Where Can I Get Goldieblox?

Ever since the video to the Beastie Boys song, “Girls” by the founders of Goldieblox went viral, parents and grandparents across the country have wondered, “Where can I get Goldieblox?” Well, ShopWholeHeart.com has had them and still has them!

GoldiebloxIn this award-winning debut story, Goldie builds a spinning machine to help her dog, Nacho, chase his tail. Soon all her friends want in on the action. Help Goldie build a belt drive machine to spin everybody!

  • Educational and People’s Choice Toy of the Year Award Winner.
  • A book series plus construction set starring Goldie, the girl inventor.
  • Builds spatial skills, engineering principles, and confidence in problem-solving.
  • Comes equipped with 16 design ideas and unlimited building possibilities.

INCLUDES: Storybook, 5 animal figurines, 1 pegboard, 5 wheels, 10 axles, 5 blocks, 5 washers, 1 crank, 1 ribbon

Thanks to Goldieblox, little girls all over the world can prove they’re more than a princess! They can solve problems, build, design, and create!

Get your spinning machine today and start engineering!



Christmas Gift Guide: Babies, Moms, Tots

For Christmas this year I’ll be getting a nephew! I’ll also have an 18 month old niece to play Santa to. This got me thinkin’…what are the perfect gifts for babies, moms, and tots?

Christmas Gift Guide

For lil bambinos (aka “babies” for y’all southern folk)…

Rompers, footies, and ‘jammers from Baby Soy organic clothing



Patterned soft blocks

Musical Farmyard Learning Cube

Thermal Baby Bottle by Pacific Baby:

This is the world’s first thermal baby bottle that keeps milk (or other liquids) hot or colf for up to 7 hours! This is perfect for travelers, babies on-the-go, or late night feedings at the bedside. It’s not just for babies either! Kiddos from birth to 5 years old will love this easy to grip, nontoxic, dishwasher safe 7oz to 9oz bottle/sip cup. It’s free from BPA, PVC, pthalates, and any other yucky stuff we don’t want our precious ones consuming.

Swaddle blankets that double as nursing covers and sun shields

Hungry Pelican

Receiving Blankets (perfect to monogram)

Keekaroo Peanut Changer, Booster Seat or High Chair

mimijumi_logo Only the best baby bottle on the market! The innovative nipple design replicates a mother’s breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle fed baby. Bold colors and soft textures are combined to give the Mimijumi bottle a distinctive, eye-catching appearance. All mimijumi bottles are BPA and latex free, and exceed US safety standards.

  • Easy to openmimijumi-bottle-sideways
  • Easy to clean
  • Integrated venting prevents colic
  • Screw on one-piece nipple
  • Skid-free base
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-, and latex- free
  • Exceeds US safety standards

Mushroom Nursery HumidifierHape Play Cube

Hape Play Cube

Woombie Swaddle Sacks

Hats, mittens, booties


For the tots and other wee ones…

Toddler Gifts-shopwholeheart.com

Plush Rocking HorseMelissa-Doug-Plush-Rock-and-Trot-Rocking-Horse-P13838688

Stacking Train or Train Set

Shape Sorters

Discovery Space Center


melissa-and-doug shape sorter

Pacific Baby Natural Bamboo Feeding: Picture filling this BPA free, nontoxic, bamboo feeding bowl filled with hot oatmeal Christmas morning, sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar, and candied cranberries! Or, top their bamboo plates with pumpkin pancakes and fresh maple syrup after discovering what Santa brought. Pacific Baby, Inc., natural bamboo, eco-friendly feeding products include bowl, cup, plates, and utensils are biodegradable, machine washable, and durable.

Toddler Scoot AroundHape-Scoot-Around-lifestyle

Dress-up clothes

Grand Piano

Growth Ruler by White Loft

Fold and Go Castles, Dollhouses, or Barns

Goldieblox & Her Spinning Machine 


Pretend Kitchen or Master Workbench

Christmas Cookie Set

Christmas Cookie set2

Nesting & Sorting ABC CubesMelissa & Doug-toys-shopwholeheart

Fill & Spill Set

Monster Bowling Game

Adorable Animal Humidifier

Magnetic Toys


PacificPlayTent-logoPacific Play Tents: Over 50 different kinds of play Pacific Play Tentstents, tunnels, teepees, parachutes and cabanas! There’s even a super cool space tunnel tent for your lil’ explorer. Pacific Play Tents offer hours of imaginary play time and they offer free shipping on orders over $50. Get a teepee or camo tent for the backyard and host a campout, fill a pop up tent with stuffed animals and books for a reading corner, or use the tents below for pretend play in the playroom. Kiddos love spaces that are all their own and these play tents provide just that!

For moms-to-be, new moms, or veteran moms…

Spa day! You can’t go wrong with a spa day or spa certificate. I love Lake Austin Spa and Milk & Honey Spa!

Kendra Scott jewelry

PJs or Nightgown

Lalabu Soothe Shirt


Air Purifier or Humidifier (for more sleep!)

Pottery Barn potpurri or Reed Difusers (mission fig rocks my world)

The Knock Nanny

I’m obsessed with the Tiffany Blue Hunter boots!

Boots! Uggs or Hunter boots

Worry-Free Bath Products by Original Sprout

City Mini Baby Jogger

Tiffany & Co. (you can never go wrong with a gift that comes in a robin’s egg blue bag or box)

Scarves, boot socks, or gloves

Travel coffee mug

Fleece or knit throws

Stocking Stuffers!

Don’t forget the stockings! My mother asked me this year if she (aka “Santa”) needed to do stockings, “Chelsea, you’re almost 32 years old, do I still need to do a stocking?” My reply, “Um? Yeah!”

  • Neat Cheeks stevia sweetened face wipes
  • Napinol Nursery Therapies
  • Ringley Teethers
  • Organic cotton baby Buddies
  • Sleep SheepJudanzy Christmas Bow
  • Pacifiers
  • Miracle Detangler
  • Tooth Tissues
  • Babyganics Hand Sanitizer
  • Hair bows and accessories
  • Wysi Wipes

Many (if not all) of the above gifts can be found at shopwholeheart.com!

Enter below to WIN a Cossettie Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover and Cossettie Portable Changing Mat!

Cossettie Changing Mat

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42: Against All Odds

I watched the movie, 42, a few nights ago; the story of Jackie Robinson. This movie really resonated with me. I felt I could relate. 

Here’s a black man we all know as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, although that’s not always the way he was seen. He was born and raised during a time in our country where “blacks” were not treated like human beings. They were thought of as dirty, worthless, diseased, ignorant, and lesser people. His lack of whiteness defined him in the eyes of those around him; the white men.

A kind hearted coach with a strong political agenda and desire to change the way things were, signed him to the major leagues knowing Jackie would face adversity, but also knowing he had sick talent! He intuitively knew when to swing, he could get under the pitcher’s skin, he hit the stuffing out of the ball, and he played with heart! But, his skin wasn’t white enough to gain the respect he deserved in the sport. He still wasn’t white.

In one particular game playing against the Philly Pirates, the manager goes to great lengths to let Jackie know just how much he was hated. The things he says and the words he used brought tears to my eyes. He didn’t see Jackie as a person or a man, much less a ball player. He heckled him and tormented him with racism and because Jackie was a black man, he couldn’t legally fight back. He just had to take it and get over it.

Just like his lack of white skin defined him, I often feel defined by what I don’t have. No matter how hard he hit, how fast he ran, or how well he played, he couldn’t earn the respect he deserved. No matter how many children I nurture, how many moms I support, how much knowledge I share, at the end of the day, I’m not a mom.

And, I too, have been heckled:

  • “Chelsea, you’re not even a mom, how would you know?!”
  • “Your personality is not condusive to conception”
  • “When you’re a mom, let me know if you still feel that way”
  • “You look (internally) like someone with PCOS, it’s going to be that much harder for you”
  • “We’re not sure what else is going to work for you. We feel like we’re just wasting time and money moving forward”
  • “You run too much”
  • “You’re too thin”
  • “Don’t play God anymore than you already are”

post op

I’d be lying if I said the words I’ve heard haven’t gotten under my skin or that I haven’t bawled my eyes out hearing some of those things, but I don’t let it dictate my actions or prevent me from moving forward. Jackie didn’t let the booing, the heckling, or the hate mail stop him from perservering.

Words are powerful, but it’s the words we say to ourselves that matter most and, “God built me to last”.

In a documentary about Jackie Robinson’s life there’s footage of him in a hotel basement on a cot because they wouldn’t let him stay in the rooms where the whites stayed. He’s crying to his coach clawing at his face saying, “I can’t wash it off” (referring to the black on his skin). I cried and thought, “I know that feeling”! That feeling of anger towards your own body and wanting to climb out of it and into one that works; a body that allows you to reach your goals without obstruction or hardship.

Yeah, I’d love to be one of those moms that, whoops, got pregnant without even thinking about it, but that’s not in the cards for me. I won’t have an easy path to motherhood, but to quote another favorite baseball film, “It’s the hard that make it great!”

“This aint fun, but you watch me. I’ll get it done.” – Jackie Robinson

ThatGirl, ShopWholeHeart

Humidifiers: Pediatrician Recommended

Baby, it’s cold outside! It’s that time of year when the heaters and firplaces get turned on in our homes and the humidity indoors drops 10 percent or more. This might not be a problem for adults to adjust to, but for babies it’s another story!

Kissing Evie


  • sensitive skin is prone to dryness
  • babies breathe primarily through their noses
  • babies cannot (should not) be given cold medicines
  • babies are at risk for croup and susceptible to airborne illnesses

A humidifier is highly recommended for babies from birth to 6 months and can still be beneficial to older babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults.

A cool mist humidifier such as these from Crane is recommended instead of a warm mist humidifier because of the risk of burning. Cool mist helps break up decongestions and lowers the risk of croup. 

Crane cool-mist humidifiers do not require a filter and they only need to be cleaned once a week. The top portion gets filled up with ater, easily attaches to the base and then is turned on with a knob which allows you to control the amount of mist released.

These humidifiers are strong enough to humidify a 30×30 ft room or nursery and can safely run for 24 hours!. Get one of these adorable animal humidifiers by Crane or the mushrooms from Duux or choose one of the Droplet Humidifiers below for living areas or a master bedroom.

Crane-USA Adorable Animal Humidifiers from shopwholeheart.com

Duux ultrasonic humidifier from shopwholeheart.com

Droplet Cool-mist humidifiers from shopwholeheart.com

How To Be an Austinite

With over 150 people moving to Austin everyday, and hundreds of tourists and foreigners flooding the streets on the weekends, it may seem as if it’d be hard to tell the locals from the visitors. And, in my opinion, a local is very different from an Austinite. 

Austin, That Girl

A local is someone who lives in Austin, but living in Austin does not automatically make you an “Austinite”. We are our own breed of people. We’re weird, we’re spontaneous, and we’re damn proud!

An Austinite thinks tacos should be their own food group. We try to get 3-5 servings of tacos a day and the cheaper the taco, the better! We prefer our tacos from a truck, a shack, a hut, or even under the freeway.

An Austinite will flip up their middle finger to a diesel truck or someone littering, but give an enthusiastic thumbs up to a homeless man on a bike in a pleather thong!

An Austinite prefers to meet someone for coffee at Mozarts, Rutamaya, or Toms; not a chain gang like Starbucks! Damn the man!

Austinites think babies and pets should have equal rights. Where a baby can go, a dog can go.

An Austinite does not smoke cigarettes and those who do will be shunned and scorned; however, the scent of pot and pachoulli fills the air from Congress to Riverside and we consider it our signature scent.

An Austinite is not starstruck when they see Lance or McConaughey. We simply move aside on the trail and keep on jogging.

An Austinite know where to find a banana on a paddleboard, a deer in a convertible, and a 10 foot alien bull frog.

An Austinite knows how to order gluten-free, vegan, non-dairy, or paleo anywhere in the city and trusts the local dives will have exactly what they want without judgement.

Few things around town shock an Austinite.

An Austinite does not just consider yoga an activity; it’s a practice, a way of life, an art, and often a date with girlfriends. We know how to find free yoga and expect the instructor to have hairy armpits and reek like BO. The hairier and smellier; the more skilled the yogi!

An Austinite will scoff and be apalled if they get charged for a mimosa on a Sunday! We expect free, bottomless, or at most a $3 mimosa on Sundays.

Austinites often feel more comfortable when someone has tattoos, piercings, or brightly colored hair because, more often than not, they live here, and they’ll treat you like family because they love the city that lets them fly their freak flag.

ACL-AustiniteAustinites have ear plugs for their babies and toddlers to enjoy concerts with them and they purchase strollers based on how well they’ll hold up at “South By” or “ACL”.

An Austinite doesn’t consider burnt orange a color; it’s a lifestyle.

Austinites recycle like it’s their job and choose the “green” option whenever possible. We heart our planet!

Austinites don’t wait for “someone to do something about that”; we do it ourselves.

An Austinite gives back, supports local, keeps it green, embraces the weird, and lives by the Golden Rule!

I realize every Austinite is different and that’s the #1 reason why I love this city. You may or may not agree with this description; however, if you’ve got your panties in a wad over anything on this list, you’re not an Austinite! We don’t stress, fret, or sweat the small stuff and we’ve learned that everything is “Alright, alright, alright”!

What makes an Austinite in your opinion?

Play Therapy, Austin

I bet if I asked my closest friends, my mom, or even my husband to describe what I “do” as a Play Therapist, they couldn’t do it, but that’s okay-I get it. Play Therapy  is a commonly misunderstood therapeutic intervention.

Play Therapy-image-ad

Misunderstanding #1:

Play Therapy is like recreational therapy or physical therapy, right?


Misunderstanding #2:

So, you get paid to play with kids?


Misunderstanding #3:

You use toys and games to try to get kids to talk about their problems.

Wrong again.

As a Play Therapist I occassionally will see clients with special needs or motor development issues; however, their physical needs are met by an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist. My job is to help meet their emotional and social needs. I focus on all that is good with the child, not “fixing” what may, or may not, be wrong.

Play therapy rule of thumb #1:


Play Therapy is not about playing with the child either (although sometimes we do get to play). I allow the child to lead the session, choose the activity, and decide whether or not I am invited to join in, which often I’m not. The child’s play is private, self-directed, and intrinsically motivated.

Play Therapy is also not about getting kids to talk. In fact, I’ve had a session with a child before who said absolutely nothing, and did nothing, but stand still for 45 minutes. He came from a large family with a lot of older siblings and he needed to know it was okay to be silent and still. He needed to feel accepted and seen even when he wasn’t saying, or doing, anything.

Play Therapy is a form of counseling and a powerful therapeutic intervention for helping children deal with depression, divorce, anxiety, fears, self-esteeem, learning disabilities, and traumas. Children are often not consciously aware of what they’re feeling or experiencing internally and they lack the verbal skills to communicate their needs. Play is a child’s natural language and the toys are their words.

Children use play to process experiences, communicate their feelings, play out their fantasies, and explore various ways of being. The therapist’s job is to create an environment of acceptance and understanding to the child, which allows for growth and change to occur. A former professor of mine, Dr. Garry Landreth teaches therapists to communicate these for things to a child in session: I see you. I hear you. I understand. I care.


I have used Play Therapy as a means of assisting children with their emotional struggles in schools, hospitals, community centers, and grief groups and I believe in it’s power. I have used Play Therapy with children as young as three and with adults well into their forties. Play is powerful!

If you or someone you know is seeking counseling for a child or adolescent, please refer them to Chelsea Vail, MA, CCLS, LPC-Intern at The Burke Center under the supervision of Karen Burke, LPC-S, RPT-S. I can be reached via email at austinplaytherapy@gmail.com