football games late, and I sometimes work in the evenings. I’ve had to accept that a meal together at the table once or twice a week is definitely better than never.

Once we can pinpoint where the issue originated, we can better communicate about it with one another and address it.

Chelsea Vail, husband Cloudy


Your spouse cannot read your mind. You have to communicate ALL the time. I had a pretty intensive surgery awhile back that my regular caregiver (aka mom) wasn’t able to attend so I asked my husband to come with me instead. Caregiving does NOT come natural to him so I told him I needed him to be loving and calm and be okay with the roller-coaster of emotions I was likely to ride. Apparently, I also needed to tell him not to film me coming out of anesthesia, not to laugh at me when I got the “anesthesia blues”, and that he would be expected to stay with me for the next 24-48 hours ’round the clock. I thought those things were a given, but I was wrong. While I had a balloon catheter in my uterus, bleeding down my leg he asked if I was okay enough for him to go hog hunting! Again, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Where we may be natural caregivers who know to open doors, make soup, fluff the bed, and walk the sick to the restroom; they are not. Never underestimate what feelings need to to be said.


It’s beneficial and healthy to separate from your spouse every now and then and to have a life outside the home. Yes, your marriage comes first; however, it’s important to remember you’re also an individual. Take time to meet your girlfriends for a playdate, a lunch, a happy hour, or a glass of wine after the kids go to bed. Your relationships with your family and friends are crucial to maintaining your identity and sense of self. Afterall, he fell in love with YOU…keep being YOU.

Vegas with my BFF

Vegas with my BFF


I’m a paleo, organic, clean eater 85-90% of the time, but my husband would rather eat wolf brand chili and a bag of fritos with a Dr. Pepper for dinner. I LOVE to workout, but the gym is my husband’s idea of hell. I like to go out to funky places with friends, but he prefers to grill out at home. I’m a world traveler always seeking adventure, but he likes to “relax” on vacation. Some people may see this as incompatible, but we make it work. We don’t try to change one another, but instead we’ve learned to appreciate these differences. That 15% of the time I don’t eat clean is when I’m vegging out in front of the TV with him eating an entire pizza! While he’s living it up doing yardwork I’ll use that time to go for a run. I know he hates going out so I go out with my single friends Friday or Saturday and agree to grill out with him on Sunday. It’s all about being true to yourself and not trying to change each other either.


Many well meaning people will tell you the age old phrase, “Never go to bed angry”, but this is exactly the opposite of what you should do. Nothing good will result if you keep arguing all night until something is resolved when you’re really heated. Sometimes it takes someone saying, “I’m too angry to talk about this anymore” and walking AWAY. Go to bed, take a walk, go turn on AFV and stay in your room, but space and time are necessary to be productive. The next morning, or a few hours later , you can bring it up with a clearer mind and ability to be kind and patient with one another. If it’s a super hot-button topic that you’re both avoiding because you know it could get ugly, set an appointment. Agree to go for coffee at a specific time and place to discuss it.


It’s harder to keep this one up once you have kids, but find time to be naked. Clean the house naked while the kids are at grandma’s, pay your bills naked from the bedroom, or have those stressful conversations while showering together in the morning. It’s really hard to fight or be pissy with someone when you’re both naked.

Chelsea and Cloudy Vail


My husband is HILARIOUS! It’s not hard to laugh when I’m with him, but from time to time we all take ourselves too seriously. We watch funny movies, play pranks on each other, tease each other, and laugh all the time! We even made a soundtrack of songs to dance to on the way to the fertility doctor for our first IUI where they whip and spin the sperm prior to insertion. Songs that made the list included “Whip my Hair”, “Right Round”, and “Whip it!”. Just Laugh! Laugh during sex, laugh when you fail, laugh when you’re scared…we manage to find the humor in most situations and it keeps us sublimely happy!

How do you keep your marriage strong?

Chelsea, aka “That Girl”, is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern at The Burke Center under the supervision of Karen Burke, LPC-S. If you or your spouse are interested in couple’s counseling or individual counseling, please reach her at 512-507-0227 or email chelseavail@wholeheartaustin.com

Meet That Girl, Chrysty

Being a stepmom, bonus mom, extra mom, or what have you is tough stuff! That’s one of the reasons I dubbed this chick an honorary “that girl”. She’s living life with a whole heart for Christ, a whole heart for teaching, and a whole heart for her bonus kids and the lil bambino she welcomed into the world a few months ago. Say wassup to Chrysty!

Meet That Girl Chrysty

Hey y’all! My name is Chrysty Lockhart and I am honored to be here. Thank you for allowing me to open up my life to y’all. But first, a little bit about me… I proudly wear many hats and am constantly trying to juggle my numerous roles and responsibilities. How do y’all super moms do it?!

I am a Christ follower first and foremost. I strive everyday to live in a way that makes God look good and, of course, I fail more times than not. Thank God for His grace and forgiveness!

I am married to my wonderful (most of the time) husband, Frank. J I am BM (Bomb Mom), as my bonus kids lovingly (?) refer to me as, to Malcolm (11) and Addison (9). I am Mommy to the sweetest little man named Bruce, who came blazing into this world on March 1, 2015, 3 and a half weeks early. Now, that’s a fun story! We also have 2 fur babies, Jazz and Perry, who will always be my first “children.”

I am a 3rd grade teacher to the most inquisitive and passionate students who I refer to as my kids. I am an avid reader, although since B joined our family, I haven’t had much me time with my books and my wine! I love being near/on the water, watching football and hockey, and being with my family! I am so blessed!

Can any of you relate to being a “Bomb Mom,” or a bonus mom?

Chrysty and Family