Magic Beans, Magic Deals! Now through October only!

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack who traded his family’s only cow for some magic beans and made everyone mad; however, Jack was really misunderstood. This was actually a really smart move on Jack’s part because these Magic Beans grew into a mecca for moms in the form of a superstore, and online retailer, that sells everything from pacifiers, to cribs, to carseats, to strollers and is actually so big that they can make really great deals like the ones below!

Thanks, Jack.

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum; I smell a discount, I’m not dumb…

  • Buy a Baby Jogger City Select, get a FREE Second Seat! ($169.99 VALUE!!) Offer runs from October 1st through November 30th.

Um…who doesn’t want to turn their single stroller into a double for FREE?

  • Buy a Clek FOONF or FLLO, get a FREE Weelee travel bag! ($129.99 value!) Offer runs from September 27th through October 11th.

Magic Beans & Whole Heart love Clek, and we hope you do, too! They make some of the most innovative, rigorously tested, and, like, totally cool car seats and booster seats ever. Plus, with the free travel bag, you can take your seat with you and ride in style anywhere!

  • 30% off selected Hatley, KicKee Pants, and Magnificent Baby styles during our Fall Apparel Sale! This deal has already begun, but continues while supplies last.
  • Buy a Stokke Xplory Stroller, get a free Carrycot! ($224 value!)

    Stokke Xplory Stroller

  • 2014 UPPAbaby models on sale! 2014 UPPAbaby Cruz, G-Luxe, and G-Lite models are all discounted while supplies last. Save big before they’re gone for good!
  • Buy a Stokke Tripp Trapp, get a FREE baby set (nearly a $70 value!) Offer runs from
  • Buy a Stokke Flexibath, get a free Newborn Support insert!

Obviously Jack knew that trading his cow for magic beans was a good deal…which deal at Magic Beans will you take advantage of first?

Gymboree and Crazy 8 Be Like, “15% Off & FREE Shipping Mon & Tues!”

What’s not to love about a kid who dresses for success? I love a little boy in dark washed jeans and a sweater vest rockin’ some Chuck Taylors and a newsboy cap or a little girl in printed leggings and a matching tunic. I’m a sucker for frills, lace, suspenders, bow ties, and all of the above!


Gymboree has the most adorable clothes for ages/sizes NB-12 years and the resell value on Gymboree is really high so you don’t have to worry about spending money on an adorable gettup they’ll just outgrow in six months. Plus, Gymboree cuts alot of their shirts and dresses in a way that alow kids to get more wear out of them. Perhaps that tunic gets worn as a shirt next Fall, or maybe the leggings become capris by summer. Check out these new fall looks and just CLICK AND SHOP

Crazy 8 is for the “hipster” kid in your life who colors outside the lines and likes to dress like the “big kids” We heart the animal prints, bright colors, and graphic art tees. Check out these new looks from Crazy 8 and just CLICK & SHOP

Crazy 8 and Gymboree are offering FREE Shipping and 15% OFF your entire order with code CELEBR8 so click HERE and go “CELEBR8” the fall season with some new looks for your sweet kiddos.

Live, love, and SHOP with a whole heart!

Halloween Time! Buy Costumes Online!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m “that girl” who also LOVES Halloween! I LOVE to dress up, I LOVE to be scared, and I LOVE people watching. Truly on Halloween in Austin, the freaks come out at night!

Halloween on 6th Street!

I live in Austin, Texas, land of plenty when you’re referring to freaks and geeks, and we certainly have our pick of places to shop for Halloween costumes, tricks, treats, and even unique places to spend the evening. I’ve done it all when it comes to Halloween costume shopping. I’ve done…

The “Stripper Stores”:

This worked well for me in college because I was a size 2 and had no ethical qualms with my butt cheeks hanging out. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have event noticed because when you’re 21 you think everyone actually wants to see your butt cheeks. It’s when you’re 31 that you want to curl up in fetal position when you realize your thong line shows through your jeans, lol. Nope, I can’t do that this year.

Um…? No thanks!

The ginormous, warehouse Halloween stores:

As much as I love walking through seemingly harmless automatic doors, only to find out there’s a ten-foot warewolf hiding behind a tombstone on the other side waiting to jump out and make me wet my pants, I really don’t like having the same costume as everyone else. Seriously, how many Mario Bros., Catniss Everdeans, and Alice in Wonderlands can there be? Also, it’s nerve racking to walk around these places due to the crowds! Plus, the costumes never fit right and the accessories alone end up costing you more than the costume.


I ordered from Amazon two years in a row to be Katy Perry (don’t laugh). The first year my cupcake bra came the week after Halloween and the second year my wig arrive the following year (no lie) at my parent’s house addressed to my maiden name! Um, no thank you. This creepy, crawly, fun-filled day only comes once a year and I plan to enjoy every moment of it!

That’s why, this year, I’m buying my costume at! They have hundreds of costumes for kids, teens, adults, and even pets! They come in a variety of sizes and prices and you can search by a particular idea OR they actually give really great ideas for costumes and decorating. One of my favorites was the costume for the ICE Bucket Challenge and I wonder how many of those I’ll see roaming the streets this year! Want something unique, funny, scary, and totally affordable? Go to


What will you be this year for Halloween?

Whining and Wine-ing: Love & Logic Cocktail Parties

Last week at Mandola’s I met a friend for a glass of vino and accidentally on purpose helped a mom with her opiniated toddler by offering a Love and Logic technique, which he responded very positively to. After she finished her dinner she stopped by my table and said jokingly, “We all wanted to buy you a bottle of wine and pick your brain about Love and Logic?” I replied, “Well, that’s my favorite way to offer my workshops! I love a little whining and wine-ing!”


I’ve been to staff trainings, conferences, and “comedy” defensive driving and I know I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a fork that sit through a lecture or seminar. That’s why I like to offer “Parenting the Love and Logic Way” classes is a much more appealing way.

Yes, I often offer the workshop in the conference room of a church, a school, or a day care, but my favorite way to offer the class is in someone’s home with wine, cheese, and desserts.

The “home court advantage”:

  • You get to dictate the schedule. You can decide what works best for you and your friends. You can choose a weekend morning, afternoon, or evening. You can choose 1hr a week across several weeks or 2 hrs a week once a month, etc. You get to decide!
  • You get to dictate the crowd. There’s no worry about an obnoxious classmate who steals the floor with his/her own asinine stories or who asks longwinded questions because these are your friends. You can invite your co-workers, your family, your neighbors, or the whole damn PTA!
  • You get to dictate the environment. If you’re like me, I always have trouble dressing for things like workshops. I really want to wear my sweatpants in case it’s hot, but what if people are dressed up? What if it’s hot, should I wear sleeveless? But, there’s no worries if it’s in your house. We can all wear yoga pants or PJs if that’s what you, the host, decides.
  • It’s FREE! Yep, you’ve just dictated the price, too. As the host, you don’t pay to receive this training. You’re opening up your home, inviting your friends, and propbably securing a sitter to watch the rugrats uppstairs, so it’s free to you! Just get 5 or more friends to join!

How do I get this started?

Tell your friends you’re interested in hosting a class and find out when they’re all available and what days/times work best. Then call me 512-507-0227 or email me and let me know you’d like to host a Whining and Wine-ing Love and Logic Party in your home. I’ll take care of the rest!


Hipoglos-Finally Availalable in the USA!

Can I just tell you that I HATE diaper rash creams? It gives me the heebee-jeebies on a whole new level to open up a diaper and see crusty, flaky, white goop in the creases of baby’s heiny! That being said…this does NOT happen with Hipoglos!


Hipoglos Diaper Rash Cream has been wildly popular in Latin America for over 60 years and is finally available in the US of A for all you American mamas to enjoy! Hipoglos not only treats diaper rash, but it also prevents it. Yep, you heard me right, it PREVENTS diaper rash! I’ll say it for you, “Hallelujah Hipoglos!”

Hipoglos is one of the few brands I’ve discovered that goes on silky smooth and then dries clean. It’s special formula keeps wetness at bay and because of that, it’s uses go well beyond diaper rash.

Let’s get creative. How else can we use the muy fabuloso Hipoglos?

  • Under your breast-icles when exercising to keep skin from chafing
  • On thighs for runners (unless you have “thigh-gap”, in which case-I hate you)
  • Rub a dab on your feet when you’re sporting new shoes and want to prevent blisters
  • For your kids during sports seasons

Hipoglos can be found at Walgreens or Amazon (or if you speak the language). Be sure to look for it at your local pharmacy, too!

How do you use Hipoglos and why do you love it?


My New BFFs: Melissa & Doug

Meet Melissa and Doug, my two new best friends! As a Play Therapist, a Child Life Specialist, and a former elementary teacher I know the value of play. More importantly, I know the value of open-ended play.

Melissa and Doug are the masters of designing open-ended toys! No, an open-ended toy is not a toy that opens on one end. An open-ended toy is a toy with infinite possibilities for play. Think about the difference between a closed question and an open-ended statement.

Closed question: “Did you have a good day at school?”

What’s the answer?: It’s either, “Yes” or “No”, right?

Well with an open-ended statement like, “Tell me about your day”, the possibilities for the response are endless! You may hear about playing cowboys and aliens at recess, or the unindentifiable ingredient discovered in the cafeteria meatloaf, or how they went on a safari in their minds during a really dull math lesson.

An open-ended toy is the same; endless possibilities! For example, a Fold & Go Castle could be a castle, but it could also be a fortress, an orphanage, a hospital, a school, or a bank that’s about to be robbed. A Geometric Shape Sorter may be an item for sorting shapes, but it could also be a bomb, a purse, a space ship of polygon aliens, or a home for a family of shapes with names and unique personalities that only your child’s imagination is privvy to.

Closed toys such as electronics or battery operated devices actually work against play and stunt the development and imagination and creativity. How can the bear be an ally at war when everytime I squeeze it he shouts, “ha ha, that tickles?” Or, how can that expensive kitchen be a chemistry lab for secret potions when everytime they open the oven it sings, “Thanks for baking a cake”. Toys that play for the child, or only have one way of being played with, pull the children out of their fantasy and anchor them to reality. This is not a good thing!


Allowing our children to live in their imagination, explore, design, and create is what makes great thinkers and problem solvers later in life. Here are a few examples of open-ended, creative toys for kids:

  • Trucks, cars, planes, vehicles
  • Building blocks, legos, bricks
  • Construction sets & tools
  • Dress up costumes and role play items
  • Household items (pots, plans, sponges, boxes)
  • Play food
  • Arts and crafts materials
  • Clay, play-doh, goop and gak
  • Balls, marbles
  • Animals, people
  • Textured items
  • Dolls, action figures

A huge selection of open-ended toys can be found HERE on